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  1. Compared to past videos, i can notice that you speak more slowly and thank you! We are getting to get your talk easier, us, internationals. 🌱🌍

  2. So I could have gotten more out of my 16:8 IF if I chose an 8am-4pm window instead of my favorite 10am-6pm… Fascinating stuff doc, thanks I'll definitely try that out.

  3. Can’t imagine a short eating window earlier in the day without an evening meal will be sustainable for most busy people. 10-12 hr windows with early dinners seem much more reasonable. Although I may be wrong🧐

  4. So eat from something like 8-2 or 8-3 or just stop eating by 7pm? Or basically nothing after dinner….if your dinner is between 5-7? Now we need data on 6-8 vs 10-12 eating windows. If there is no big benefit from the shorter window, then go with the longer one obviously. BUT first, we still need to address the HGH myth of the 6 hour eating window. If it's true then the optimal time would be something like 8-2, which might not work for the majority of people….moving the body builders back to later fasting.

  5. YouTube Walkout December 10th -13th https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3Q7rp7D6oQ&feature=em-uploademail ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idikQryF0Wg ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iH3_vuzZB4c

  6. Great video, can one overdo this though? What if I ate all of my calories for the day between 7 and 8 am, still healty/ even healthier?

  7. This makes me glad I tend to eat 1 to 2 major meals daily with very little to no snacking. I rarely ever eat after 8 p.m. as well.

  8. Ok but I still feel like this isn't proof that it would help skinny people. If all the benefits come from the weight loss and eating more consistently, then a person not trying to lose weight wouldn't get any benefits. At least that's my takeaway from the evidence presented.

  9. I like the weight loss from IF but my low blood pressure worsens. I’m sooo dizzy outside my eating window, has anyone else dealt with this?

  10. This is beginning to sound like a buddhist diet where theravadin monastics can eat vegetarian food only between dawn and noon. : )

  11. What about those 2 kiwi fruits I take 1 hour before bed to help with sleep (I'm having sleep issues)? Does that mean I need to make my feeding window start 12 hours before 1 hour before bedtime?

  12. I have noticed that I feel a bit better when I don’t eat past 6pm. But I don’t always end up following that 😜

  13. I have heard that if one has very depleted adrenals that they should not intermittant fast. I sure hope that is not true!!! Thanks if you can answer this, Dr. Greger! Loooove all that you do!!!

  14. It seems misleading to say that most participants had their largest meal at breakfast or lunch. 62.7% had their largest meal at breakfast or lunch but 78.9% had their largest meal at lunch or dinner. Seems like a very odd thing for you to say

  15. That was my big takeaway from all the intermittent fasting research I looked at, if possible, eat earlier in the day, so now I try to eat dinner early (I know that’s not possible for everyone) but most people should at least be able to avoid late night eating whenever possible. Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, with or without an early pauper’s dinner would probably best.

    If you missed the previous video, see Time-Restricted Eating Put to the Test: https://youtu.be/kRR8ouOPttE .

  16. Please note that these studies do not include WHAT people ate. If you eat a healthy WFPB and have good metabolism, then you don't need to starve yourself. Eat WFPB low-fat, high starch and you're just fine.

  17. eTRF just so happens to be the regime laid down in the Buddhist code and kept by all Buddhist monk's throughout the world for the past 2.5 thousand years. They typically eat nothing past noon until the next morning. You'll see some of the mentally and physically fittest old guys among them. They have some other potentially health promoting habits too, so it's hard to disentangle causation here.. Anyway I'll take these findings as a hint to the Buddha's insight into nature 😉

  18. This reminds me of how we ate when I was a foreign exchange student in Germany. Average-sized breakfast, huge lunch as if it was dinner, then a light evening meal of tea and toast.

  19. 3:50 Dr Ellesworth Wareham was and still is one of my favorite vegan/human role models. He also ate just 2 meals per day at 9:00 and 4:00 (woke up at 5:00) and breakfast was simply whole grain cereal, banana and plant based milk (almond or soy). Couldn’t find anything on dinner. All of this in videos/posts on him. Others who aren’t vegan WFPB (drink/smoke etc) might live as long but he didn’t retire from heart surgery until 95 and still drove, did his own yard work until at least 100. In videos he looked great and sharp as a tack. But what I admired most is his humility. I’m sure he could’ve made millions with books, endorsements, blog, supplements etc but he just lived his life and did small interviews. Also Dan Butner has said many blue zoners only eat 2x per day and similar times to EW.

  20. For a couple of months I tried time restricted eating with two meals a day. Till now with lunch and dinner. Over the previous weekend I switched to breakfast and lunch. 🙂
    When I'm not eating, I drink a lot of unsweetened tea (with no added aroma).

  21. I did this last year for six months and lost 27 pounds. However six months later now I’ve gained all the weight back. I thought I found the answer, but after losing and gaining several times over the years I’m starting to think the only answer is ,,,,,It’s tough to keep the weight off….. food is just too good and too comforting. Oh well it’s not like you’re gonna live forever because you eat perfectly.

  22. …. but we need a randomized controlled study to know for sure.

    What I want to point out is that if "science" is so great, and we have had these questions opened for a very long time … not only for eating schedule, but vitamins, foods, and all sorts of variables … why is there no consensus, and not even an organized plan to plan and do the studies that will remove some of this uncertainty/ambiguity?

    I have to think that everyone in the food industry, and the doctor industry benefits when there are multiple constituencies. That is, multiple constituencies, generates more profit, and controversy.

    We living at this time have to make the best of what we can determine, and there are a lot of different diet and health regimes that people swear by, and that make lots of money, but the more we look into it the more economically and medically vulnerable we are.

    This ambiguity about diet is one of the things that keeps our whole corrupt system going.

  23. You know what's interesting? When I still lived with my parents a sa kid dinner was super early. Like before 6PM. And I remember eating a nutritious breakfast and lunch, but having only like one serving at dinner. Now in college, I ( Unintentionally) skill breakfast and sometimes even lunch and have a huge, almost binge like, dinner.

  24. I mean yeah. Eating before you’re going to bed, and probably still digesting food, is obviously a bad thing. I stop eating around 5PM at the latest

  25. Makes sense as long as you front load your carbs at the early meal especially if you are real active early as I am and no to low carb last meal

  26. Dr. Satchin Panda with the Salk Institute has some great presentations on YouTube. A number of his studies seem to confirm this. Good Stuff.

  27. I’m not interested in weight loss that’s for fat people. I’m interested in the bio markers of crp , lipids, etc and how fasting is positive or not to these bio markers. Now that’s important and not how dumb fat people can lose weight.

  28. Does creamer in my coffee count as breaking my fast? I don't actually eat until around 10:00 and I hit the floor running (figuratively) at 5:00, so there is only coffee and water until 10:00.

  29. 2:05 so for some people this diet wasn't as good as for others eh?Interesting, why after one year their mean weight didn't drop

  30. Longevity diet by Victor Longo – his book talks about intermittent fasting and has a lot of great findings. Body heals itself turns on stem cells and eliminates bad genes/cells etc. all that with skipping the dinner hell yeah! Dr Greger this topic is a smash hit!

  31. I do OMAD and used to have my meal at 8 pm (I leave the office at 7 pm.) Then I started going to bed at 10 pm to wake up at 6 am to exercise and I didn't want to eat so close to my bedtime so I moved my meal to 3 pm on weekdays. I don't like that I have to eat in a rush but so far I'm loving it. It's easier in winter because when I get off work it's already dark so you feel like the day is over. I don't like to eat after dark

  32. Am wondering would it be okay to eat your final meal by 7pm, before a workout? what about post-workout meal if you train late at night?

  33. Thank you so much for all the information you share with us. I just ordered your book from Peru, it might take a while to ship but hopefully I'll have it before Christmas. Thanks again, I really appreciate all your effort, you're changing lifes for the better! 🙂

  34. When we say small dinner means in quantity and kcal, or just kcal? For example to eat 300 kcal I can just eat 50 gr of almonds or 1000 gr of watermelon.

  35. Can you point me towards any studies for a male in his 40's, never overweight, looking to gain strength and endurance? Flexitarian for 3 years. Intermittent fasting/time restricted diet for 1 year, skipping breakfast usually.

    I'm hoping to gain 5kg of lean mass. It's essential to continue working as a Massage Therapist

  36. Do I get this right, time restricted eating is good, I can choose myself when I eat, but it is recommended to put that time you eat in the early hours rather than in the evening?

  37. I am always afraid that when I eat all the food in my time windwow in the morning rather than in the evening that I will have problems falling asleep because of hunger.

  38. What if I am never hungry in the morning or if I just get hungry in the evenings? Can I train myself to eat in the morning or even force myself?

  39. But what if you have no appetite in the morning? I tend to skip breakfast or have something small because I can wait easily until lunch with eating my first meal but in the evening I get massive cravings. I control them by following my appetite and eating my largest meal in the evening to prevent snacking. If I force myself to eat a lot in the morning I don‘t enjoy it at all and later on I get cravings for unhealthy foods nonetheless resulting in me feeling frustrated, stressed and unhappy. I cannot stop thinking about food all night and end up eating more than I would have if I did not force myself to eat a lot for breakfast.

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