The Amazing Filipino Restaurant Right Near The Vatican — Dining on a Dime

The Amazing Filipino Restaurant Right Near The Vatican — Dining on a Dime

– Hi everybody. We’re in beautiful Rome. I’ve got a great view
of St. Peter’s Basilica where Pope Francis
himself probably is not, but he might be. The Pope, brought to you by Samsung. Where we’re going right now
is we’re gonna go to a place called Neighborhood Restaurant and it is a traditional
Filipino restaurant. The Filipinos have really carved
out a niche for themselves both coming here to work
and Filipinos are so highly catholic so there’s the
attraction of the fact that seat of the catholic church
is right here in Italy. They also a need of course to
have food that is comforting to them that is familiar
to them and so places like Neighborhood Restaurant are catering to the Filipino population here in Italy. Claire, hi.
– Hi. – It’s very nice to meet you. – Me too. – The area where your family’s
from in the Philippines, what is it called? – We are from Pampanga. – [Lucas] Pampanga. – It is the center culinary
of the Philippines. – Before you came to Italy had
you eaten much Italian food? – Absolutely no. (laughs) I was a little girl when I came here. I was 12 but I ate Nutella. (laughing) Nutella, yeah. – For you and your family, what was the decision to come to Italy? – In the Philippines, the way
of living is very difficult so my father came here
in 1992 and then slowly he filed documents for us,
for his brother, and so on. Neighborhood Restaurant is
here to show everyone that even Filipinos can make it better. We’re doing very well. We are a raising restaurant. – [Lucas] You’re business owners and you’re participating in the community. – In the community, Italian
and Filipino community. – Are most of the people
that come and eat Filipino or are they Italian or is it a mix? – We serve a lot of
Filipino, like 80% Filipino, like 10%, 5% Italian. But we work for that. Then we are very close to the Vatican so we have lots of clients
that are nuns and priests, cardinals from the Philippines. – [Lucas] In Italy, are you able to find all the ingredients that you need? – In a small region of Rome, in Latina, there is a farm handled
by a Filipino farmer, he plants lots of typical
vegetables so that Filipino that are living here can have
their okra, their ampalaya. – [Lucas] That’s a very
good resource for you. – Yes. – Filipino food is really on
the rise in the United States. It’s having sort of a moment
of being more popular in the US but it took a long time. – We find it very difficult for
Italian to love our cuisine. Italian are very traditional
to their own food. They come here and try
but then it’s difficult to get them as a proper client. In fact, when we have Italian clients, we have a different plating so that they– – [Lucas] Oh you do? – [Claire] Yeah, we do it. We put some carrots and so colorful. – A little jus. – Yes, I really want them to
know that there is a Filipino restaurant here in Rome serving good food. (upbeat music) – Crispy pata, that looks amazing. I’m gonna have the soup first. This is the traditional
Filipino sour soup, sinigang. It’s loaded with pork rib
and traditional vegetables. You have of course the main flavor is gonna be tamarind based so
it’s gonna have a little bit of sweetness to go with
what is traditionally a very sour salty cuisine. The soup is really good. You’ve got these nice big chunks of pork. To stretch it a little bit, you could say that this
minestrone-ish vegetable soup that you would find in Italian cooking but you’re just not
gonna have that sourness that you would find in Filipino food. And you really do need
to love that in order to enjoy this soup. And now I will bring forth
this slate of fried pig. This is the crispy pata. This is the pork leg. We’ve got on the outside this beautiful, crispy, crunchy, chicharon. Got nice pig skin and
then below that we should be able to get some actual meat. That’s really nice. You’ve got tender meat on the
inside, you’ve got crispy, crispy skin on the outside. I’m just gonna use the
sauce that Robert made. It looks like a nice simple
soy based sauce with some chili and some scallions. It’s kind of a sweet soy. We’re gonna move on to
this lovely fried sea bass. Now this dish is called Pesce a la Pobre. Which means, literally, fish of the poor. You could draw parallels
to Bistec a Lo Pobre which you would find in Mexico. Very simple preparation. Something that any family
could do or could afford to do. You know, food of the people. That is really nice. It’s not overdone. You have this nice flaky sea bass. There is still that sour component that comes from the
vinegar but it’s tempered in this case with the
use of the soy sauce. That sort of rounds out
the other primary flavor of Filipino food which is salty. Really really delicious. Now I want to talk to those priests too. One of them has a collar for sure. – I love eating. (laughs) – Me too. – I’m a priest, this is seminary. We come together today for a meal. We were discussing, eat pasta, or rice? Let’s eat Filipino food. (laughs) We like to eat here because
they really prepare. We just wait for our food. Chatting, discussing, because
we know that the kitchen is preparing it well for us. – Is the food here different than the food you had growing up? Is it a different style or
is it generally the same? – Once you get inside the Neighborhood, you feel like you’re in the Philippines. The taste that you can get
here is typically Filipino. – Welcome. And take care, enjoy Rome. – Thank you very much. Italy has one of the greatest
food cultures in the world. It’s also for the most
part very homogeneous. However, there are restaurants like this. It’s just nice to know that if
you are one of the immigrant population, you want that comfort food, you want to be reminded of
what it was like when you lived in your own country, as an immigrant, this is a place where you can come. It’s really hard to put
this together and I think they’re doing a great job. They’re showing that you
can achieve that balance. Maintaining your customs and
maintaining the traditions from your own country and
also adapting to a new place. The food is excellent. She and her family
deserve a lot of credit, a lot of respect for
what they’re doing here. I really hope you enjoyed this
episode of Dining on a Dime from Neighborhood Restaurant
in the Prati area of Rome. If you’d like to watch
more, please click here. What’s up YouTubers. It’s your boy. Sorry. I don’t speak Italian, let’s be honest. I have my little phone
app and I’ve been learning how to say things like
(speaking in foreign language). Which means, I don’t like the apples. Which is false because
I do like the apples so I don’t know why.

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  1. Well a Filipino episode in Italy out of nowhere is just great. Good call since italians really loves there food this is just great hats off to the whole crew 🙏🏼

  2. I noticed you never touched the rice. We usually eat almost all dishes with rice. Nonetheless, I'm glad that you liked those Filipino dishes.

  3. For the average italian it's hard to eat "oriental" (not filipino only) and there's a reason for this (beyond the usual no trust we have vs anything that's not Italian) and is the "fake" cheap chinese restaurants that from 1970-80 have invaded Rome (so not the true and good chinese food), this created much diffidence; after all the same thing happened with Italian food in the world (that almost never is italian).
    Anyway the younger generation are much more open (also vs tastes very different from ours) and fortunately today there are cuisine from all the world in Rome (I hope to try the Filipino cuisine of this restaurant soon).
    Sry for my "eng".

    PS Unfortunately for the Japanese cuisine is happening the same thing; when I was young the Japanese restaurants in Rome were few, good and (too bad) expensive but now there are dozens of fake "Japanese" restaurants everywhere (It's good but bad also for the reason I wrote before).

  4. I'm just triggered that he didn't even touched the rice…you put some of the soup on the rice then eat, but hey you do you

  5. no wonder it's delicious 🙂 they have Kapampangan cooks there :3 even in the US, almost every pinoy resto that i know, has a Kapampangan chef.

  6. For someone who is supposedly been in Italy since 12 years old she seem to me like she 1st went there at 12 then immediately went back to the Philippines and just returned 2 years before this show… nothing of her demeanor or accent tells me otherwise

  7. First time viewer and I was amazed on how the report was delivered. Balanced reporting no product marketing on the side. Good job!

  8. travelled all around the world- and phillipino food is the worst in the world. just poor crude versions of other asian dishes. mi goreng ? becomes crappy pancit… tom yum becomes crappy sinigang…. curry? kare… their food is fatty , unbalanced- with few fresh vegetables and ingredients, over processed and crude- a result of american influence, poor produce and poor taste..
    the people reflect it- the highest incidence of heart problems in asia and diabletes- and would probably be more if more people had access to go to a doctor to actually record it. i ve lived there for 8 months- and it was the hardest time I've had to endure- in terms of diet…. and I've been to prison. .

  9. these are the kinds of filipino food that should be served in the states..the traditional filipino food and not the fusion ones

  10. Its so disappointing to change the plating (im not sure of the spelling) for italianos just to love our food… why cant we just let them try and be open minded how filipino really serve in the kitchen…if they dont like it ok…if they like it then great.let them accept what filipino food is..
    Filipino must love our filipino food first no matter how it looks or how it taste…for foriegners.who cares? Its our cuisine its part of our culture and it defines us.

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  15. I know many folks think that the souring ingredient for sinigan is only tamarind (added with the pre-bought signigan stock powder) but traditionally it’s souring is from leaves of a native tree grown in the Philippines called ‘kalibangbang’ , many of the native tribes still use it… its got a natural acidic/ citric almost vinegar taste.

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