Thailand Food Cart—Throttle Out Preview Episode 7

Thailand Food Cart—Throttle Out Preview Episode 7

(theme music) (upbeat acoustic music) – [Ari] It turns out a
bigger problem than traffic for our overloaded scooter
were the steep mountain roads on the way to Pai. I mean, I’m really feelin’
for this little engine. Not only is it old, and very well used, but now it’s working probably harder than it’s ever worked in it’s life. Like, that’s not fair. That’s like taking a senior
citizen out of retirement and being like “go work in a coal mine!” (Zack laughs) If I was on a motorcycle that
could lean through corners, it’d be a lot of fun. It’s not like I’m not having fun now, but the empathy I’m
feeling for this motorcycle is outweighing the excitement of it all. – Yep. This is a beautiful, twisty
road, but this side car food cart is not exactly
a Grand Prix bike. If we’re honest. It doesn’t like bumps very much. – No, it doesn’t have a lot of suspension, and the suspension it
has is mostly compressed. Got to push! (laughs) We finally went slower
than first gear can handle. (engine running) (upbeat instrumental music) – [Zack] Pai is a groovy
little hippie hideout in the mountains, popular
for its bustling night market and delicious street food. We arrived just as the sun
was setting and set up shop. And with this many tourists, the potential for burger
sales seemed high. Still, aggressive pricing was key. So, I got a plate of
noodles for like 40 Baht, which is $1.25 or something. – So pretty cheap.
– Pretty cheap. So, 50 Baht, 30 Baht, what do we do? 30 Baht’s like a dollar. 50 Baht gets you a cheese
burger, if you want cheese on it. It gets you lettuce, tomato, onion. – The two burger, with
whatever you want on it. – Yep, exactly. – Does it include, like,
a handful of chips? – Yeah, a handful of
chips comes on the side. – What about a drink?
– No. – Drinks should be separate.
– Drinks are separate. – So a drink is an extra,
what, like 20 Baht? You know, if we were
actual business people, we would know what we paid for this stuff, and we would have a margin,
and we would work from there. We are totally flying by
the seat of our pants. (upbeat instrumental music) Despite our competitive pricing, and an abundance of foot traffic, initial results were not good. We’ve got burgers. American-style cheeseburgers,
we’ve got chips. We’ve got Coca-Cola, we
got all sorts of fixin’s. You want to be our first
customer of all time? Yeah, it’s beef. Have you had one, have
you had a cheeseburger? Interested in a burger? Hamburgers, cheeseburgers,
we’ve got potato chips. Fair enough. People eat dinner real early here in Pai. Cheeseburger sample? It’s free!
(Zack laughs) Burger, interested in a burger? Real common excuse. Imported from America! – Authentic American burger.
– That’s right. Even cooked by Americans. You want a sample, cheeseburger sample? Free samples, cheeseburger samples! Not getting anything. It’s a cheeseburger sample. Cheeseburger, yeah. Have you had it before? Yep. Made by Americans. Luckily, word of the two
Yankees flipping burgers spread. And whether it was the
cuisine, or just the spectacle, the sidecar food cart
finally started to catch on. We’re riding around in this
sidecar selling burgers. We just rode up from
Chiang Mai this morning. – Oh, really?
– Yeah. – So you can’t expect the food to be good. – Yeah, we’ll try one.
– Yeah, you want a burger? All right, you guys’ll be a good judge. – Cheers!
– Cheers! – What’d you do with your Baht? Is it pretty good? Yeah! All right. Yeah, thanks a lot! – Thanks man, nice talking to you. – Thanks a lot, appreciate your support. Have a good trip, guys. (upbeat instrumental music) Maybe, that’d be cool. Burger? So we’re doing two? – Yeah.
– All right. – Cheese?
– Yes, please. – Are we gettin’ a line,
is that what this is? (crowd laughs) Looks like it. Hi kids! Are you guys interested in a burger? Yeah? (upbeat instrumental music) I’ve never worked this hard on the show. (Ari laughs) Never! – Do you want ketchup? – I think we might actually
be making money here, this is, like, pretty good. – Yeah, ketchup? – Zack’s working his butt off, we should put a tip cup out there. By the end of the night, we’d
sold burgers to local Thai, some Aussie’s, a few Europeans, plus a whole family from Israel. The grand opening of our
motorcycle-based business was a definite success. (upbeat instrumental music)

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  1. The episode was fantastic!!! I'm excited to see more like this when you are dropped into a big motorcycle culture and experience what it's like and I hope I can do stuff like this someday

  2. เราคนไทยแท้ๆ ยังไม่เคยไปเลยปายเนี๊ย

  3. Wow… if only MotorTrend could license their own content in other parts of the world. People might even pay for it.

  4. You guys are cool, if you ever come to Tillamook OR. your both welcome to be my guests and we could ride the miles of single track trails in the beautiful surrounding forest of our coastal community. Thanks for bringing your adventures to my living room.

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