Thai UFO Kaokala, Meditating for aliens

Thai UFO Kaokala, Meditating for aliens

Thailand maybe Known for its wonderful beaches,
its great street food, and ever exciting nightlife, but there is more floating in the evening
air than the smell of joss sticks, alcohol, and fried food. Some say that UFOs are also visiting the holiday
hot spot and that they are there to do more than party, they have an important message
to deliver and a group of Thais have answered the call. So let’s travel to Nakhon Sawan the Centre
of all things UFO in Thailand. Welcome to If ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
The Bangkok post the largest mainstream news outlet in Thailand ran a story on what it
labels the ‘Chosen ones’. A UFO focused group which is being branded
as an apocalyptic cult and recently came under scrutiny from those in power when they were
raided at their Nakhon Sawan meeting spot. Nakhon Sawan is a city in Thailand, the name
literally means “Heavenly City”. Coincidence, maybe not? North of Bangkok, it marks the point of confluence
of two of Thailands major rivers, the Ping and the Nan. These converge in Nakhon Sawan to form the
Chao Phraya which flows south to Bangkok and out into the Gulf of Thailand. The city’s surroundings are mostly flat, but
in the city itself a hill rises about 110 metres above the plain. This is the meeting spot for the memebers
of the “UFO Kaokala” group. The article titled ‘Meditating for aliens’
Goes on to document an interview Wassana Chansamnuan, a founder of UFO Kaokala. The happy lady poses next to an alien figurine
in her home at Nakhon Sawan. Opening up with to the reporter and talking
about her personal experiences with UFOs whilst looking up at the night sky above the mountain. Wassana says ‘Could a star do that? Could a plane do that?” this, after seeing
a light shining through the clouds above the mountain. “Take a picture of the sky. Zoom in later,” she says to the reporter. The article then goes on;
Wassana, who also goes by her nickname Ann, is a member of UFO Kaokala, a group that meditates
beneath a sculpture of a Buddha adorned with a seven-headed snake on Khao Kala Mountain
in the hopes of receiving messages from aliens on Pluto. The aliens, they say, are delivering messages
to help them save humanity in the event of an impending nuclear disaster, which they
say is likely to happen in 2022. “The first time I saw a UFO, it was at Pantip
Plaza, Building 1 in Bangkok,” says Ann, who has been a member of UFO Kaokala for nine
years. After that sighting, she had to wait longer
to receive an appearance at her house — a sign that the aliens specifically chose her
to communicate with. She and the other UFO Kaokala members believe
that there are 5,000 “chosen ones” who the aliens have decided to deliver helpful messages
to. The more they meditate and abide by Buddhist
principles, the more likely they are to receive a visitation. “I needed to wait for eight years before a
spacecraft showed up to me personally at my home,” says Ann. The group has been eyed with suspicion by
many in the country with murmurs of cult being whispered but never directly said. So who makes up this group of believers in
these extraterrestrial messengers and what are their goals? The reporter Leah Carter goes on to write;
While the stereotype of a UFO believer might be the image of a paranoid conspiracy theorist
wearing a tinfoil hat, the members of UFO Kaokala are, for the most part, educated professionals. Their group members include graphic designers,
lawyers, consultants and public workers. They say that the group consists of 50 core
members, most of whom make the three-hour trip from Bangkok and don’t actually live
in Nakhon Sawan. But since UFO Kaokala’s inception in 1998,
they say that over 1,000 people, including visitors from the United States and other
countries, have participated in events they’ve held. In addition to receiving messages from aliens,
some of the members also claim to have additional powers like reading karma and healing sickness. Ukrin Thaonaknathiphithak, a 50 year old restaurant
worker and a 14-year veteran of UFO Kaokala, started dreaming about UFOs when he was 12
years old. He then started to receive extraterrestrial
messages, which he says gave him energy to use his hands to heal people around him from
sickness. Soon after he started going to Khao Kala,
he says he spotted 17 spacecraft at one time. He felt strong thought waves going through
his head, urging him to look at the sky. “I felt those [thought waves] too at my home,”
says Ann. “I felt the thought wave coming to my head. It told me to sit down and look up at the
sky. That kind of thought wave is from alien technology
or something like that, but it’s not me.” The Kaokala group, kao meaning mountain and
kala being the mountains name, was started after founding member Somjit Raepeth, 60,
received a telephone call from her father, Cherd Chuensamnuan, asking if aliens exist. “My father received the energy first and then
sent that energy through me,” says Ms Somjit. “It’s similar to the way we use a cellphone.” She says the energy from Pluto forced her
to speak a warning of the looming disaster. After that, she became a believer. Her sister, Wassana Chansamnuan, 47, became
a believer shortly after. At the age of 25, in 1998, she received a
message from the aliens that they had chosen Khao Kala mountain as a place to communicate
with people. Thus, UFO Kaokala, also known by its longer
name, the Kaokala Coordination for Disasters Warning Group, was formed. So what makes this area of Thailand so special
as to receive these messages and visitors from Pluto, after all strange lights in the
Thai sky have long been seen most famously the Naga lights seen with some regularity
from the banks of the Mekong river. Also Pluto itself is a bit of a controversial
home world for the aliens, its status as a planet has swung back and forth for centuries
most recently and until today, it has classified as a humble dwarf planet. There is virtually no chance that Pluto has
life living on its surface, temperatures can reach as low as 33 K (-240 °C or -400 °F). But none of this dissuades the member of UFO
Kaokala. The article goes on;
Driving up to Khao Kala where the flatland meets the hills, the clouds hang low to the
ground — you might get the sensation that you’re closer to the sky than you were in
the city. Sugarcane fields and palm trees line the road
leading up to the mountain. At night, pink and green lights flash on and
off and a large sign that says “UFO” lets you know that you’re approaching. Evidence of Nakhon Sawan’s history with alien
lore covers this small city of 114,000 people, that’s otherwise known for hosting the origin
of the Chao Phraya River: a satellite dish turned upside down in someone’s yard to look
like a flying saucer; images of Stonehenge decorating a hotel lobby; a small model of
Stonehenge at a gas station; alien and space-themed gear sold at the night market. There’s even a large bridge that cost millions
of baht to construct, that looks unusually like the kind of alien spacecraft often depicted
in films. Chaleow Puucharoen, head of the Khao Kala
tambon administration organization, was quoted in local media as saying most people in the
area don’t believe in aliens and haven’t seen aliens or their spaceships. Those who believe tend to be out-of-towners,
he said. “They believe in a god or spirit from Pluto
… but personally speaking, I wasn’t able to see a thing. But it’s up to people what they believe, you
can’t criticize.” Ann goes on to talk about how the group believe
that “There’s a galactic federation,” says Ann. “It’s like the United Nations on Earth except
it’s between planets.” Their code is 11:17. Thus the time, 11:17 is also sacred. “It’s a sign of duty. A sign of contact.” The era after the “big disaster” is also fitted
with a limited capacity; only 30% of the world’s population will survive. Depopulation always seems to raise its ugly
head when talking about these groups, UFO kaokala is in good company with everyone from
the illuminati to Bilderberg and Rosicrucianism having been said to be working from playbooks
that focus on global depopulation. UFO kaokala’s philosophy is so specific
that it’s even outlined in a 134-page book, written in both Thai and English, titled Messages
from Extraterrestrials. “At the time of crisis, the aliens will choose
good people to live in the new age. So people who think about dharma or cosmic
law or Buddha are good universal citizens,” says Ann. These aliens are friendly, they say. Some of them communicate only in the form
of energy, but others assume more human-like figures. At roughly one meter and 20 centimeters tall,
they are shorter than an average person but resemble people in many ways. Instead of eating food, they eat capsules. They can communicate with anyone, regardless
of their native tongue. Most importantly, they follow a sabai sabai,
or relaxed, working style, according to Ms Wassana. When disaster strikes, they don’t want humans
to stress out, at least not too much. And whilst on the subject of stress the group
has been under a fair bit of it themselves recently. A still unfolding legal saga which hit the
national headlines a month ago, this when police raided Khao Kala mountain over alleged
encroachment on protected lands. “It started from a misunderstanding of the
story because now Kaokala is famous and many people around Thailand want to join,” says
Ann. This could be a problem as If the ruling in
the case finds that the meditation Centre is, in fact, encroaching on public land, they
may have to dismantle the center, which has been at the top of Khao Kala for over 60 years
and was built long before it became known as Thailand’s hottest spot for UFO sightings. I guess the aliens failed to predict the raid! But the UFO Kaokala members are relatively
relaxed about the whole fiasco, perhaps following the relaxed mentality of their extraterrestrial
comrades. Closing the interview Ann says;
“People think it’s crazy and that we’re making the story up to confuse society into believing
something unbelievable, but I can feel that people are more open-minded about aliens now.” So what do think, are the members of UFO kaokala
receiving messages from Aliens from Pluto or could this be an Asian “heaven’s gate?” Let me know what you think in the comments

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