Thai Street Food in the Rot Fai Train Market in Ratchada

Thai Street Food in the Rot Fai Train Market in Ratchada

All aboard I’m taking you on a quick, delicious
ride to one of the most popular night markets in Bangkok, the Rot Fai Train Market in Ratchada. This is the second branch of the market, which
got it’s name for being formerly located along the railroad tracks. The original market was especially known for
antiques and cheap food, and this latest location is the easiest to reach because it’s just
next to the MRT Thai Cultural Center Station. When you come out of the station you’ll
find some street food nearby, but save your appetite because you’ll need to go behind
the Esplanade mall to find this night market’s entrance. Once inside you’ll find it packed with people
roaming a giant area made up of street food style stalls, clothing, second hand items,
and plenty of open air restaurants. Scorching day time temperatures and humidity
give Bangkokians a special affinity with night markets. Here locals and tourists alike get excited
to for the markets grilled/fried meats, giant over-sized bowls of noodles meant to share,
seafood and all sort of other Thai snacks! Welcome to the Train Market. You might be wondering why it’s called that
it had nothing to do with the way the market is setup today. It actually used to be right next to the railroad
tracks. They used to bring a bunch of vintage stuff,
antiques, and things and sell it right there and have all sorts of food and everything. Now it’s nothing like that, it’s pretty
much a large night market. You can come here and sit in some chill places
and just kind of drink, have a little bit of food. They have a good mix of Thai and international
food. You can get a taste of everything here, the
prices aren’t terrible. And it’s good place to hang out and chill
out with your friends. Great place to meet up and umm, an interesting
place to drink at night. Also it does get a little bit loud here. So I have to say if you’re noise intolerant,
like me sometimes, it can be a place where it’ll drive you crazy. So it’s good to kind of get in here and
check it out, then get out for something quieter. So it’s a lot to choose from. It’s also kind of crowded with people. People walking around smackin’ on food and
sipping on drinks. It is definitely an interesting place. A place where you kind of have to like a crowd
to come out here. But if you’re curious, especially if you’re
curious about Thai street food, there’s a lot of interesting things happening here. This market is especially great for newcomers. However it still lacks in communal dining
areas, and it’s a challenge to find somewhere to hang here that’s not suffering from being
surrounded by awful sounding, and competing loud music. I gave this night market a 3.5/5, with the
high notes definitely being accessibility and variety of cheap Thai street food. I hope you found this video useful and if
so give it a fat thumbs up and be sure to subscribe for more tips on where and what
to eat in Bangkok!

13 Replies to “Thai Street Food in the Rot Fai Train Market in Ratchada

  1. I would love to see a video on avoiding good poisoning. The food looks great, but it also looks like it might make a westerner sick.

  2. Great place to go out with friends eat, drink, and check out the girls…haha
    Dwight great video and thanks for sharing. I'm not a loud crowded area guy, I might end up getting anxiety attack… ptsd.

  3. I've always wanted to check this particular night market Dwight.. however, after your highlights about the noise I may give it a miss. I don't mind the crowd but excessive noise can be a huge turn off. Thanks as usual for the insight 👍🏼😁

  4. Nice overview of the market. 👍 Were those ribs for the table or just Wiens? Did you taste? Coincidentally, recently I had a discussion on U.S. style Q in Bangkok. 😀

  5. My wife went to Thailand this past Christmas and New Years vacation to see her families and they have a similar version of this video in Nong Khai also called Rail Market Nong Khai..please check it out whenever you have a chance!

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