Thai cooking class with Joy ( Koh Tao )

Thai cooking class with Joy ( Koh Tao )

This week we learned to cook a few Thai dishes with Joy. Welcome, to our new life on the road. Sa-Wa-Dee Ka, My name is Joy. I live here now for 8 years, And now, i’m doing cooking class “Chop euh.. Crush first, Chelsey”. “Yeah, like that..” People are now interesting in doing a cooking class, while they visit the island. Which is good for me because i love cooking, I want to tell and show people how, the Thai food is.. How to make a Thai food. How to make Thai food, based on how they like it. And not difficult to make.. “Yeah… Okay turn off gas Chelsey”. “And put back on the plate”. The best experience i had in my class? When people keep coming back every year. When they visit Koh Tao. Sometimes they make a surprise you know? They even booked private class. Just to have them and me, and then we celebrate. And something like that. And euhm… And people who go back, And cook what they learned from me. they even try another recipe from my website. That makes me happy, when i know that they’re going back And that they cook, and still talk about Joy. And… Cook Thai food. That’s the best what i could get from them. “She can’t have shrimp”. “No problem we can only make a sauce”. Why do you come to the cooking class? Do you cook often at home? Somebody… Don’t even know how to cut. How to hold the knife properly. But… They actually think that we should cook our own food. So, they also thought that Thai food was difficult. Tasteful. And…..Must be difficult. It’s a lot of ingredients. And when they try: “Ooh it’s actually easy Joy”. If you have all the ingredients, yeah and… Now the asian market is everywhere, in every country. So now it becomes easy, “Kitchen talk”. “Don’t forget to tuck in Shannon”. “Yeah, like that yeah…” Thai food becomes very famous. Popular….In every country. And if you make Thai food in your own kitchen. That would be great… Yeah. And i know that from my experience, when I talk to the other people. Lots of people…Try to make Thai food: Thai curry… And… they think that it’s easy… Which is easy. Especially when you buy the paste, for example. But for me, when I asked them the people in my class. Do you make Thai food at home? And they say: “Yes we try but it’s actually not really Thai food”. They: “We just put everything together, like we do with the paste”. And… But when they really start to cook with me. They say: “Joy it’s actually easier than i thought, easier than what we tried at home”. So…I want everybody in the world just to try Thai food, you will love it. Many people like to traveling to Thailand, to have experiences with Thai food. Experiences in Thailand. But, it’s far away.. And you can now make the world come closer. While doing a virtual cooking class with me And you will also taste Thai food, like you be in Thailand. “Ready, Shannon”? “Yeah”. And if you like to make Thai food? Thai food is not difficult, everybody can cook at home. Visit our website, We have all the recipes, most of the favourite Thai dishes. It’s on there, so please try to cook at home. That would make joy very happy 🙂 We spend the day cooking with Joy, she’s an amazing teacher. Be sure to book a coarse with her once you’re on Koh Tao. Don’t forget to put a like down below and subscribe to the channel.

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  1. @ArnoandChelseyChannel Damn, that looks awesome!! Next time i'll come with u guys 🙂 you know i like spicey food 😀

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