Teachers & Teens Swap Snacks

Teachers & Teens Swap Snacks

I asked for the wine but no way I mean five because your teen and I’m a teacher we can’t have the title teachers corrupt young teens that’s a different kind of website hi I’m Madison and I’m a senior in high school hey my name is Ted and I’m a teacher my name is Salani and I’m a science teacher hi my name is Bryant and I’m a team we’re going to swap sags oh yeah I know what you would have sour patch kids I feel like they’re gonna be like apples and stuff I feel like you have like a very refined palate I feel like something like to have wine that the wine part you got that there’s gonna be a lot of fun sugary processed foods how could you tell they usually have like a full meal as well us students have oh the Saxon not sure what exactly will be seeing but let’s get to snack it let’s do it I have raspberries and strawberries I would just put this in like a plastic bag and then like eat it in the car I chose Talkies because most the time I’m actually not awake in the morning usually I like a fool like fresh mango yes a wool yuck I chose these roasted seaweed snacks because the morning I like to eat something light tonight yeah definitely can eat some strawberries these are a lot of time that’s a lot I don’t eat a lot of dried food my Jesus I can’t you thank you for reminding me of how much I love it you’re welcome I am a teacher I am really not surprised but she looks like a fresh fruit no a Cheeto and a Dorito have my gun illicit affair and Atlantic City one weekend I would definitely swap this at home I would eat this anyway so what I swap this neck absolutely not I say that as I’m still eating them I would swap this snack I do enjoy sealing no this is pretty good wanna do next one alright so let’s talk more about lunchtime snacks these are all selected my study snack I chose cheese and crackers it’s approaching you got some fats and grains okay I chose Welch’s fruit snacks what did I meet a toad well no pork well like what Oh pigskin I always tend to scoop right on past the normal natural food and go right for the artificial process how many are there like 4 in baguette all the crinkling noises mmm I enjoy it but you know I’m a guy on the loop what what so you just whip out like your tractors the cheese and like all right hurtling let’s go I would have this a party to hit everything at a party everything had a fire and this was would be like a nice like once a year snap for me once a year yeah I’m gonna keep mine too I am eight this entire bagger 15 seconds on the go Paqui is very popular and like you know Asian culture so people would call me out on this a lot feeling a little peckish what do I go for sugary sweet almonds I brought goldfish it’s a classic cheese snack and I drink a lot of wine so this definitely goes oh yeah here let me help you with this one yeah thank you really small for you I’m saying to you I’m just like like in my own world of disgust right now I don’t hate it hate is a sterling warden this is too salty I can take it oh my god I’m bad Wow definitely sticking with mine yeah I’m definitely dough stick with this but I didn’t like your other snows and we’re really nice to go back to my childhood with the goldfish and the fruit snacks um and your best friend and my best friend Brian they’re definitely different I’m very sweet and you’re very salty no not personality though you’re very sweet personally people looking back at the past I can respect it and but still happy to be here in the present but I’m always willing to try new stuff you know I definitely I’m gonna stick with my snacks if she was one of my fellow teachers I’d be trying to steal something yeah I’m so in my golden years so I can enjoy [Laughter]

100 Replies to “Teachers & Teens Swap Snacks

  1. Why are all the teacher’s snacks so healthy. My teacher literally bring chips, candy, pop, and cereal everyday and never shares unless you give him a whiteboard marker or etc.

  2. Went into home room hungry so I looked around the pulled out a bag of takis and the whole class came running at the sound on my crinkling bag

  3. Me: iM tOtAlLy nEvEr dOinG tHiS..
    Also me: teacher wanna swap snacks for a day?
    Them: sure!
    Me: woah i loike these dOrItOs :>

  4. The dude got screwed over with all these healthy snacks and the girl got to eat all different types of food 😂 lol

  5. Last year as a senior me and my English teacher did a pumpkin bread bake off and we had some classmates be the judges and I won. We ended up swapping recipes at the end cause we both enjoyed each other’s pumpkin bread.

  6. Those aren’t real snacks tho, my fat ass would bring for lunch a whole bag of Doritos, one coke bottle, donuts, pizza, and sour patch kids 💀😂

  7. Oh wow! Tselane’s choices are normal snacks we have in the Philippines 🇵🇭 except for the salami and cheese

  8. I kept complaining to my Spanish teacher that I was hungry and she gave me 2 giant chocolate cookies and they were good

  9. Wait, I didn't know teachers where aloud to drink alchohol in school, while im sitting in the back with my binder up drinking a caprisun.

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