Howdy folks how is it going welcome to my
virgin kitchen I am here today with Stuart Ashen from the Ashens channel, hello how are
you doing, thanks for coming here man, not at all thanks for giving me free food oh yeah
we are tasting some Thailand treats today Tunchanok has sent me a massive box full of
Thai treats, ready to see what we have in store? I am always ready for weird food, yeah
there is a real diverse range there we have opened the box so lets get going.
Right so the first one is something called Voiz, creamy butter flavour biscuits, notice
butter flavour, not real butter. Absolutely and there is a family on there having a really
fantastic time yeah they are the least convincing family I have ever seen by a company called
Monde, which is the World I think, the World of fake butter lets find out what it tastes
like. Individual packets for the lunch box, I am just guessing it is going to be like
a buttery biscuit, that is quite a nice peace of mind considering some of the other stuff
that is coming up it will ease us into it. Oooh does smell buttery, can you smell that?
It does smell very buttery, it could just be a chunk of butter which is not really that
recommended look at that you can break it into parts which I am cautious may get crumbs
everywhere I was right and oh wow I think mine may have merged together, it is one thing
like a triple layer treat lets give it a go. Oh is that actually creamy butter between
the layers? Hmm there is something in there. Holding it together like glue does not taste
as buttery as I thought it would, no to me it tastes like cake mixture when you were
a kid and made a cake with your mum when you cream butter and sugar together which effectively
is what this really is I cannot believe it tastes so buttery and does not smell buttery
that is a really odd one it is not unpleasant by any stretch it is actually not a bad start.
Oh I got more of the cream, wow that is so sweet, it is like sugar and butter pounded
together in a crispy biscuit I would actually eat that quite regularly, there is a bit of
salt coming through now, not sure where that came from I do not know if it has a bit of
a tang or something from my chips last night. You were spot on with the cake mix yeah so
just like cake batter right it just tastes so sweet and smells so savoury there we go
pretty good, thumbs up. Next of from lau or is that lay that is the
walkers logo right the walkers equivalent is lays, this is cheese and chilli crisps
which yeah I can see that going. You do not like cheese though right? No I like cheese
when melted on a pizza stuart just had a pizza right there but when it is cold I cannot do
it so this will be interesting. I hate cheese crisps but got to do it for Thailand right,
this may not be a flavour sensation for you this packaging is tight, Woah! Taste explosion,
ah! I hate cheese crisps oh my goodness that is not how I would have been expecting the
cheese it is like an under taste of cheese where the chilli is quite overpowering the
chilli was right there at first and now the cheese with a tickly heat more potent than
I thought they would be it has almost got a Thai spank to it as if I was lying in a
Thai massage parlour being spanked with cheese and chilli crisps, book the tickets we are
going to try it, that was a hell of a weekend you should give it a go! Kind of want to try
another one but it was like another cheesy crisp, and all of a sudden that chilli hit,
yes a bit extreme I cannot imagine you could eat many of those at once, no it is good for
your diet so there you go Thai people, not bad.
So next up we have crackers, with pork floss, I have encountered pork floss before, it is
like pork candy floss, wow so like a savoury candy floss that is pork spank, ok and the
way it says spank I have this vision I do not know why of flossing my teeth with pork.
You probably could, I had fish floss too which is similar but worse what I find is they are
terrifying like hairy biscuits and I was saying earlier you could probably put that on the
bottom of your shoe if you had a hole in it it is like a biscuit you found under your
nans sofa that has been there for a Month or a Year. I will let you go first, thanks
Barry, I have got to be polite right it looks a bit different inside, it looks a bit like
a scab like a flat pork scratching that has been run over smells of cracker, that is quite
good I quite like that, oh wow, that is like a cracker at the Chinese shop, yeah like a
prawn cracker, but with a pork variation, a prork cracker! That is a new invention a
prork cracker we should copyright that, it is really nice, like really nice, it does
not taste anything like the pork floss I have had it is less porky and much sweeter it looks
really intimidating and scary like you said like a scab especially that one it has got
a nice 2 week old scab kind of look full of protein but it is just like a prawn cracker
but a pork cracker, a prork cracker, I actually want to find those now look in local shops
and see if I can come up with those. If they do not exist invent them right now before
we do, yeah that is great. So next up is something called Utsa, or something
like that I cannot really pronounce the name of it lots of Thai writing on it but right
down the bottom here it says fried yam chips coated in butter caramel I did not see that
before so a yam is like a sweet potato and will hopefully be kind of sweet with butter
caramel on it too, looking forward to these I like a bit of butter, I like caramel, I
do not know about yams it is kind of like a sweet swede going on but as a crisp it is
going to be interesting. There is not much to say about the packaging really it is all
sort of spotty crispy looking things and there is a very excited cartoon character on the
back look at that yeah really excited there are actually numbers on the back of these
packs too but there was not a letter enclosed so you have gone to all the effort of sending
this stuff but there is no description so it is all the unknown which makes it more
fun right! I see why you asked me to open it now, there is something about this Thai
packaging, they are very keen on hygiene oh wow, does it smell good? Smells very vegetable
flavour yeah sort of a yam vibe I was expecting it to smell sweeter because of the caramel
it is weird because it is light and looks like it could be a cracker and does look like
it could snap easily looks almost like a quaver texture wow that is sweet on the outside that
is weird but very nice it does have that odd afterhit with the yam, it is really nice I
cannot really taste butter or caramel so much there is a sweetness but I think it is really
just the yam carrying it through maybe there is no salt or anything like that it is very
sweet so, I am having another one, yeah I will join you, it is quite caramel tasting
if you run it around your mouth first, trying to channel my inner Thai person I should be
wearing a tie, I will have those again I can see why the little cartoon character is so
excited although sadly I have ripped her face in half which will probably ruin her weekend
the caramel around the outside of it when it is working around the mouth is really good
there but it definitely is the yam, but tip top it has been great so far you Thai people
know what you are doing. So next up is Bento, yeah is that squid? Yes
a squid seafood snack so I like squid, you like squid too apparently squid is best cooked
for 2 minutes or 2 hours apparently to get it perfect apparently to prevent when you
are chewing on it being like a rubber band probably like a chef myth but anyhow as a
form like this it is going to be pretty interesting I love the mascot on here, he looks like a
rubber glove unless we are just going to eat rubber gloves and it would be the best prank
ever 45% squid, 40% surimi, what is that? I do not know, Surimi, Thai people what is
surimi, let us know down below S,U,R,I,M,I 40% aswell so it is squid but only 45% which
is reassuring well lets have a go oooh blimey that is potent that is a stench of squid oh
here we go, quite sticky like little strips of squid joined together in some coating,
squid strips that would never catch on with the kids over here. Cor bloody hell that is
spicy wow Oh sweet and spicy they are not joking, that is incredibly spicy, you have
got the sweetness initially, yeah, it is like those crisps that turned I think I am going
to cry, they have turned that one up to eleven wow and I like spicy stuff but you would not
want much at once put it that way. They should be called squid squints because that is what
they make you do when eating them it is like I am turning into popeye surimi is obviously
lava yeah exactly just like pure heat or satan, it is not unpleasant though because the squid
taste is quite nice, squid on its own is quite bland rubbery elastic bands you have to flavour
it so I mean I guess there was not a flavouring on there but it is so extreme with the heat
isn�t it really wow blimey that will knock your socks off yeah bring it up barry it will
be alright. Alright so we have just freshened our pallet
with a nice little drink because its fair to say that brings a tear to your eye so these
are some corn chips and it has a bear on the front with no facial expression so maybe they
couldn�t afford the features, it is the ghost of a bear a bear dies for every packet
made ready, aghh, yeah is that the bear, yeah he is dead yeah, sorry if there are any bear
lovers out there but yeah corn chips, which I love corn, do you like corn? Yeah I do I
like corn puff stuff although weirdly they look like little biscuits on the front they
do although they may be sugar coated but that could be a bonus, it has been so strange so
far this packaging again oh my god can you see the air in there it is going to explode.
Non fried snack so may be healthy yeah, healthy bear, if you bear with me as I open them there
is a scent already from here I am just trying to work out spicy? Like a generic spice really,
yes they look very sort of furry like a cookiemonster or the guy the sugar puff guy, oh the honeymonster
really fury like the honeymonsters toe or something it does look a bit like a deformed
monster munch actually there are a few spicy specks on it so there is definitely not just
corn in there, there is a seasoning of some kind but what lets find out. It does taste
exactly like monster munch with a bit more sweetness so basically here in the UK we have
these crisps called monster munch they are like monster shapes right and they are very
maize and corn flavoured so it is very similar to that and they melt in the mouth that is
exactly it, it has even got similar flavouring to it, yeah and like a poor mans version of
monster munch they could not afford the monster so a bear with no face so you decide the bears
facial expression, faceless bear could be happy, could be sad, but there you go. Non-fried
snack, quite like it yeah it is slightly sweeter than ours but otherwise almost identical I
think it was basic corn flavour that one so a mild spice but good times.
So we are moving on pretty fast now and we are not sure if this is savoury or sweet so
we have done a lot of savoury stuff and there is sweet stuff there and this is just like
a blue and white pack a mystery pack yeah I have no idea what is in it like a chilled
out Buddha on the front cover just hanging out as you do and the back of it is in a language
neither of us could read so it could be poison still getting a bit of that squid there? It
is coming back to haunt me yeah we have got relaxing Buddha mystery packet ooh I was not
expecting that, oh ok they are like mints, oooh, oh dear, it smells of butter, oh ok,
it could just be chunks of butter in tablet form oh here we go then about 50 of them so
they look like they could be mints ok so like little white circular things definitely like
butter though right yeah I have four in my hand but not going to have them all you are
welcome to have them they just look like rennies, yeah sore chest or something like that perhaps
they are to help you get over the spicy squid I do not know yeah we are actually having
a whole Thailand version of tapas right now and antedote tablet or should it be Thaipas
here we go ok. Maybe sucking it was a bad idea, yeah, ooh it could just be a pill or
something if you suck it, maybe it is Thailand paracetamol to numb you against the pain oh
my gosh I am really liking it now when you chew it creates a sort of paste in your mouth
because it is like powder form and sort of a milky, ice cream, creamy texture yeah creamy
milky thing going on I am having another one this is good, this is really good, and peace
of mind it is not butter like mini ice cream tablets or something they are really nice
but you have to chew them does not work if you suck them. Do not down it with water it
may not get rid of your headache and do not put it on your toast. I am impressed with
those that is amazing we will never be able to get anymore because we do not know what
they are called! If you know what they are called, comment please, yeah this is the packaging,
let us know what they are and I do not think there is anything in the UK as an equivalent
that I have tasted like that ever, no, apart from an ice cream maybe have you ever had
those little milk chews yeah they are a little bit like that, you can get some chewy sweets
here in the UK that are like milk bottle shapes but the surprising thing is it is just like
a tablet form and all of a sudden it turns from a pastel chalk in your mouth to the most
delicious creamy liquid, like you are actually drinking out of the udder of a cow, is that
something you do often? No, no it is not the weekend. Sorry.
Next up is by the jolly cola brand which hopefully is just cola bottles right, the jolly cola,
does that look like Thai to you? It does actually, it looks suspiciously haribo like with the
design of the packet, so either they are ripping him off or unlicensed so obviously jolly cola
there are all different versions of cola it could be the Thai version of coca cola do
you remember pammy cola, they did a Pamela Anderson cola with a Pamela Anderson shaped
bottle, Pamela Anderson shaped bottle? Yeah virgin did it they had a Pamela Anderson shaped
bottle it was her whole outline and you had to twist off the top of her head and drink
her innards, but the bottle afterwards was amazing in the bath you know you could have
some good times with it. I want a Brian Blessed shaped one, oh yeah! They are fat, oh wow
they are slightly deformed they are jolly because they could be slightly drunk like
a cowgirl, cowgirl? You get drunken cowgirls?! Yeeeha like a drunk pirate maybe this is specifically
for pirates with their jolly cola. It smells exactly like what a cola bottle should smell
like but the sugar on it is more finely granulated. Tastes exactly like the cola bottles here
but the sugar is finer, yeah definitely slightly more jolly sugar it has been jollified.
So we found these pretz sticks, it says pretz on the back right and these are larb flavour,
you know what that is? It sounds like a limb on a monkey or something? It is a Labrador
oh yeah exactly the same as licking a Labrador ok so these are Labrador flavoured pretz you
can win an iphone 5s if you are interested if anyone wants the voucher it is all good
I do not think it bends and Eiffel tower on the front there is a number 4 so if there
was an order we were supposed to have this we have passed that I think it was a glossary
that was sadly missing. Lets see what larb flavour is yeah a pack of Labradors come running
out, ok here we go, so the foil pack look there is a number on it, if you are in Thailand
you may be able to win something there is a sad Labrador face on the front of the packaging
oh is it snapped or is it smells herby I cannot place it actually. One up each nostril, if
you had to guess what flavour it was what would you say? I think it could be Labrador
I am going to move more towards pizza but it could be a Labrador, wet dog flavour, yeah
dog pizza. I can taste garlic powder or something, yeah eaux de chien the French aftershave a
little heat there too, yeah a little but nothing major, yeah I am just sort of trying to see
if I can place it but I could not place my finger on what larb is a very posh person
saying lab maybe there is definitely some salt and herbs on it, maybe some ground up
Labrador I am not going to rule that out, it could be dog but it is nice and strong,
maybe on a pizza thing like you say it would get quite hot if you ate several of them I
think there is definitely heat in there like a dog on heat, like a larb on heat a larb
on heat wooo, wow yeah I can live with those, yeah it is alright.
So next up is another package cannot really describe the name on the cover but you described
the packaging quite perfectly really yeah it seems to be a very happy surfing poo throwing
its babies out into the world. Spreading the joy of his poo with the world surfing on liquid
poo too riding the diahorea wave the diahorea wave these are actually chocolate flavoured
yam chips I love how they have tied it in with transformers too, �do you know what
we need to promote our film?� diarrhoea and transformers a chunk of excrement riding
a wave of diarrhoea and hurling chunks of himself out I�m thinking of like a potty
bot or something like that optimus prime that turns into a toilet. I know with this packaging
now it is so tough but there is a tear bit at the top ooh I got an amazing scent then,
I was in willy wonkas chocolate factory for a second willy wonkas toilet that is very
cocoa flavour oh wow they are like little beans, in fact little nuggets of malteser
poos there we are, really light too. Can you hear that? Chocolate coated yam! In pill form.
Take two twice a day and you could be like me on the front cover surfing a wave of diarrhoea
gonna have some bad dreams tonight, did you ride that wave? Yeah, yeah. It�s just like
xlax. That is just like a breakfast cereal, yeah like coco pops, so you must have coco
pops in your country like a chocolate cereal with rice coated chocolate basically right
when you add the milk it turns chocolatey and that tastes just like it. And afterwards
a hint of yam I suppose or poo or yam poo, I wonder, oh a yam is a vegetable it cannot
poo but if you ate enough yam, lets not go there. I could eat all of these right now
they are very very moreish, very chocolatey, very nice nothing bad to say about any of
this really it has all been very nice actually I was worried about the mystery packet, yeah
that has turned into one of the best. If you can get over the diarrhoea surfing poo, not
an easy thing to get over then it is definitely for you.
Ok so the last one is the durian fruit, I know what this is like as have tasted a durian
before it was a little off ripe and I cut it wrong you have some durian knowledge too
right well it is the one that smells speaking of feet there is a museum in America which
collects odd stuff and one of the things on display is just a glass jar full of skin that
a woman has peeled from her foot oh and it does look it would not have been a problem
if you told me that after we ate them. If you look at that one this one has the actual
print on it interesting no surfing poo on this one though maybe a surfing durian peeling
its foot, yes peeling its foot on the front cover with one of those stones, one of those
cheesegrater things they are always advertising on television oh my goodness, so the initial
scent is not that bad no, very sweet and fruity it does bring back memories of what they were
like, but they are supposed to be really good once you get over the smell. Wow they are
very hard, it has that unique durian smell for sure I think it�s the initial smell
when you have a fresh one and cut it open but some people debate it is a really nice
smell anyway let us know down below what you think of the smell, my floor is tasting some
now, like a thinner version of dried banana chips yeah to me that was just like eating
a sim card in a phone. There was no taste at all, I am waiting for a taste to come through
it tastes vaguely potato flavour that is all I can tell you, like I say it is like dried
bananas how you know when dried bananas kind of lose a little of that taste and more about
the crunch and a little bit of that sweetness, there is no sweetness it is remarkably bland
almost like you should be dipping them with something. I know a normal durian should have
a nice banana style taste to it but it is nothing, in a good way though I thought we
would stink the kitchen out and have to fumigate I was worried when I took off the top but
no this is probably the weakest just because there is nothing to it. Surprised by that.
So last up is Thai tamarind candy so quite a shaky pack they want to try and escape and
it has a little bit like the Labrador again, speak to me billy, he is alright so yeah Thai
tamarind candy tamarind is like the fruit of some pine I thought it was a spice but
I do not think it is gonna be honest we both thought it was a spice we googled it to make
sure and glad we did. Little beany things, looks like something you should be grinding
coffee out of at a bar. Smells quite caramel flavoured again nice light beans, very similar
to those chocolate yams earlier. In the packet they are red but in real life they are very
brown possibly something that has happened on its way here from Thailand it has caught
a suntan or something ooh they are quite soft, are they? I was expecting them to be hard
for some reason oooh, oh I really do not like that that is not my kind of thing kind of
sweet and earthy and vaguely something like liquorice I like liquorice but that is not�.
You said liquorice that is my nightmare liquorice oooh I love liquorice but that is not pleasant
it was when you said that word I was like, yep, that is it. I will tidy that up but luckily
we finished on possibly the worst thing yeah definitely the worst thing that was quite
unpleasant the rest of it was pretty good, Thai tamarind candy I think my favourite out
of the lot was those mysterious white tablets which we do not know the name of I think I
was just expecting them to be a bit blurgh actually they were bloody lovely.
So that is it then guys thankyou so much for sending that package in if you want to send
more packages in get in touch via the myvirginkitchen.com contact form and I will message you back and
all that stuff, got treats from all over the world to get through. Do not forget to check
out Stuarts channel Ashens reviews tat and all lots of fun stuff and check out his movie
too Ashens and the quest for the gamechild so so good watched it the other day in the
cinema a proper youtube celebrity here in my kitchen and if you enjoyed this video do
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again next time � bye!


  1. I had some real Durian chips before. It was like I popped a hot summer dumpster in my mouth. The aftertaste lasted for hours, brushing my teeth and mouthwash only made it seem like slightly minty garbage juices.

  2. The tablets are actually milk tablets and you can get those in a cheap price in Thailand. สวัสดีครับ

  3. I bought the chocolate milk tablets when I was in Thailand,and thought it would dissolve in hot water and make instant hot chocolate. But I get it now ,it's candy you just pop them in your mouth.

  4. I wonder if there's any Thai youtube channels out there where they eat jelly babies and biscuits for cheese.

  5. I laughed when they tried to read Thai alphabet in English

    BTW, Surimi is minced fish meat.

    And, ALOT of Thai snack contains alot of air in it

  6. you guys need to do more together i dont think i has see you do any in a while. funny thing is i sub to both of you at different times not ever knowing you had done anything together and for different reasons you for your food gadgets videos him for the trying out old games and stuff like that he does

  7. surimi is a cured fish paste. imitation crab is made from surimi and is the only thing I can think of that westerners might know that's made from the stuff. it's not very specific, there's a lot of different things that surimi might be made from. usually it's pollock or cod but in my area it's often made from swordfish, croaker, or shark

    also that jolly cola is an odd translation. it's generally sold as happy cola in the west. it is in fact haribo

  8. Surimi is a name of fish. Actually it's well known as fish meat for Japanese fish stick, Mac.Fillet (Mac fish) and crab stick.

  9. O.O I LOVE DURIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still trying to convince other people that it's yummy food. >.> It smells like rotting banana peel though. lol Taste like heaven smells like hell. ^_^ Still love it.

  10. @myvirginkitchen Barry, there is a sadistic part of me that wants to make you review you multiple tea and cheese samplers and followed by a licorice cheesecake! Lol!

  11. This comment is well out of date. But surimi is mechanically separated fish. Formed into small fish flakes with crab flavour and a red stripe added for realism. Its quite nice with thousand island dressing. It seems to be a legal requirement that every supermarket in New Zealand sells it. Its basically fake crab meat.

  12. I heard an odd fact that one of the biggest consumers of fisheermans friends outside the uk is Thailand. They eat it as a strong flavoured sweetie instead of a lozenge.

  13. Larb is a type of Lao meat salad that is regarded as the "unofficial" national dish of Laos. It is also eaten in the Isan region, an area of Thailand where the majority of the population is of the Lao ethnicity

  14. Surimi – fish (often pollock) that is minced to make a gelatinous paste that is then flavored, reformed into flakes, sticks, or other shapes, and colored. It is used as a crab substitute.

  15. Mr Lewis an father of two cute and funny girls and a man married to a funny and great woman and mother to the girls. And he’s got a good attitude and a great laugh and Stuart Ashens is a great companion to him gives me hours of joy and laughter

  16. people who are constantly posting comments about how he does not like to eat any thing and should not be a chef need to shut up his love for cooking has absolutely nothing to do with what he likes to eat. He is teaching others to have fun in the kitchen you don’t see a lot of male cooks with actual YouTube channels so again shut up about it and and keep up the good work Barry I love learning from you. Your personality is so fun and bubbly I think it’s the best way to learn
    Cheers and have a good day Barry.

    Btw I have the same thing I like cooking and baking but don’t like a lot of food

  17. In USA west Coast we have a lot of Asian food. Surimi (Japanese) is processed fish(mostly pollock). We usually get it in chips or shaped as fake crab. It is semi healthy —a lot of salt and sugar. In many ASIAN BASED FOODS surimi (minced pollock)replaces crab or shrimp.

  18. the Ashen's food special playlist shows all lowercase titles with the first letter of each word capitalized, then you get the all caps one.

  19. Surimi is a type of fish, commonly used to make Crabsticks ( Or Seafood sticks as they're sometimes known)

  20. Some people have hollow heads cos when they eat the sound of the food they chew amplifies as they chew stop fukin chewing and waste away lol

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