Tacos at Burger King??

Tacos at Burger King??

Hello everyone, this is Running On Empty … Food Review!. Well, hello ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching. This is Running On Empty Food Review. I am your host The Report Of The Week. And boy… it was a … I really did this impromptu. I rushed over, I literally rushed over to Taco Bell.
(He meant Burger King) I got over there. It’s still bright and early! So the lighting isn’t what I’m usually familiar with, it took me a while to get this set up. But I finally got this I got the perfect the perfect 10 out of 10 shot. I say that sarcastically mind you. I’m excited to try this out. Burger King has the release of the century. I guarantee you this. You watch this a hundred years from now and you’re gonna say, “Yeah, I remember the tacos of nineteen…” Uh nothing. Nothing came close to it! Right?” At least, That’s how a lot of people seem to feel about it because I’ve been getting so many requests for this! You mean, you better believe, like I’ve gotten so many emails about this, so many comments about this. I’ve had people saying, “I’m not gonna sleep until I see you reviewing this!” So there might be people that are counting on this review. I think I’m kind of blowing this out of proportion, but the amount of promotion that’s been getting is crazy. No matter what. Burger King has tacos out and they released this on the infamous Taco Tuesday, you can get this for a dollar and it comes in a crispy tortilla tort crispy tortilla with seasoned beef, seasoned cheddar cheese, or shredded cheddar cheese, crispy lettuce, and then of course they’re savory taco sauce. So it’s like a pretty basic taco. Get it for a buck. It’s like it’s a little snack and it’s pretty basic for what it sounds like but it certainly is inventive. Now, I remember … Right back in the day, Burger King released the Whoperito. And this goes back to 2016, which is kind of like it was like a burrito with some different whopper-esque ingredients. But these are full-blown tacos and when I went over there. I went over to Burger King really early and they were still serving them. I was surprised and I said, you know, I would like to get two of them because it’s inexpensive It’s just a buck for each one. I said, “Could I get two of the new tacos? I’d like to get them ta-co.” Get it, get it? Instead of saying to-go say say get it “ta-co”. Well anyway, the person who took the order sounded absolutely miserable. They said, you know, “Now come on! They they take forever to make are you serious?” I said, “Yeah, I’m sorry,” And then they made them. I got ’em. And I have them. So here we go. Now we’ll take the focus off. Taco And there’s the infamous taco stain right there. And… You can see right? It says: Taco. And then you have this thing right here kind of looks like it’s a little bit of a Setting Sun but then … I don’t know what that is. Kind of looks like… Maybe that’s… I think that’s the sunset with the Statue of Liberty behind it. And I guess that’s the sun’s shadow right there. So it’s an interesting little bit of a design there for a Burger King insignia. I guess that’s… you know what that is a smiley face and inside llieth the taco. Alright, you can see there is the tortilla right there. They weren’t kidding – a hardshell tortilla. That’s the sauce I presume – that might have been some sauce leakage. I can see there is the cheese, the lettuce and the beef. Oh that was a close one. I almost look I almost lost a grip of it. There’s the beef and the beef kind of looks like it’s seen better days admittedly. I mean we could we can open it up actually. Well there’s the beef it looked a little bit on the thoroughly cooked side but that’s okay. So anyway, we know what’s in it. I know what’s in it. You know what’s in it. Even the camera knows what’s in it now! I’m gonna try it out. So it’s their one dollar taco from Burger King going in. Let’s see what it tastes like? How do they do this? Come on! There we go. Well … no. Yay. There we, there we go. You kind of got a little bit of a glimpse at it I hope. Not bad for what it is. For $1 and I think this is what it comes down to, right? Like imagine if you had to pay, because price has a lot to do with things, right? If it’s worth the price, it’s worth your time. If these were even three dollar tacos, I’d say, “No. it’s not worth your while. It’s not. You’re gonna be disappointed.” For $1. It’s a novelty item right? When was the last time you said, “I had a taco with Burger King?” That recent? Well forget that then! But most of the time we have burgers at Burger King and, you know, Well a taco with Burger King, it’s a novelty, item it’s creative. It’s inventive. Look, I got to give them credit on it. They certainly pushed the envelope a little bit for what they’re doing. It’s at a good price. It’s not the world’s most delicious taco. But for what it is, I think it’s perfectly acceptable. Now I think, and here’s what it comes down to, comes down to personal preference. When I get my tacos, I always like the soft shell tortilla. I mean that’s just the kind of person that I am. I always like soft shell. I always go with that though it’s not like, I mean, as you saw there – it didn’t break my teeth. Well, maybe it did maybe it disintegrated all the teeth and I’m just I’m fighting through it. And you can pretend that that happened, if you really don’t like my teeth or anything like that – then go for it! You could say, “Yeah, it shattered all of Reviewbrah’s teeth, finally!!” But, no, it did really didn’t. You know, it’s on the crunchier side. I thought it was a little too crunchy for my liking but I think if you like those crunchy hardshell tacos you’re not really gonna be that disappointed in it. Now the lettuce, the cheese – is what it is. It’s very very average, right? It’s average. It’s just, it’s lettuce. It’s cheese. It’s not like I’m sitting there and I’m saying, “Oh man… Look at this cheese!” You know? I’m not I’m not sitting there saying like this is the this is the finest cheese, the finest cheese I ever saw in my life or anything like that. It’s completely average cheese. The beef I was surprised, right? It’s still kind of like their flame grilled beef quality; however, it has just a little bit of like a southwestern flair to it – a little taco seasoning to it. Give them credit on that. The biggest thing that ties this together is the special, as they say, “savory taco sauce”. Now, I would describe this more as a spicy savory flavor. It certainly is savory, but it has that spice to it, too. And it’s that sauce that ties it together, pulls it together, and certainly makes it something that, instead of going from completely bland and average – they’re saying, “You know what? It’s a gimmick.” “But you know what? It’s tasty.” It’s a tasty snack. And you know what? A taco from Burger King? They actually pulled it off. It’s not the world’s best taco. The quality isn’t perfect, but when you factor in Burger King and you factor in the quality of most of the items that you’d be getting from there, it still matches that quality, meets those pre-existing standards and expectations. And I don’t think you’re really going to be disappointed. Again, just bear in mind, the excessive – potential excessive excessive – crunchiness of the taco shell, but otherwise I think that sauce is really the the star of the dish. And for what it’s worth. I don’t think it’s, I don’t think it’s that bad. You know, it’s a little bit of a snack and … Again, it’s inexpensive too for a dollar. I cannot complain at all. Therefore out of ten I’m gonna be giving these a … I’m gonna give it a 6.85 out of 10. Because again considering the quality, that’s pretty standard It met those expectations and the sauce is really what pushed it over that five out of ten average rating. Alright, so with that said, that’s all that I have for you for the most part. And… Yeah on one final note. What did one taco say to the other taco? Said, “I don’t really know I’m trying to think of something to say.” All right now a final note though, I think that they are buy though. I was satisfied with them and creative – it’s creative on Burger King and I was really worried about this. I kind of feared the worst because, I mean .. You should have heard the employee that was there, you know? Sounded just absolutely, like this was dreadful. This is the worst possible thing that could happen all day and I’m glad that it worked out for the best anyway, and the quality still pulled through. On one final note tomorrow, Thursday, because yes I am right here live Wednesday morning, Make sure you check out my new podcast!
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  2. That is the flattest taco Ive ever seen. Similar to Jack in Box. In the past 20 years Ive only been to Burger King once. Before that I had sworn it off as disgusting. The last time, 2 yrs ago I instantly regretted it.

  3. I tried the Burger King Taco. It was fucken disgusting. I ordered two. I ate one and threw the other one away. It was super greasy. It had only a few strands of cheese and lettuce. Looked nothing like the commercials. Never again. Go to Taco Smell Bell or a real Mexican restaurant for tacos. Shit, I remember having better tacos back in High School in the cafeteria.

  4. imagine trying to dent reviewbruh’s item(s) he required to upload a review. f that bk employee. also bigup to bk for that setting sun/statue of liberty design

  5. BK tacos are disgusting. The meat tastes like sawdust and cornmeal. The shell tastes like leather and cardboard. The overall taste is terrible.

  6. 7:04 LoL I said it at the drive through. "They have Tacos!?!? You must order me one brother! So I can tell the people of my village I ate a taco at burger king!"

  7. Am I the only one who remembers Burger King sold tacos before this new taco hype/memes? At least they served them in Texas 2 for a dollar. It looked like that one but with beans or a meat paste in it and came in a similar wrapper

  8. I tried it last month in San Diego. They were soggy and tasted like they were cooked two days ago. But for a dollar I’ll take it

  9. You make a fine review and it's always great to see your vids. I made the same mistake you did. I ordered ONE taco just as test. For a buck, how bad can it be, right? Mine had half the meat yours had, and also about half the lettuce. It was smashed flat, like yours, and my shell was a combination of stale and soggy. I think they had to use scientific equipment to do that, because previously that was thought to be impossible.

  10. Love your work, but remember to get your cholesterol level checked young man. Not trying to diss you, but you don't have to be a senior citizen for those numbers to be sky high. Anything cheesy or fried should technically come with a warning sign in my opinion. Take care 🙂

  11. My personal experience is that the shell and 'meat' arrive to store frozen, they then deep fry it then add lettuce + cheese. The shell is super crispy and, ya know what? It is mysteriously enticing- I find myself craving its ugly, awful satisfaction. For $1, it'll do in a pinch. None of this makes me proud to admit.

  12. I agree. It's not too bad for a dollar. I expected more flavor but for the most part it was ok. Not something I'll buy again.

  13. I live in a city with many Mexican food joints and can pay 1 dollar for legit tacos with onion, cilantro and good quality meat. I'll pass on that trash lol

  14. Burger King made tacos in the early 2000's they were much better this version of taco sucks Jack-in-the-Box taco are better

  15. What is it with the terrible customer service at the Burger King near him 😂😂 they got mega pissed when he ordered the impossible whopper and got pissed when he ordered the taco

  16. Reviewbrah: I said, “Could I get two of the new tacos? I'd like to get them ta-co.”
    Me: deadpan stare, crickets start chirping
    Reviewbrah: Get it, get it?
    Me: feels the surge of an oncoming headache

    My eyes rolled so far back! 😂

  17. That looked nasty. The shell looked old and stale. The lettuce, wait was that lettuce? Nuff said there. Then what 5 strands of cheese. Whoo hoo. Taco Bell may not be the "best" but their tacos sure as hell are better than these things. Yeesh.

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