Supper Spots In The Central and West of SG | Eatbook Food Guides | EP 12

Supper Spots In The Central and West of SG | Eatbook Food Guides | EP 12

Hi guys, my name is John. And I’m Jia Hui. And this is the second part of our Supper Series. The last time we explored the North and the East of Singapore for supper places. And in this episode we’ll be checking out the Central as well as the West for places that open past 2 AM, and have really good reviews. Let’s go! Alright guys, so we’re here at Nana Original Thai Food at Golden Mile Complex. So this is a 24-hour Thai eatery. Let’s just get started. Let’s try this first. Som Tam. It smells dangerous already, I’m excited. Spicy! Tastes like Thailand. The best thing that makes this papaya salad different from other Thai eateries, would be the nut that they have. The crunchiness and the taste of the nut is very distinct, so it makes it very addictive, even though it is very spicy. Let’s try the pineapple rice? The pineapple bits are pretty huge, they are very generous with the ingredients. I like that the flavours are all kind of mild. It is not something that will overwhelm you. The seafood with each bite of the pineapple rice, actually adds a bit of sweetness to it. I would say that it is a decent pineapple fried rice that you can get at good Thai restaurants. But it’s not spectacular. Basil pork! This is as as spicy as this one (papaya salad). But if I’m going to be crying, I would cry over this, because it’s so good. The best thing is that, the pork is actually quite fatty, so it kind of has the melt in your mouth sensation. Yes, it’s very juicy. Pad Thai. My favorite. It’s not too oily. Kind of smells very sweet actually. The noodles are a bit too hard for my liking, and a bit too dry. Flavour-wise, it’s definitely there, but I would want to mix it with curry or something else. Which, we did order. Green Curry! Usually green curry is served with white rice of course, but I’m just going to try some of it on its own. So much meat. So here’s a fun fact for you, how you say green curry in Thai, like you want chicken green curry right, is Gaeng Keow Wan Gai. Gai; Gai is chicken? Yes. Sounds like Cantonese. I like the smell already. It’s really very creamy. I would say that it’s not too spicy. And the chicken slice, there is a nice texture to it. The fact that it is thin slices, makes it very easy to eat with the creamy curry. I would prefer it to be slightly thicker, but this is good. Most impressive is definitely the portion. On to the final one, Tom Yum! What Thai meal is complete without Tom Yum Soup? Just look at how red it is. Smells really strong of lemongrass. I don’t know if I’ve gotten used to the spice level here, but this is not spicy. It is actually more savoury, a little bit sweet. I think the sweetness comes from the prawn itself. The freshness of seafood. This is great for sharing, because it’s not too spicy, I think everybody can enjoy this. So we have tried most of the best sellers from this place, my favorite is the Tom Yum Soup. Because the level of spice, everything is just nice, and the ingredients go very well with it as well. As compared to Thailand, I feel that the food here, is really of that standard, as if you’re in Thailand right now. Overall, the prices are not very cheap, it’s average. But the portion is there, and also, this whole environment is really comfortable. Alright, so we’re at Balestier Road, and this stretch of street is known for Bak Kut Teh. Of course, one of the strongest contenders would be Founder Bak Kut Teh, and we’re here today. They open till 2 AM everyday, except Tuesdays. We got ourselves a spread. When I come for bak kut teh, I always eat mee sua. I had my first try of the soup, it’s really good, it’s very peppery. I never thought that mee sua would go well with peppery soup, but it does. Even though this mee sua holds its consistency when you pick it up, when you put it in your mouth, it’s like porridge in noodle form. Right off the bat, Jia Hui’s chopstick and spoon goes into it, and it just breaks apart. And the size is amazing, look at this rib. I haven’t even eaten the fatty part, but I can feel the fattiness of it. It’s not overcooked, it’s not too tough, this is almost to the point of perfection. While the broth itself is super peppery, when you eat it, you don’t really taste the broth, unless you really drink it. It retains the original taste of the meat. Here we got the Tau Kee in dark sauce. Even though the tau kee is in pretty thin slices, the texture of it is pretty distinct. My only complain would probably be that it’s a bit oily. We also have this, which is lean meat. Actually I think it is pretty hard to make good lean meat, because it gets tough very quickly, but this is not. it’s still juicy. And surprisingly the soup carries a very distinct vegetable taste, like the sweetness of this cabbage that they put here. It’s not a lot, but somehow that’s the first thing that hit me when I eat this. It feels like this piece of lean meat was actually pulled off the rib, and they sort of like removed the fats. That’s how tender it is. Last but not least, We have the Ter Ka, which is the pig’s trotter. This is huge. Let’s look at the grain of the meat. Did you catch that? You better have that in slow motion; replay in slow motion! So with just a pair of chopsticks, everything simply disintegrates. but it is not falling apart. It’s not that salty. It’s actually a bit like tea leaf eggs. Like it’s just nicely seasoned inside. I thnk it goes really well with the mee sua or the rice. First time in Founder Bak Kut Teh, I can see why there’s the hype. I don’t come here because I feel like it’s a bit inconvenient for me to get here, but it’s worth the travel. And if I were to be here again, definitely I’m getting the mee sua. What I like about this place right, is that it’s a supper place that is indoors, with air-con, and a pretty nice chill place. Alright so now we’re at the West of Singapore, at Clementi, and this is Putera Puteri. So, this is actually a very popular supper place amongst NUS students, and they are open 24 hours a day. Let’s start with this one? Nasi Goreng Gearbox. I’m guessing it’s because the bone here looks like a shift stick. The level of spiciness for this is like 12/10. It actually tastes a lot like XO sauce, so it’s very fragrant, but intensely spicy. This is definitely not for the faint of heart, The mutton that’s with the fried rice right, is quite tender, it’s actually not too gamey. Actually it goes well with the fried rice, with that little bit of fried onion taste, and the crunch of the long beans, and the spice, it all comes together. It’s a huge portion, maybe something you can share with your friend. If you can’t take spicy food, don’t go for this. Next up, we have Asam Pedas. Contrary to popular belief right, asam pedas is actually not that spicy. So it’s like claypot, with lady’s finger and a lot of fish. So, there is a very distinct ssam smell, which is bringing a little bit of a sour, refreshing smell. Kind of reminds me of Thai food, like Tom Yum. So it’s actually not that spicy right? Yes, not at all, surprisingly. And I like that the fish is quite fresh. The cut of the fish is not too thick, so every bite is very tasty. The last one, we have Oxtail Soup. I’ve never tried oxtail before. Really? Yes. The smell of the spices are very strong right? J: You know what, the first thing that hits me right,
JH: Like lemongrass and those leaves that they use. that jumps out at me is that this thing smells like tom yum soup. It tastes like tom yum soup. Mainly sour, savoury, with a little bit of sweetness. So ours came with 2 big portions of oxtail, the taste of the beef is very gamey. I feel like it’s more of an acquired taste. Flavors are a bit too intense for me, either insanely spicy, oily, heavy. Overall, food wise, I’m not entirely impressed. For me, I’m slightly different. I really like the food here, because the intense flavours are something that speaks to me. It may not be for everyone, but I love it. I think the best part is that they have free WiFi here, it’s very strong, I was Netflixing here just now. They have 15% discount for all students, with a minimum spending of $10. I think they cater a lot for a younger crowd, so things like the WiFi, the discounts, the rechargeable power banks that you can take here and just use. It all comes together for a more experiential thing, and you are here not just for the food. Alright guys, so now we’re at Jurong West, we’re here for JW 491 田鸡粥, which is Frog Leg Porridge, and they open everyday, from 5.30 PM to 3 AM. And here we got the signature one, just frog leg with porridge. And here, claypot dried chili, claypot onion porridge, and just the porridge itself for $1.50. So this is just $7, which I think is pretty worth it. Let’s start with that? Sure, let’s begin. Are you a fan of frog porridge? Yes. Like the thought of it kind of grossed me out, but the taste-wise, it doesn’t taste like anything gross. It tastes just like super tender chicken, and I love it. I love that the porridge here is super thick, like the Cantonese kind of porridge. The ginger smell is strong, so it sorts of whets your appetite. I like that the frog leg is kind of chewy. The flavour of the frog leg is a bit mild, compared to the porridge. The porridge is very intense in taste and flavour. So we have 2 different flavours, one is dried chili, and one is onion. This is the ginger onion one, You need to spam the sauce – spam! This is why I feel really bad after eating frog leg all the time, I literally drink the sauce. It’s great! The onion taste comes out very strongly, it’s very appetising. A little bit salty, but if you mix it with the porridge, it’s perfect. Pro tip: don’t add as much sauce as she added;
it’s a little bit too salty. So, regulate it, find your perfect combo, and I think it’s great. I think it still lacks something, which is the spicy kick. So now what we’re trying is the kung pao, the one with the dried chili. It has to have like the ‘oomph’. The final punch. It still smells like the previous one, I can kind of smell a little bit of spice. The first bite, the smell and taste of green pepper and red pepper is very strong. But the spiciness only kicks in a little bit towards the end. It adds a little bit of shiok factor, but it’s not very spicy. So personally, I would actually order this $1.50 porridge along with the ginger onion one. Just because I like spring onion. Actually I would go for the porridge and the dried chilli one. I feel like the dried chilli also have the elements of the onion, basically same ingredients, just with the chilli padi, so it adds the additional finishing touch and kick to it. Which I don’t know, I’m perspiring and sniffling now, because I kind of bit the chilli padi, but that makes it more exciting. I feel like this place does every small thing kind of right, nothing spectacular. So if you are looking for a more chill kind of environment, you can head out here. And I think this will be especially attractive for NTU students. I wouldn’t travel all the way here for this, It’s good, nothing much to complain about, but travel all the way here? No. Unless I stay around here. Alright guys, so we have come to the end of our 2 part supper series. So we covered 4 different locations in 2 parts of Singapore, the Central and the West. What’s your favorite so far? My favorite so far has to be JW 491 Frog Leg Porridge, just because I feel like, supper food, this is something that speaks to me. Like how we used to hang out in Geylang side, eat Durian, eat Frog Leg Porridge. This is where you want to be at. Especially if I were still an NTU student, this brings me back. I would say the Thai food, but honestly, it’s quite a close competition between the Thai food and Founder Bak Kut Teh. The bak kut teh was really good, probably one of the best bak kut teh I’ve had, But the thing is, the hype is there, everyone knows about it. So the Thai food had a little more of a surprise element for me, I remember the portions were amazing, a lot of prawns, like every single dish had the shiok factor there. Alright guys, we have to the end of another episode of Eatbook Vlogs, if you liked this video, you can check out our other videos over there. And remember to like, share and subscribe! BYE! Bye!

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  1. jiahui, perhaps next time can you describe the tastes specifically? maybe list out the ingredients that make up the tastes itself? stop saying its sweet, spicy, sour only

  2. Really nice food shots but sorry the script still suck so bad – whoever is writing the script for JH needs to stop being vague.
    "There is a nice texture to it." – How?
    "Really comfortable." – How?
    "The texture is pretty distinct." – How?
    "Nicely seasoned inside." – How?
    "The cut of the fish is not too thick so every bite is very tasty." – What does this even mean?
    Would love if the host vocalise their speech properly too.

  3. JH talks a bit too much and didn't let John have the chance to express his opinion. IMO, the show feels a bit rushed. They could have focused on a few items from each restaurant instead of elaborating over everything (maybe almost) in the menu. IMHO, John should definitely elaborate more as I feel he would have described it better than Jia Hui.

  4. Had tried the "Founder Bak Kut Teh" at Balestier Road two times during late night .
    Both visit, don't know why I only taste overpower peppery soup with hard meat.

  5. i think Jiahui should let John speak more since she doesn't have a wide range of vocab herself. all i hear is 'tastes very 'distinct' etc which i don't think rlly adds value to anything since no one knows what her 'distinct' means/tastes like
    and it's always jiahui speaking so it feels very forced and stiff like the previous videos and it gets boring after like 5mins into the video

  6. I appreciate John being so informative and having a wide range of vocabulary alongside a strong command of the English language.

  7. been a frequent eater at Putera Puteri for the past 2 years and i am actually pretty disappointed w the choices made in here!! nevertheless, the tissue prata w condensed milk is highly recommended!! as well as their paprik rice (meat/chix in gravy) & their tom yam and prata is pretty good too! as well as their fried noodles! but thanks for the review! 🙂

  8. Ignore the haters jiahui! U did good! Some people watch the video for entertainment, some watch to really wanna know these supper spots and hear both your comments about it. For me, you guys gave very descrptive info about the food! Will be adding the frogleg porridge to my supper list. But for entertainment wise, yes perhaps the producers should include some interesting "hook" to the segment as it can get abit boring at the end. I live in the west so i actually liked this epsiode alot, but for the last epsiode i did find it a little just a tad boring as i dont live in that area hence watching it as an entertainment. Hope u get what i mean. Keep fighting!

  9. It's not easy being a host – there are no scripts. I really like how well Jiahui talks about food in the vlogs! It's succinct and to the point. Why the bad comments???

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