[SUB][REAL SOUND] ‘Shiba-inu’ Honey Rice Cake ~* : Cho’s daily cook

[SUB][REAL SOUND] ‘Shiba-inu’ Honey Rice Cake ~* : Cho’s daily cook

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  1. Ingredients:
    Glutinous rise flour
    Boiling water
    To-do with it:
    1. Mash sesame in a big bowl until it's little pieces.
    2. Put the mashed sesame in the bigger bowl.
    3. Add sugar and honey.
    4. Mix
    5. Add the glutinous rice flour into a bigger bowl.
    6. Add sugar to the glutinous rice flour.
    7. Pour boiling water to the glutinous rice flour and sugar.
    8. Mold it with your hands smoothly until it becomes dough.
    9. Once it becomes dough, Flatten it.
    10. Rip a small piece of dough.
    11. Make it into 4. (2 big, 2 small.)
    12. Add black food coloring at the first small piece.
    13. Add pink unnecessary food coloring into the second small piece.
    14. Add Orange food coloring to the second big piece.
    15. Stick the orange dough to the white one.
    16. Roll it.
    17. Cut the white and the orange dough into a thinner piece.
    18. Cut the thinner orange and white pieces to separated.
    19. Seize the orange and white dough pieces.
    20. Once you seized them, Roll the orange and white dough piece.
    21. Fill the inside with Mashed Honey Sesame.
    22. Turn the dough to a dog shape. (Shiba-Inu)
    23. Brush the white small piece of dough some water.
    24. Add a little piece of black dough to the white dough to make a dog snout.
    25. Add a dog face.
    26. Serve and enjoy! ;P

  2. The constant whistling in the background bugs me so much. Why has no one else said anything about this. Is it added in post or is it just always playing in the background lmao

  3. 그들은 너무 귀여워서 정말 맛있어 보입니다! 어쩌면 내가 직접 만들거야! :3

  4. 시바견 꿀떡 넘 귀욥네요…ㅠㅠ 쓰시는 깨갈이 참 깔끔해보이는데, 정보 좀 부탁드려요~

  5. No one:
    Literally no one:

    YouTube recommendations:
    and here you have a cooking guide, even though you don't cook, watch it!

  6. I like rice flour because when you make it into a dough for like mochi it has a melted bubblegum marshmallow texture

  7. Alright, Youtube, you’ve been recommending me this for the entire week. I guess I’ll watch it no–
    Oh my god. How does she have enough patience and time to do this–

  8. I have a question. Do you steam them and boil them or you can either steam them if you have the steamer or boil them if you don’t have the steamer? Please help I want to make this!

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