[SUB] How to make Golden Volcanic Fried Rice 황금 화산 볶음밥 만들기

[SUB] How to make Golden Volcanic Fried Rice 황금 화산 볶음밥 만들기

Today’s dish,
Golden Volcanic Fried Rice Ingredients, rice, green onion, egg, sausage, mozzarella cheese First, trim the ingredients. Green Onion Chop Chop Chop green onion are easy to burn, so I’ll cut big Finely slice sausage and Egg tok tok tok tok stir Ready complete fire oil Fried onions and sausage peper tok tok Salt whily Stir-fry it Please put soy sauce Sizzling Turn off the light for a while Add rice and mix Put a butter 0 calories if you eat deliciously Turn off the light again tada~ Volcano completion Put the cheese on the crater Pour golden lava Whistling Cheese wow~ Tear off the tips to cook eggs quickly Now let’s eat It’s really delicious It’s salty and sweet Try Coco Coco: It’s delicious! Long live the fried rice! Eggs are also delicious full Let’s eat rice cake ice cream Is there an ice cream inside yum yum Ice cream is the best in summer Today’s video is here We’ll see you later ~ Subscriptions, likes, and comments
It is a great strength for me

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  1. Yum, this is a lot like a hash breakfast in the US, except we would use potatoes instead of rice, and a different kind of onion, and no soy sauce. Is this also similar to a simple bibimbap, maybe? I have only had bibimbap once. I remember there was an egg on top and the heat of the rice and bowl cooked it.

  2. 치즈가 안 익었어요 ㅋㅋㅋ
    근데 맛있게 다 드셨네요
    화산폭발하는 모양이어서 독특하고 기발하네요
    저도 오늘 기발한요리를 만들어봐야겠어요
    볶음밥에 계란에 치즈라…..맛없을 수 없는 조합이네요
    꼭 해 먹어봐야겠어요
    좋은 영상 감사합니다
    오늘은 어제 보다 10배 더 행복한 하루되세요

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