Turkey is not only famous for its
history and culture but it’s also very famous internationally for its huge variety in its cuisine. Every time we travel abroad we are looking forward to tasting those new flavors and dishes and this is why in this new episode we would like to show you the different food and street foods that you can try here in
Istanbul. So let’s start together a new episode of foodies in Istanbul. This is a very traditional bread here
in Turkey its name is Simit and this one is a circled bread with sesame
seeds and this one already even the word Simit has been already accepted by
the Oxford English Dictionary so now you can even call it in English Simit it
doesn’t have any translation just Simit so let’s let’s try it now
it’s crispy it’s crunchy and this one usually the locals buy it in the
morning when they are on their way to their jobs because this is easy to grab
and go. Now we would like to show you this
other street food in Istanbul and this one is called ”Döner” this one is
basically beef meat and they will put it into a into some sort of tortılla
and they will roll it so this place is most of the time crowded as you can see right now there is a long line so this is a rule in every single place where
there is a line and it’s full of people that means the food is great so we will
try this one and we’ll show you in a little bit. We have already ordered our
”döner” and this one we requested it in bread so you have the option of taking
it in bread this one has a cost of 40 liras we will put here in USD how much is
the equivalent and as you can see it’s filled with döner with some tomato
everything so now we will try it. Right now we have already ordered some other famous street foods here in Turkey and these ones are called mussels or in
Turkish ”midiye” and they are filled with rice these are very good and you can
find them almost anywhere in Istanbul you will see them in small little places
and people just selling them on the streets so this ones you can put some
lemon and there you go even while you’re walking on the street if you want some
little snack you can just stop and buy two or three and on the go. I’m a big fan
of these ones I really like these ones and also we have ordered in this same place
this is called ”kokoreç”. Kokoreç are intestines, probably some people
might said okay these are intestines how can you eat that but to be honest
these are delicious these are very tasty and I’m sure you will like it
this have intestines and also some vegetables which is tomatoş pepper and
spices and these are very good for example if you go out at night with your
friends to have some drinks after that this is the perfect food so let’s try it
as well. Right now we have already bought
another street food in in Istanbul in this one it’s called ”Kumpir” this one is
made of a grilled potato and as you can see these ones are huge as well you can
fill them up with different kind of ingredients how you want in our case I
filled it up with some mushrooms with some cream with some cheese with some corn
and some other things there are lots of things that you can choose from you can
fill it up with any topings now and we are here in Beşiktaş so we bought it
here but of course when you think on ”Kumpir” the place that you will think
about will be Ortaköy so the best place to have these these foods are in
in Ortaköy you will have a delicious street food plus amazing views now let’s
try to taste that how is it. It’s great. Our next street food is called ”Tantuni’
and this one comes like in some kind of burrito it’s rolled in some ”lavaş” which is
this like tortilla or bread and this one is mainly made of beef meat this one is
very good as well so if you like meat this is also a good option for you to
eat it and it’s very affordable so while you’re you’re walking on the street you
can if you want to grab something quick and fast this is a good option Our next street food is called the ”balık ekmek” and this one is a sandwich filled with a fish as we already showed you and
with some lettuce tomato and you can put some lemon as well this one is very
famous here in Istanbul as a street food and usually when you think on this one ”Balık ekmek” or the fish in bread you will think in Eminönü where some famous ottoman boats are you can also buy them from there they’re all the time crowded but since we are here in the area of Karaköy we just decided to grab one
from here this one as well are very nice. Hopefully you have liked and enjoyed
this video and we will leave all the addresses of all those places we were
eating these street foods in the description box as well don’t forget
that any of these you can eat them basically almost anywhere in Istanbul if
you’re in Sultanahmet, in Taksim, in Beşiktaş in Kadıköy it doesn’t matter you
will find them easily anywhere and if you have already tried any Istanbul
Street food don’t forget to comment below with your favorite dish so we will
see you in the next episode bye bye


  1. I love the Turkish kababs and salads. I go to one of my favourite Turkish shop in Sydney. Love to visit Turkey. Your blogs are good.

  2. Hola!! Bery!!! Ya regresé de mi viaje a Estambul!!! Y tengo que darte las gracias por todos tus vídeos que me han sido de mucha ayuda a la hora de preparar mi viaje 🧳!! Una de mis comidas favoritas a sido el kokorek!! Y el bocata de pescado 🐠!! Bueno y en general todo está riquísimo!! Un besote!!! Me encantan tus vídeos !!

  3. Thank you so much for showing the culture and giving visitors some great ideas about traveling to Turkey. I’m enjoying your content, and I’m also looking forward to my visit to İstanbul.

  4. Im always watching your vlog as i am very interesting to visit someday Turkey… I have questions is the Havaist bus transportation from New Istanbul Airport to Sultanamet are operating 24hours? And hope you could cover a vlog on how to go in Kubbe Istanbul rooftop as i really admire the view… Thank you

  5. Buenísimo video Bery! En verdad la mejor guía de todo a todo. Mil gracias por compartir con nosotros esta valiosa información. Un abrazo desde Bolivia!

  6. Nice video! Can you show the prices in istanbul for different things? Like food, ferry, clothes from bazar and much more? Thank you for the informative videos and greetings from switzerland!

  7. Hello everyone! The döner we bought from Karadeniz Döner minute 2:46 had a cost of 40 TL (7 usd) but it had 150 grams (double portion).

    The normal döner (70 grams approximately) has a cost of 20 TL (3.5 usd).

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