Street Food in China – ULTIMATE $100 Street Food Tour of Guangzhou, China – BEST 27 Street Foods!

Street Food in China – ULTIMATE $100 Street Food Tour of Guangzhou, China – BEST 27 Street Foods!

– All right, check it out guys. It’s Trevor James, hanging
out with Nikki and Nels. They just won the two
million subscribers giveaway. Just flew in from LA last night to Guangzhou, China, the land of dim sum and Cantonese food. And today we’re going for a full on Cantonese street food adventure. You guys pumped? – (cheers) so excited. – So excited for the food, yeah. – Let’s go check it out. (funky indie music) So today is gonna be a full
on street food adventure guys. First up, we’re going
for Cantonese dim sum. We have multiple things to eat today. We’re gonna be going
for Chinese cheung fun, rice noodle rolls, barbecue
pork and roast goose. We’ve got tons of desserts. We’ve got some late night street foods and its a ton of fun, but right up here, first thing, is gonna be, of course, dim sum. – So excited (laughs) – Here it is Dim Dou Dak, best dim sum in Guangzhou right here. And we’re gonna be
getting all the classics, ha gao, chicken feet, all
of the delicious stuff. And this is the first
Dim Dou Dak in Guangzhou. What we walked into was nothing
short of dim sum heaven. We’re taking you for a massive feast of ha gao shrimp dumplings,
sui mai pork dumplings, signature red rice-wrapped
shrimp rolls with crispy youtiao, two types of chicken feet, rice porridge, barbecue pork buns,
molten egg custard buns, durian puffs and more. Let’s eat. – This is my favorite. – Wow, just look at this dim sum. So let’s just go right in. I think for you guys, for the first bite of food in China, it’s gotta be the hongmichang right here. That right there is the ultimate dim sum you have to taste, and we’re gonna dip it in to that peanut sauce. Go right ahead, try it out. This is gonna… This is just the definition of joy. – [Nikki] Should I bite it? – (laughs) cheers. – Cheers. (background chattering) (groans in delight) – What do you think of that? – That shrimp is so good. – Look at that. – My gosh, yeah. – [Trevor] D’you like that? – [Nikki] It’s like soft and
crispy and plump all at once. – And next up, we had to
taste the steamed chicken feet in a black bean sauce, the fengzao. So you can see the real secret is the fluffy skin and the fatty collagen. Let’s try it out. (background chatter) (groans in delight) Oh yeah. What do you think? (background chattering) – There’s a little kick
in it that’s really nice. You can taste the chili in there. – Wow. – This might be the
chicken’s feet I’ve had. – (laughs) Yeah, I think so. They definitely are. Sup guys, we gotta try these luishabao, molten egg custard buns. And it’s all on the inside, the magic. Juicy, molten eggless… oh, oh. Isn’t that creamy? – [Nikki] How does that not fall? – [Trevor] Wow. – [Nels] Oh geez. – Look at that. Let’s try it out. – Oh my gosh. Oh, it’s leaking. (groans in delight) – Oh my gosh. – Whoa. I was not expecting that flavor. – I just like… the
custard filled my mouth. Its warm, and sweet but, like, creamy, not heavy though. – Oh yeah. High five (hands clap together) This is awesome. How was that guys? – It was so good, it was like a dream. That was just amazing. – Fantastic introduction to China. – I can’t believe that was our first meal. – Beautiful. And we’ve got so many places to bring you guys today. Let’s keep going. Next up, we’re going for changfan, the ultimate Chinese rice noodle roll. And today we’re bringing our guests for the most plump and satisfying
rolls in the restaurant. So it’s an action-packed day today. We’re taking Nikki and Nels down through the old alleyways of Guangzhou. And right up ahead we’re
going into the old streets for some changfan, rice
noodle rolls with pork and beef and egg. Really delicious, made on a
cloth, bu lao chang style. It’s gonna be really good. And next up guys, Next up guys, changfen. So this is Chu laoban, boss Chu, and he’s been open for many years. So he’s been open 61 years here. Wow, it’s a 61 year old joint, and this is it right here. And we’re gonna order the classic with egg, pork and beef,
and it’s really good. Let’s go take a look. So this is it right here. You can see we’ve got these rice flour rolls that are steamed on top
of a cloth over here. And they put a bunch of
different ingredients on top. Okay, here we go. Look at that guys, there. That is the sticky rice flour, and we’re laying it
down over top of a cloth and putting delicious pork mixture on and egg and shrimp, and then steaming it. It’s called bu lao chang
because its on a cloth. There’s a couple different ways you can make this changfan. One of them is in a metal tray, steamed, and this way is over
top of a cloth, steamed. And it goes right in that bowl. Just covered in that oil and soy sauce. And this is the classic dish of Canton. Look at this. We’ve got that steamed rice flour, and look on the inside. We’ve got those shrimp, there’s an egg, and then that pork mixture
with that light soy sauce. Oh wow. And of course, I think in this one the real winner is this little bit of a spicy bean paste on top. There it is guys (laughs). Let’s try it out. (slurps noodles) (groans in delight) Oh, that’s fantastic isn’t it? – [Nikki] Yeah, it’s good with the egg. I just got the egg in there. – Wow. Like a light soy sauce, spicy with that bean
paste and then I love… This is really just an
upgrade deluxe changfan because they put so much in there. So that is just only on
the streets of Guangzhou. The pure changfen. You have to come to Guangzhou
to taste it this level. (car horn blaring) Thank you. Bye bye. – Bye bye. – Thank you. Wow, wasn’t that awesome? – Yeah, that was so good. – Really good. And next up, we’re bringing our guests for the most succulent roast goose and barbecue pork in Guangzhou. What do you guys think
of Guangzhou so far? – It’s amazing, there’s so much to see. – It’s super cool, right? – It’s been amazing here. – And we’re in a local little herbs and Chinese medicine market. Right up ahead, for the next food, we’re gonna go get some
Chinese chasiu barbecue pork and some roast goose. – That’s gonna be amazing. – Let’s go try it out guys. And here it is guys, famous, famous Cantonese barbecue pork and roast goose. Oh yeah, look at that. Whoa. Look at that, we’ve got
two goose getting chopped. Oh, look at all the juice. – [Nikki] Oh wow, look at that. – [Trevor] Look at the juice bursting. Oh, look at these big packages. (plastic rustling) – [Nikki] Did you see what that guy did? – [Trevor] Look at that. So we just got the
triple treasure box combo of chasiu, (foreign word) barbecue pork and roast goose. And you can see in the
back it’s just full on chopping, glistening roast
goose and barbecue pork. And she just totally loaded
up the juicy goodness here. Let’s just see what’s in
this first treasure box. Let’s open it up and take a look. – [Nikki] Oh man, I’m so excited. – It’s just like a Christmas gift. Pop it open, let’s see. Chasiu, or goose. (cooing) it’s goose, look at that goose. Wow, isn’t that amazing? So we’ve got two different sauces guys. We’ve got one Chinese plum sauce and then this is the goose drippings. We’ve got pure goose drippings here. Nikki do you wanna pour both of those on? – [Nikki] Oh yeah. – Oh wait. Nikki do you wanna pour just this goose drippings on and we’ll have a little bit
of plum sauce on the side. – [Nikki] Okay. It’s,
like, so oily (laughs). – [Trevor] This is the
pure magic right here. – [Nikki] Just pour all of that on. – [Trevor] Just pour all those
goose drippings all over. Oh, this is insane. And Nels, let’s just pour that plum. It’s like a watery plum,
but just maybe a bit there that we can… oh. – [Nikki] I think you
can just pour a little– – [Trevor] Pour it on? Okay. – [Nels] Pour a little on. – [Trevor] And then pour a little bit all over the goose too. Oh my goodness. Oh my. Life is good isn’t it? This is it guys, the first
roast goose in China. – You’re gonna spoil us Trevor. (funky pop music) (groans in delight) Oh wow. – That skin is amazing, it’s so juicy. – It’s so fatty. – It’s so fatty. – [Nikki] That is beautiful. It’s just glistening with
the juices and the fat. – [Nels] This is the most juicy bite of goose I’ve ever had. – Look at how it’s completely saturated. Okay next up we gotta try
the chasiu barbecue pork. Nikki you wanna open that up? Let’s take a look. (cheering) – [Nikki] Oh wow. – [Trevor] Oh my goodness. Look at that. And we’ve got two different cuts. And of course, we know which
one we’re going for, right? – [Nikki] Oh yeah. – [Trevor] Yeah. Let’s
take that fattiness. – [Nels] Huge layer of fat. – [Nikki] Just look at that. – [Trevor] Oh my goodness. Look at that glistening fatty– – [Nikki] Is that running
down this one too? – Oh yes. Oh yes guys. We’re so happy to have you
guys out eating in China, tasting this good stuff. – This is an honor. (relaxed pop music) – That just melts the moment
you put it in your mouth. (relaxed pop music) – And I love how there’s
a bit of a slight secret, almost honey-like sauce
on the skin, right? – [Nikki] Oh this is just fat. That is, I’m excited for this piece. – [Nels] I was just about
to say this one is just fat. – [Nikki] Look at that,
that’s literally fat. – This is so much fun eating together. Pure fat, pure delight. – So good. – Almost like honey. – Yeah. It’s like you ate
the best chasiu butter or just, like, melt in your mouth– – So we’ve just tried
both, and Nels and Nikki, what were your favorite? – I honestly like them both the same. They’re just so good, yeah. – [Trevor] Really good. – I think that this might be my favorite. This is gorgeous, the
skin is just amazing. – Yeah, I was leaning towards that but that honey flavor on
that is just so good too. – Its better than almost
any Thanksgiving turkey I’ve ever had. – Really? Wow. Really good (laughs) And next up, we’re bringing Nikki and Nels for some classic Cantonese
pig foot noodles. And of course, pork intestine noodles too. So next up we’re in the
deep alleyways of Guangzhou, and we’re bringing you to try
a famous wonton noodle joint. But here they’ve got the pig foot noodles. Check this out guys. Check this out. So you can get, these are
egg noodles, and they’ve got a bunch of different
braised sauces down here. Oh, and this is the
pig foot right in here. And we’re just gonna…
Oh yeah, look at that. It’s all about the gelatin. Look at that. Look at those. And this is the beef brisket. Wow. And then we’ve also got the… Whoa, crazy. As you can see all of these
dried egg noodles here. You can get these as well, take them to go and cook ’em up. But we’re here to eat, and
we’re gonna place our order. And here comes the sauce. Whoa, look at that jelly-like pig’s foot. Oh, and here they come you guys. – That’s fantastic. So we’ve got the pork intestine. Then we’ve got the beef brisket. And then what we came here for, the beautiful pig foot noodles. So this one right here
really looks delicious with those juicy intestines,
braised juicy pork intestines. And you can really smell that. It’s just like a rich gravy, right? The whole gravy aroma. – [Nikki] It smells so good. – [Trevor] And Nikki
you’re saying you just love intestines, right? – Yeah I do, I love intestines. – So this is gonna be good for you. And Nels, your pig’s foot. – Pig’s foot. I’m excited for this, I am. – And I’m just going light version, normal beef brisket but
we can share everything. (slurps noodles) (groans in delight) – You know what, I like this a lot better than I was expecting. – Really? – Yeah. It’s (licks lips) just a lot of flavor just
packed in a small bite. That was really good. – This is so soft, it’s not chewy at all. It just like, it’s probably
the softest melt-in-your-mouth intestine that I’ve ever had. – [Trevor] Really? – [Nikki] And the flavor is so rich. It’s not bitter at all
like you’ll get sometimes. – [Nels] You might
wanna it with your hand. – I’m in love with these noodles. How’s that pig’s foot? – That is so good. Like, the fat just coats your tongue, and its so soft, and the
flavor is really good. It’s not strong, it’s like mild strong. It’s kind of a medium flavor. – It’s all about the texture,
the fatty collagenness, right? – It really coats your tongue
though, it really just, like, just slides over your tongue. It’s really good. – Next up we’re bringing Nikki and Nels for an extremely strong and satisfying traditional Chinese medicine drink. Sold by vendor who looks at your tongue and your overall health, Chinese
traditional medicine style, to make you feel better. Okay guys, so next up,
because it’s such a warm day in Guangzhou, we’re going into
a little local neighborhood right down these stairs. There’s a traditional Chinese
medicine bitter drink, liangcha, and it’s really good. And what’s super unique about this one is that they use a custom mixture of different herbs and spices depending on how you’re feeling, and she is gonna to prescribe a drink to us
based on our feelings right now. Here we are guys. This is famous Cantonese
medicinal tea, liangcha, run by Lin laoban. (laughs) So this is Lin laoban. This is Nikki and Nels (greetings in foreign language) from USA. – Oh, hi. They’ve been open 20 years here. – Oh my gosh, wow, that’s incredible. So look at this, guys. This is all traditional
Chinese, Cantonese liangcha. – So these are like different
herbal teas kinda things? – All different, right? And Lin laoban is gonna look at us and decide what’s best for us
based on how we’re feeling. So do you wanna try first? – Sure. – Okay. And after having a quick
talk with Boss Lin, she took a look at our tongues, asked us if we had any issues, prescribed us something perfect to beat the summer heat and
the humidity of Guangzhou. So this is pure medicine here. – Cheers. – Chinese herbal liangcha, yeah. – I have no idea what to
expect from the flavor. (smacks lips) – Oh it’s so bitter, I love it. – It’s bitter right? – I love that. I like it
because its not overpowering. Like, it’s a strong flavor
but it doesn’t, like, knock you off your feet or anything. You just kind of take
a sip and it’s there, but its so soothing. – Soothing, and medicinal, and herbal, and a little bit bitter. And Boss Lin really knows
how to prescribe you what you need based on how you’re feeling. People come here with all
different sorts of problems, or not. Some people just love it
because it feels good. But if you come with a cold,
if you come with anything, she can just mix up the
perfect blend for you and you’ll feel better. – Thank you. – Thank you very much Lin laoban. That was really nice. Very happy. That just feels so good. And next up, we’re going
deep into a local market in Guangzhou and looking for street food. Finding some incredibly
strong Chinese rice liqor, baijiu, and some of the
best fried rice noodles we’ve had so far. And next up guys, we are
going deep into a local market here in Guangzhou. There’s a bunch of little
street foods and snacks to try. And I know that right up ahead there’s a famous Cantonese
fried rice noodle dish the (name in foreign
language), the chao hefun, and it’s just right up here. And there is so much going on here, lots of fruit being sold,
lots of meat hanging up. – Oh my gosh. – Pretty cool. – We’re like in the heart of this. – Yes, we are. – This is amazing. – And we’ve just found our local little… Wow, it’s all rice liqor. These are wines, these are wines. – Oh my gosh. Do people just, like, take a shot right here or they, – Usually you would buy
like a liter or half-liter. So this is baijiu, traditional
Chinese white liqor. (laughs) She’s worried that
we’re gonna die (laughs) She’s worried we’re gonna get drunk. – Can you light this on
fire? I think that’s the… – No, this is definitely
(laughs nervously) – It’s just like evaporating
in your mouth, it’s so strong. – Oh my gosh. Wow. – Oh my goodness. – Do people drink that just straight? – I don’t think I can
drink more than that. – (laughs) it’s strong, right? – That was intense. – We’re gonna keep
exploring this market guys. Deep in the alleyways. And here is the seafood section. Look at this guys. We got abalone, we got crab. Look at these, live dancing shrimp. – Oh my gosh. That is so cool. Yeah, those are very fresh. – Yeah. And we are gonna
be having a ton of seafood in the next video when we bring you guys for the ultimate seafood meal. – Oh man, this is so cool. – And as you guys can see, this market is just packed with people. Local, traditional Chinese ingredients. And right up ahead there’s a
stir-fried rice noodle joint. Let’s go try it out. And for our final meal,
we’re bringing Nikki and Nels for some extremely local
style stir-fried rice noodles, sliced by hand with a big blade deep in the alleyways of Guangzhou. And right up here guys,
deep in the alleyway, is a famous local-style fried noodle. So look at this. We’re actually chopping up
homemade rice noodles here. So it’s rice flour, and we’re chopping up these homemade rice noodles. And we’re gonna add them to the wok and have a classic fried he fen noodle. So it’s rice flour and water. And you can see he’s steaming it in this metal steamer over here. And then, as it comes out, it comes out in these flat sheets, and we chop it up and fry it into noodles. – I’ve never had noodles like these, ever. – It’s super cool, yeah. So you can see we’re taking
these rice flour sheets right off of the tray here. And then we’re just chopping them up into thin homemade rice noodles. Boom. – [Nikki] Such a unique experience for us. – [Trevor] Okay, now here we
go guys, the wok is starting. We’re gonna make… Okay, come on in. (air conditioner blowing) Isn’t it nice to watch this, this frying action? – [Nikki] I was saying to him, I can’t believe that even,
like, a little stand like this you can… they don’t
have that in the U.S. Like, this is (trails off) – So you can just see
that pure wok skill there as he’s frying these noodles up. We got the flat rice
noodles, bean sprouts, egg, pork, over high heat. It’s all about the control. And it’s really nice to get in the back to see how he does it. Because you can see with
your eyes the precision. Oh, and there come the
greens, look at that. Isn’t that great? – [Nels] Oh my goodness. – [Nikki] So excited to try that. – [Trevor] Oh yeah. (food frying loudly) – [Nels] Yeah, you can
tell he’s really skilled with all of that. – [Trevor] Yeah, he’s a master
of the rice noodle (laughs) (food frying loudly) – [Nikki] So it’s got carrot and then– – [Trevor] Yeah, so he’s
got carrot and greens and little bit of pork. (food frying loudly) (air conditioner blowing loudly) – [Trevor] Wow, bravo. There it is. Okay, here we go guys. We got the street chao hefun, deep in the local alleyways of Guangzhou. We’re got chao ne fen here,
which is thin rice noodle. And then we’ve got chao hefun,
which is the fatter version. And there it is guys, that
is the fat rice noodle, chao hefun. So you can see they actually
put a bit of gai lan greens, Chinese vegetables in there. Oh wow, and this is fried over high heat with a bit of beef. Oh wow, that looks awesome. And then here, what do you think of that? – [Nels] Oh, this looks incredible. I’m excited for this for sure. – [Nikki] And this one’s pork, right? – [Trevor] Yeah, this is pork. So you can see it’s got a bit of carrot, and pork, greens, chives, oh yeah. (laughs) Let’s try it out guys. (air conditioner blowing) (groans of delight) – That is so good. – Yeah, that’s fantastic. – The beef on that is so flavorful. The flavor coated the noodles. – That is delicious, isn’t it? Oh my goodness. – I love that. – And I can’t believe we just get that in the middle of the market. – Right deep in the market, right? You can hear the wok going in the back. That is the soul of Guangzhou right there. And just look at this market we’re in. Deep in the local alleyways. You can only get this style, this flavor, in these deep markets. Are you having fun? – I am. This is the coolest experience. Like this is so unique and I’m in heaven and I just don’t have words
for how wonderful this is. Like, everything about this is amazing. – [Trevor] How about you, Nels? – This is kind of the
culture shock element of the whole thing. I’m a little overwhelmed,
and it’s sort of like, buckle your seatbelt,
we’re going on a ride. And now when the booster pads are on, we’re just gonna hit everything we can. – It’s okay, I’m here
to protect you (laughs) – So next up guys we’re going
for a $3000 seafood feast in the next video. You can click the link
in the description below. It’s gonna be a great video, and I can’t wait to bring you guys there. And thanks so much for
coming out to China. – Oh, thank you. – Thank you. I never wanna leave. – Thanks so much for watching guys. Check out that video in
the description below. (crowd chattering)

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