Speed Eating an Orange Blindfolded (World Record) | FOOD FEATS

Speed Eating an Orange Blindfolded (World Record) | FOOD FEATS

100 Replies to “Speed Eating an Orange Blindfolded (World Record) | FOOD FEATS

  1. If you just want to actually watch the video start at 8:35 I usually love GMM but dang this was 8 whole minutes of filler content that could have just been behind the scenes or good mythical more.

  2. HUMAN

    Did y'all see that?! I guess we can expect Rhett and Link to become cannibals in an upcoming episode.

  3. Josh is soooooo cute. Omg. Have a crush on in since his first episode. Also davin. South east asia represent!! From malaysia here

  4. You need to find a type of record that doesn't exist yet, something in the kitchen you're amazing at (chopping something weird or rolling something unusual then eating it or whatever) to set the original record 🙂 that's the ticket!

  5. This is my favorite day of the week because I love this show. Food fears, food feats, Josh just starring at the camera for 15 minutes, whatever! Keep posting this amazing content please!! Much love!! 💜

  6. So this is 3 "World's Fastest" Challenges failed… Consider this… The world record for the slowest time to eat a single banana is 20 minutes. I think you could beat it Josh

  7. Not that it matters since it was over anyway, but no ones gonna talk about how they added like 3 seconds to their time just not being sure if they were done at 11:40? Like you got one job, Analyze orangage and click!

  8. This is the kind of world record that will have women lusting after you for the rest of your life. Every man wants to be you, every woman wants to be with you.

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