21 Replies to “South Korea: Actress Kim Basinger leads rally against 'dog meat day'

  1. Kim Basinger is one ignorant second class b+tch. How dear you allow yourself eat Cows, Pigs and so on?.
    " On a wagon bound for market, there is a Calf with a mournful eye"
    " High above of him, there is a Swallow, winging swiftly through the sky"
    " How the winds are laughing, they laugh with all their might, laugh and laugh the whole day through, and half of the summer's night "

    "Donna Donna Donna Donna, Donna Donna Donna Don."
    "Donna Donna Donna Donna, Donna Donna Donna Don".

  2. I like kim basinger.becauae i saw movie "mother is ailen" in 1992.but i dont agree that doing. life is same .cow pig chiken horse fish can eat, dog can not eat?why not?

  3. Where does ot end? Are you aware we eat beef? Which is sacred in parts of the world including india. Stop pushing your ignorant views on the world. Defend our home land. Like homelessness and the take down of our constitution.

    Try dog. You might like it. Half the world does.

  4. Omg PLEASE
    Don’t make it a big deal
    Over 80% of Korean don’t eat anyway
    Still old people eat it
    So what! We can’t change them

    This MOVIE STAR make it a big deal like All Korean eat it

    I am Korean and I don’t eat I never eat and I myself don’t understand why people eat dog
    But My husband Australian tried it in Korea
    He loves it!

    SO WHAT!
    Come to Australia and protest against my husband (NOT ME)

    What a hypocritical

    If you really want to against anything of KOREAN culture
    Live in Korea even a week
    You will find out most of Korean don’t eat!

    Disgusting this kind of people

  5. I am ashamed of those old korean men. Dog meat is just animal cruelty. It is not good for health at all 😩

  6. It's fine to love dogs, and I'm not against not eating dog meats, but I am against humans putting dogs on a pedestal over veal calves, cows, piglets, pigs, chickens, turkeys and even over fellow human beings. Excuse me for generalizing, but there are Westerners who are more likely to help a dog over a human, and more likely to be interested in welfare of dogs over human welfare.

    In Hindu cultures, they don't eat cows, and cows are considered sacred. How about if Hindi culture countries become super power, and cow rescue teams to US, and hold anti beef rallies in US?

  7. 미국의 여배우 킴 베이 싱거 (Kim Basinger)와 수십 명의 시위자들이 금요일에 서울에서 열린 국회 의사당에서 한국의 개고기 소비를 비난하기 위해 집결했다. 개 시체 모형 더미. 그들은 개들을 도살하는 것에 대한 금지를 요구했다. 약 20 명의 사람들이 전통적으로 방어하고 개고기 소비의 계속적인 합법화를 주장하면서 소위 근처에 반 항의 시위를했다. 집회는 Chobok day에서 열렸는데, 이는 한국인들이 전통적으로 개 고기와 다른 음식을 먹는 비 연속적인 세 날 중 첫 번째 날이었습니다. 그 중 가장 뜨거운시기에는 힘과 힘을 제공한다고 믿었습니다. 한국 동물 권리 옹호 단체 (KARA)에 따르면, 젊은 세대의 개고기 견해가 바뀌면서 관습은 최근 몇 년 동안 다소 퇴색 했음에도 불구하고 매년 78 만 ~ 100 만 마리의 개를 먹고 있습니다. 동물 권리 단체 인 Last Chance for Animals의 2018 년 조사에 따르면 지난 12 개월 동안 1,000 명의 한국 응답자 중 81.20 %가 개고기를 먹지 않았다고한다.✂🗾☢🎌🐕🍖

  8. Mind your own business Basinger. It's their culture. As long as the animals are slaughtered humanely who cares? Some people have pet chickens – should we all stop eating KFC now!?

  9. I don't get it. Cows are very smart and can get very personal and literally do skips when they see their favorite person.
    It's just so odd how we classify dog meat as unacceptable

  10. Someone told her that the main ingredient in hotdogs is dog, and she lost her mind. Btw dogs are dumber than pigs.

  11. Seeing all those roasted dogs looks horrible, but I really can't stand all these has-been actors virtue signaling and telling you how to live your life. Now there are way toooo many Koreans in my home state, I wonder if they do sell dog meat here? I don't trust Asians, they look so innocent, but they are truly perverts and only care about money.

  12. Why does everyone except the upper class rich celebrities look like they have this "wtf am I doing this for?" look on their face? Did they hire these protestors, or what?

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