today we try and South Africa I’ll welcome back guy and and got my human
problems now Africa how cool in this first thing
I want to try call wunderbar just looks like little Keenan R will just like chocolate
pretty simple I’m not seeing be here before after tell
in here just like camp African ok cool like due to the holiday piece of
chocolate not mine /img home big companies like just like a Hershey
bar nothing really special now just a regular old bar topless I’m good this guy 3d here is our next product in
I’m girly time not this one because get hand chocolate me marshmallow increase wait for do the time we’ll pick your and
your body had cookie and the bottom big portion marshmallow right on top on the outside happy chocolate feeling
call topless mom I hope they see it good my hard you the almost got much the need for we know
how many total mom world who the her release of
marshmallow is not bound to come our house mara marginal haha sounds cool month no good lookin room good mr Ho is not mine bounty kinda chilly mom’s more like locked up wit more hohum time could use a little chilly but you really do the combination of a
cookie in working on the topic actually delicious I’m gonna give this
guy mom medium next time are some big kid they look just like the regular or
biscuit I hope your primary non harlem little
pattern me package you the E you know I’m bed home home gonna why you have a common oh my god Mike his movement Hogan on community leaders who had be’s are blowing my mind right now home guys you see these in the store grabs on these on our game day like no joke they have to the most
humbly act the room texture to the cookie and
then have really nice Hogan I really didn’t
take on it is now here coca I would you these guys by me in time for our bread but this is called Downey ginger beer I don’t think beer energy pop yeah and he just called your own thing our me home you’re here first try get the game well dropped it girl her reading why expected to be brown legal the bottom the Canon brown brown I’m knowing ginger but it’s not like ginger ale now come again you’re in pomp me it done kinda Michael ginger ale where I’m its really really good how
really mild kehndi ginger cleaner and dick armey you wouldn’t you really good last I am lohr nice see this one for my because I’m super excited so let
me tell you when it is we describe me when I feel year so I’m
see like away from here at the bottom in the
middle he watched other case past you seen the
chocolate have like your mobile than so we have that happen
chocolate in the middle and then a wafer cookie on top and it’s hardly on the outside oh my god
I love bad top your local so plagued key my mom Jack care reading home really really good another top had a different kind of Great Britain
don’t think hockey under army here it really really good I
think Center it not as regular time they
happen another kinda Carmel waver in their me the chocolate is really nice the cookies
and cider be recruiting crunchy-looking the perfect way TE a wafer cookies in my opinion love it so
I’m gonna give this guy for me our own goal then is up after I hope
that you have enjoyed it this new case 10 you how video a thumbs
up subscribe down below and leave me a
comment what country would you like didn’t thank you so much for coming back
green after we I so appreciate your support I learned a
lot see you next week bomb in


  1. You should try Indonesian candy a trust me there is lots of good candy and drinks!! Luv watching you eat😂😂🌸🐯

  2. I am South African and it was so cool of you to do a taste test !! Tennis cookies are good right!? Love em!! Next time you do a taste test on SA try some sodas 👍🏻

  3. I am from South africa, and with the tennis biscuts they are really good for deserts that include and kind of biscuts

  4. Thank you for this! I grew up on all of that! I miss it since I've moved out, now I really want to find some 😁

  5. dude awesome video however our retail price is WAY lower . for the wonder bar its only about $0.50 and for the chocolate log its like $1.00 the rest are way off as well . cos in SA is a chocolate log were the rice you said it is , we would NEVER buy it

  6. You didn't rate the Stoney Ginger Beer. Stoney Ginger Beer tops the list. Stoney Ginger Beer tastes like liquid Ginger Altoids. It's the best. 73 Vivian Heads. And feet.

  7. so here's a quick fact, our Creme Soda is green… like the actual liquid is green whereas in other countries it looks like the colour of Sprite

  8. Ok. I am South African….there is no way on Gods little green earth that the chocolate tastes remotely like a Hershey bar! There is nothing worse than a Hershey! Sorry! Now Ginger Beer….one hell of a lekker drink. Mix it with some rum and off you go. But ja, all the sweets you tried are so very good! Chocolate logs re my fave!

  9. Ok so the 'cookie' that you're referring to is in fact known as wafer…also the tex chocolate bar is made up o f wafer from a kit kat and chocolate from aero…we have so much more yummy sweets too…so do have another SA taste test !

  10. Hi Vivian, I am a South African from Pretoria. My family and I lived in Columbus, Ohio, for 2 years. The best way to eat a Chocolate Log is to scrape the marshmallow off with your finger and then to eat that off your finger. Then after that you eat the wafer.

  11. great seeing south African stuff being tasted and having good comments I think I feel this way because south Africa is not very appreciated cause of those African stereotypes. I love my country but there is no way in the living God that you drank stoney and not feel that feeling that south Africans feel

  12. I live in South Africa…The center of a Tex bar is an Aero chocolate bar which you really need to try, your tastebuds will explode in ways you cannot comprehend 🙂

  13. Tennis biscuits are literally my all time favourite biscuit to snack on with a good cup of English tea😀👌🏻 Greetings from Cape Town South Africa😊

  14. Im from South Africa! I dont really like ginget beer it burns your throat. but alot of sweets and stuff from here are nice

  15. Listen I'm 18 and live in South Africa. So to my fellow south Africans, wat die poes is a chocolate log?

  16. Daai ou wat gevra het wat de poes is n chocolate log gaan koop dit by Checkers Pick and Pay of by Spar😂

  17. Yep im from south africa we also have the realyy good teddy bears made of chocolate with a caramel centre called carramello bears

  18. If you like coconut you should find a chocolate bar called NIKI in South Africa, that chocolate is the most delicious chocolate on earth. It has actual soft coconut through the whole bar, I have no idea why, but that chocolate gives you the best coconut experience ever

  19. Wafers aren't 'cookies', they're very different and in those logs are usually quite chewy and it is actually perfect that way.

  20. I remember when I was a kid in sa we used to do a Stoney dare and see who wouldn't cringe or cough while drinking it.

  21. Marshmallow FLUFF is the soft creamy marshmallow in the jar i believe that's what you're thinking of. Love the videos vivian. Keep up the great work.

  22. Where ON EARTH did you get those retail prices from? The actual South African prices are less than half the prices you're showing. Eg. Chocolate Log retails for about R10, which is about $0.70, but you're showing the retails price as $1.99? Tennis Biscuit are not more than R16 (ie. $1.13) but you're saying it retails for $3.99??

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