SOS Emergency Food Rations Mayor's Review

SOS Emergency Food Rations Mayor's Review

hey guys it's me the mayor again until we have SOS emergency food Russian life-saving craft and natural disaster bars SOS food lab Incorporated makes it contents each packet of nine fortified food bars provide 3600 calories offers maximum survival capacity within drinking water restriction under environmental conditions so eating these bars actually has the ability of using less water than other ration bars of this size and caliber for survival these bars were created for the purpose of helping people to be natural disasters of course and also you know like extended survival you know excursions alright nutrition facts one cookie serving for one cookie is actually 410 calories which is quite a bit total fat 20% saturated fat 33% so don't eat these as a snack huh you'll gain some weight that's for sure Sugar's 31 grams and 5% fiber lots of ingredients here and the main ingredient is going to be sugar not very healthy for you but it does have the calories to sustain you well there's a lot of you know corporations and companies and organizations that use these in their emergency aviation you know the emergency aviation boxes and all sorts of Coast Guard approval numbers have been issued for these bars in particular I was actually on the website here SLS food lab here's the products specification for a life-saving class here's all the approval numbers accepted by the following countries Japanese Ministry Panama Liberia and other countries have been a pending approval well let me go ahead and dig into these and see what they taste like a little quick review for y'all guys and see if it's worth buying more of these this is where you open it right which says open actually gave me some trouble here note to self use the knife next time well here's the bars 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and it smells really funny it smells like coconut or something he's out alright just came out like a little they look like little bricks tell you the truth let's go ahead and see the construction here each one of these is individually wrapped with the noisiest plastic available and they're very greasy I mean I just got all this grease on my hands alright looks like a giant cookie and it's greasing and now I got humbler out of this thing a little bit of persuasion here's the bar real gritty not greedy it just it falls apart real crumbly it's just like crushed together smells like butter and coconut but it actually smells pretty good alright time for the taste test oh very sugary reminds me of Mexican sweet bread and yeah I can definitely taste coconut in here all that's what reminds me of a little bit of like crunchy spots a very strange taste definitely all it is is just like flour and sugar in vegetable oil just like shove together into one barn and each cookie has 410 calories but most of the counters are just from sugar flour and fat from oils visit the healthiest bar no probably not the healthiest bar around well it's the same for a long time yes and just with all the oil alone it will last you quite a bit so to tell you the truth I think their mayor approved they taste good they function but the only bad thing is that they're not really healthy for you yeah that's that's the con of this bar all right guys well that's the mayor's review if you like this review leave come in the comment box hit the like button and well actually that's the subscribe button and the like button is now over here remember to subscribe guys and remember I eat this stuff I'm over here so you don't have to all right guys well remember buy them they're good for backpacking emergency food would not recommend them I mean would not recommend them as a healthy meal replacement because these will only be able to sustain you for a couple of days before you get actual nutrition all right guys well that's the mayor thanks for watching

9 Replies to “SOS Emergency Food Rations Mayor's Review

  1. Mine are vacuum sealed from the mfg. Store at decent temperatures and they can go past the 'use by' date easily.

  2. >>-——————————–> It's sugar cookies! …empty calories. I've already got a bunch Keeblers in the cupboard.

  3. i think those do have 8 grams of protein per bar which is not a ton but still decent. The thing about having too much protein is that it burns calories to process so body building bars may not be a good survival option

  4. Thank you for your investment in time and money on this review.
    I never saw a good review for these cookies (judging by the ingredients list it's just what they are).
    Beside this, I really doubt a single bar contains 8 grams of proteins as mentioned on the package. 

  5. Cookie…Me Cookie Monster. If they are at a good price i would like to try them, and yes not the most healthy bar out there but in a pinch you stay functional. Taste on the vid seen to be ok almost like a type of Mexican nut candy bar.  

  6. True on the poor nutritional content, but if you're eating these you obviously are in a situation where health isn't top priority. It would be better if they had relied on more fat calories, as that is a much better fuel for survival.

    Having a higher fat content would probably mean they would not last as long since fats oxidize unless they are hydrogenated (which the fats in these are), which also makes them extremely bad for you. Again though, emphasis on SURVIVAL ration. More protein would be helpful too, as that is the hardest thing to come by in a survival situation.

    Side note: I always take a tub of coconut oil with me if I'm going to be traveling off the beaten path. It's one of the most tremendously healthy fats you can consume, it's the best fuel for the human machine, and is not perishable at any temperature. That and some good protein powder will keep you going for days if needed.

  7. not worth the price, packing protein bars are better. Sugar isn't the best thing to sustain you. the bars don't even have my nutrition value.

  8. I doubt if people will be concerned about health in a survival situation. I think the main concern is keeping the calories up for energy

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