Silver Spoon | Best Paratha Rolls of Pakistan | Soup from Bangladesh | Karachi Street Food

Silver Spoon | Best Paratha Rolls of Pakistan |  Soup from Bangladesh | Karachi Street Food

where are you from? I am from Bangladesh bangladesh?
Yes so do you go to bangladesh? i often go there when did you last visit? its been three years now oh! why did’nt you go since 3 years? visa is clsed these days, but inshAllah i’ll go there who else is in your family? I have a mother, wife and a daughter… ok so do you want to say something to them? ummmm…. this video will go on youtube, they will also view it ok ok… i just want to say them that… be happy… i am working hard here for you people… so if you are happy then i am also happy… Assalam o alikum, my name is Zia Tabarak and i am at the liberty chowk of tariq road, karachi there was a time when there were not so many malls in karachi like today and tariq road was only the major shopping hub when i used to come here for shopping in my childhood specially during ramzan, chand raat for eid shopping… so we used to come here and going to eat the paratha rolls of silver spoon was a must… their paratha rolls are still really famous and the people who started the paratha rolls trend in karachi are actually the Silver Spoon so there will come silver spoon if… we go straight there from libert chowk other than that there are more restaurants aswell where you can have different items so we’ll explore all that around liberty chowk and show it to you too… chalain! (lets go) so we have walked from there and there is a peshawari shinwari restaurant where you can find all the peshawar food items afghani botio, kabuli pulao etc etc and right infront of this is Silver Spoon and we go a liitle back then there is a small cart of soup and there is french fries setup & there is a tea hotel aswell besides this shinwari restaurant so lets go to the brother at soup stall and try their soup Assalam o alikum, how are you? all good? how much is the soup? egg chicken Rs.100 & only chicken Rs.80 egg and chicken Rs.100? – yes winters are here so the soup season is on!! there is not much cold in karachi by the way… yeah but people are still enjoying… saqib bhai this juice setup is also yours? yes this is also mine ok mashaAllah, thats good here is the juice setup along with juice there is soup setup aswell ok, give me on Rs.100 bowl, egg and chicken lets check it out this one or this? no no soup soup this one is yakhni (broth) right? yes boiled eggs are here soup is ready in this pot saquib’s family live in naokhali and he has made a really good soup it looks delicious and… saquib bhai is from bangladesh and really working hard here he hasn’t meet his family since three years so lets try this his soup first and we pay Salam to all your family in Bangladesh how old is this shop its been 25 years my uncle worked here for 15 years and i am here since last 10 years ok so its a 25 years old shop… and is your uncle in bangladesh now? yes he is in bagladesh and i am taking care of it now ok so this is a 25 years old soup shop looks very delicious and people come to try this from very far places saqib bhai its really good this egg and chicken corn soup is really delicious although winter rarely come sin karachi but whenever it comes we really enjoy these winter foods and this soup is really very good you have gained one customer saquib bhai your soup is really great and saquib has’nt gone to bangladesh since 3 years inshAllah he’ll go after this season our prayers are for you and your family you please go there and comeback soon along with your family so that we can enjoy your delicious soup again and again all the best anything else you want to say? no, just… thank you and here its is peshawari shinwari restaurant all the spical peshawar food is here and silver spoon is right infornt of this shinwari restaurant assalam o alikum how are you how much is afghani boti? Rs.720 per dozen skewers these skewers with lamb fat looks delicious kabuli pulao you have all the Peshawar items mutton karhai is cooking here saeed bhai when did you open this restaurant its been 2 years do you have a restaurant anywhere else? we have shinwari restaurant in peshawar where in peshawar? – its on ring road this is our chicken namkeen and these are skewers chicken namkeen is half kg and 6 skewers of afghani boti so lets do bismillah with afghani boti there is lamb fat with the meat… its taste is just… amazing really delicious it tastes better when you eat it hot, straight from the skewer awsome this is namkeen boti this chiken is grilled with simple salt very tasty both dishes are my favorite actualy we came for… silver spoon but we saw the Peshawari restaurant so we thought we should try these two items aswell very good and delicious half chicken was Rs.600 and 6 skewers for Rs.360 salad and raita, total bill Rs.1130 i want to discuss something with you that i receive a lot of your comments and emails you people ask that what else do i do? and what else is going on in my life… so i was thinking that maybe i should start a separate channel in which i tell you about my profession and my life… so what is your opinion on that? please do let me know in the comments and emails if you want to see me other than my food channel and if you guys will subscribe me there too then please do let me know in the comments and then we will see how to take it forward… assalam o alikum hammad bhai, how are you? we are with hammad bhai who is the owner of silver spoon his elder brother is saif along with his other brothers too so tell us about silver spoon, how did it all started? my father started it in 1970 my father was very young when he started it in 1970 he started off with rolls, rolls started from this place how did he get the idea to start the bbq rolls? it was the time when kabab paratha was trending in the market so to be a little different from the traditional kabab paratha he made the rolls from the kabab paratha , and it became a separate product its not a rocket science, it is just Allah’s blessing i think it was a rocket science because it was so famous and people from very far places used to come here yeah it was all just his idea… he grilled the kabab, back then kababs were made on griddle he grilled the kabab and made parathas all the work was done by my father himself then gradually he hired the staff… assalam o alikum the kabab in middle looks really heavy, which one is this? this is reshmi kabab silver spoon paratha isa little different yeah its a different paratha this is not a puri paratha, this is special roll paratha how long you have been here? i am here since 46 years oh mashaAllah you are here since 46 years so you are here since their father’s time yes this is saif bhai, he is hammad’s elder brother he is laos the main person behind silver spoon thanks to Allah and thanks to you for coming here you can see everything is neat and clean silver spoon’s quality is that we never made the poori paratha this is same refined flour paratha, very soft your stomach feels heavy after eating poori but this paratha won’t make you feel heavy and if you take away it, it remain soft for about an hour it doesn’t loose its taste even after getting cold this man’s name is Zareen zareen zareen is here since 22, 23 years he is my mentor oldest one is gullu chacha he is the pioneer of roll here they are making the rolls this is the classic roll chatni roll this chatni is special, do you have a secret recipe for this? yes, it has green masala red masala, tamarind its the ratio of mixing it and it has salt too we are at the karachi liberty right now and there is also a street near lahore’s liberty chowk where you can find shops with name of karachi paratha/ kabab rolls and these are not our shops and those are not their’s but the impression is that those shops are from karachi i saw those shops when i was in lahore but still, what his father started from karachi has now spread all over pakistan and you can find paratha roll on every street silver spoon’s special rolls my childhood rolls are here we have one chiocken chatni roll and one chicken mayo rol it is same chicken roll but with addition mayo sauce which makes the taste a little different mayo roll’s taste is both sweet and sour very delicious now lets try the classic chatni roll with some extra chatni Reminiscent of my childhood this chatni is really special so you may have eaten a lot of rolls but today still after 45-50 years silver spoon’s rolls are not comparable to any other people who have gone abroad also miss silver spoon’s roll so if you are one of the silver spoon fan then tell me in the comments i hope you like this small tour of tariq road. liberty and if you like it then please give it a thumbs up, comment and share see you in the next episode, Allah Hafiz

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  1. I am in USA since 1990. Still remember the Silver spoon kabab roll flavor. Also would like to see a video about your daily routine, not sure about a separate channel.

  2. the word "salam" is for the dead. When you pass by a grave yard or enter one you say "Salam ya ahle qaboor". if I am right then we should not use is it for the living!

  3. Bhai me india se hu or firsr show maine apka india street food ke sath combine dekha tha tabse apko fallow kr rha hu gr8 taste but so much costly than india can u tell me why?

  4. चले कि भाषा एक दम सही है आतंकबादी कहा रहते है आपके पाकिस्तान मैं जिन्होंने हमारे देश के जनबाजो की नींद उड़ा रखी है
    भाई मोहब्बत लुटाओ हरतरफ

  5. Gajab bhai, hum bhi aap ke hi bhai hai, 1947 se pehle hamaare purkeh ek sath hi rehte the, kabhi india aao to bhai delhi jarur aana, aapse milne ki dilli tamanah hai, bye bhai

  6. Tabarak bhai ma apko aik advise de rha hu ap background full blur krdia kro families guzar rhi hoti ha ha kisi ki apni privacy hoti ha plz meri family bhi peechay se guzri ha ap reply zaroor karna plz

  7. Really sir you remind my memories I miss the old days when we used to go for snacks to sliver spoon and I missed those chicken roll with smooth pharata and onion slices ❤

  8. Yes you should start Daily Vlogging….. Please start an Vlogging channel….. We all will subscribe 👍👍👍 God Bless You

  9. We don’t want any other Chanel Zia bhai please….jo krna ha yahan he krain…
    Ap k subscribers kam ho jaingy aise….
    Love from Uk 🇬🇧

  10. Zia Bhai north nazimabad block c mein mojod khozema soup walay ki bhi video banaye wo North nazimabad mein bohat famous hai

  11. Bhai PUNE(INDIA) mai bhi restaurant kholo yaar…we all love Pakistani food its the best nonveg food in the world ❤❤
    Love from INDIA❤❤

  12. Indian, pakistani and Bangladeshi culture and Street foods are closely linked with each other. The problem is that they were divided by borders and politics. Hope for indo-pak friendship like it was before 1947.

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