Signs You’re In A Bad Restaurant

Signs You’re In A Bad Restaurant

Everyone’s had bad experiences in restaurants,
from poor service to lousy food. So what can you do to avoid having your evening
ruined by a terrible dining experience? Check out these tips that will help you immediately
recognize signs you’re in a bad restaurant. You get ignored When you enter a restaurant, pay attention
to how quickly you’re greeted, both by the host or hostess and by your waitstaff. Sure, people get busy, but even if the hostess
is off seating other customers when you arrive, someone should at least say hello. “Where is someone? I’m starving!” The same is true when you finally do get to
your table. If your waiter or waitress is busy with another
table, that’s where teamwork comes into play, as the host, manager, or other waitstaff can
let you know that your server will be with you shortly. If you’re ignored either at the front door
or at your table, it’s a troubling sign that things aren’t running smoothly. “everything was ok?” “Everything is fine. Very fine, Thank you.” It’s dirty Nobody wants dirty dishes around at home — so
it’s even worse at a restaurant. It’s bad enough when the waitstaff doesn’t
clean off the table next to you, but it’s even worse when you discover crud on your
silverware, or maybe lipstick stains on your glass. While some mistakes are bound to happen, dirty
dishes aren’t just gross, they’re also a sign of how much attention is being paid to your
dining experience. And even if your dishes look clean, here’s
a tip: take a quick look to see how clean the menus are, as menus can get dirty very
quickly. If the staff hasn’t bothered to wipe down
your menu recently, just imagine what things might look like back in the kitchen. The bathrooms are gross Speaking of surefire way to know how clean
the kitchen is, take a look at the bathroom. Chances are, if the bathroom isn’t being cleaned
very often, neither is the kitchen. If a bathroom has visibly dirty floors, overflowing
trash cans, and broken locks on the stalls, you can bet the kitchen is kept in the same
state of disarray. Other customers are unhappy Before you place your order, take a look around
to see how the other customers are doing. Are they happily engaged in fun conversations
as though they’re in some kind of commercial? That’s a good sign. On the other hand, if you see a lot of angry,
frustrated, or bored customers, chances are something’s wrong, whether it’s the service,
quality of the food, or wait time. If other people are having a bad experience
at the restaurant, you may want to think twice about dining there before your night is ruined
too. “yes, you all are gonna have to leave. I’m not gonna take any more of your smartness
or sarcasm!” “Do you see this sign?” Management issues Other diners aren’t the only people who give
off hints about how good the restaurant is. The staff of a restaurant can offer clues
as well. If staff members seem unhappy or distracted,
or are making a lot of mistakes, there’s a good chance something has gone wrong on a
management level. Take a look around and see if you can spot
the manager. Is the manager helping the staff by carrying
dishes to tables and talking with customers personally? Or is the boss berating the staff and watching
things fall apart? “And this is me, expressing myself, ok? There it is! I hate this job. I hate this d— job and I don’t need it!” Getting stuck in the middle of workplace drama
isn’t just uncomfortable for you — it can end up being really uncomfortable for your
stomach! Terrible food Even if the place is dirty, the staff is rude,
and the manager has mentally checked out, some restaurants are still worth it because
of one thing: the food is great. But the reverse is also true. No amount of great service and atmosphere
can make up for bad food. If a kitchen is being run poorly, you’ll likely
spot inconsistencies with portion sizes and food quality, including sub-standard ingredients. So if you aren’t able to spot any problems
with a restaurant using one of our other tips, go ahead and give it a try. Because when it comes to fine dining, the
proof really is in the pudding. Thanks for watching! Click the Mashed icon to subscribe to our
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  2. The Kitchen / Toilet thing is the biggest load of crap ever, dont get me wrong a dirty toilet is a very bad thing but at worst the staff will get a talking too, a dirty kitchen can get people fired and businesses closed so its held to a much higher standard.

  3. I go to this Chinese restraint 10am in on saturdays and the first 15 min it’s packed so u gotta come early or wait 15min-2 hours but sometimes they forget your water but the whole place is packed and carries like 500 people so I guess it’s business

  4. Yes to see if the kitchen is clean check the bathroom great!cause ranch dressing comes from liquid soap and chicken patty is solid pieces of poop

  5. I don't want to be mean or anything but you just listed bad things, of course the restaurant is bad if its dirty or the food is bad. 🙂

  6. Was that a spider hatching out of that fortune cookie? That's grosser than gross!

    What movie was that scene from anyway?

  7. I was once in a restaurant where a waitress knocked my drink on me. It was an accident, but I didn't leave much of a tip because she completely ruined my shirt. I then heard her bitching about how cheap I was as I was heading out the door. Sometimes even a great place has black sheep employees.

  8. Loved the Scarface scene. Too bad you didn't have the Ferris Bueller or the Some Kind of Wonderful scenes.

  9. I Keep saying I am going to watch something else after this video other than mashed but then I just click another

  10. Dirty dishes = I'm leaving, no questions asked, no tip, possibly not even going to pay for the food (yes, I know this would be technically theft, but its technically theft on the part of the restaurant for serving me the lipstick and saliva from other people and who knows what else mixed in with the food), depending on the extent of the dirtiness… (This has never happened-me not paying for food, but I did run out of a crappy buffet once with a buddy of mine, that insisted on paying for food I didn't eat…)

  11. Going to restaurants should be, attitude wise, like doing a business deal: You should be prepared to walk away. You walk in and things start to look or go wrong, walk away.

    You can't win with restaurant staff. They control your food out of your sight. Watch Waiting for background.

    Just walk.

  12. This describes the eating experience in Pennslyvania, and the capital of this experience is Pottsville, Schuylkill county. What a screwed up state. Wait, it is not even a state, it is a 'commomwealth'. Very 19th century.

  13. nooooooooo, dirty dishes and bad service means a bad restaurant!?! Holy shit my eyes have been opened

  14. One time many years ago my parents and I went to our local Pizza Hut. We got seated, and then we waited and waited and waited. Didn't even get menus. Meanwhile, a nearby table of about 12-15 people got seated, served, ate, and left while we were still waiting. We weren't the only table that happened to.

  15. Do pizza places like Little Caesar's count?. Because I phoned in a pizza ahead of time,when I got there my order didn't even get started and I was forced to wait for an hour for a simple Hawaiian pizza. They gave me the pizza for free,a 2 liter soda but still all that trouble I went through to get my food.

  16. The worst dinning experience I've had is at Outback Steakhouse. Ever since they started using the table top computers, customer service has gone out the back door. Love the food but until they learn that those stupid boxes have ruined the dinning experience, I won't eat there

  17. You actually go to a restaurant for the food! Not for the cute wait staff, although flirting could score you something not usually on the menu…. 😉

  18. Oh really? Terrible food is a sign that I'm in a bad restaurant?! Well NO SHIAT! WOW I SURE AM glad I wasted 5 minutes of my life on your latest stupid-beyond-belief and poorly produced video! I'll be sure and let every person I have ever met know not to waste 5 minutes of THEIR life like I just did!

  19. Went to a popular restaurant for breakfast in Kauai immediately after opening. There were racks of dirty dishes in the kitchen from the night before.
    That's your "sign" right there

  20. You… seriously had to list "food quality" as one? Of fucking course dipshits! That's the entire point of a resturaunt. How on earth did you think that was worthwhile in wasting your time on the video!? People expect actual content. Meanwhile the only real thing you listed of interest was to note if the menu was clean or not. Your channel has some good stuff on in, but this video was a serious waste of time, and the telling thing (though I guess you guys need a video to know this) is that you had to list the obvious that bad food is a sign you're in a bad place for food. …but at that point it's way too fucking late and obvious, and this is useless as advice. WTF mashed!?

  21. Other than the fact that more customers than staff visit the bathrooms and a lot of customers for some reason like to deface restrooms. Im gonna wager the kitchen is NOT in the same condition as a restroom, might want to rethink that one…

  22. This vid is a bit sketchy, the Kitchen staff are not responsible for cleaning toilets or menus. if a table is complaining they could be looking for a free meal if its more than 1 table complaining you may have a point

  23. Getting ignored is definitely a bad sign that the waiters have not been properly educated in customer service. Doesn't mean the rest of the place sucks though. In the case of my workplace, it's impossible not to notice new guests, as the bar, and counter of our waiters, points directly to the entrance.

    Yep, if your dishes are dirty when you get your food, send it back, it means the dishwasher didn't do their job properly, and the chefs didn't pay attention either while plating. Silverware has to be cleaned about 2-3 times in the machine (depending on how much there is) before it's properly cleaned. Drinking glass needs a separate machine alltogether. (so it doesn't get that gray-ish tint)

    The menu being dirty is no indication as to how kitchen staff cleans the kitchen.
    The bathrooms being gross has nothing to do with the kitchen. Kitchen staff should NEVER be responsible for cleaning the toilet. That would be… Unhygienic. But yes, it does ruin your overall experience.

    Peoples emotions can't be trusted, they may be in a very bad mood or not, that doesn't have to depend on the food alone. Of course, bad food will tend to make people angrier, while good food will have the opposite effect.

    Yup, if staff isn't happy about their jobs, or making mistake after mistake, somethings wrong. But that doesn't always have to be on the management level, there could be a rookie in the establishment for example, or something unexpected happens.

    That one is absolutely true. The main reason people come into a restaurent, is the food, everything else can be terrible, but if the food is too, well, then it's not worth it. Kind of obvious, no?

  24. The menu thingy is not logical. It's the cooks resposibility to keep the kitchen crystal clear, and waiters job to clean the menu and other items on front side.

  25. My local coffee cafeteria (coffee shop) serves the best breakfast (full English of course) and the staff are fantastic. As a disabled person I appreciate it when they make the time to bring you your coffee to the table for you,even though it is not a waitress served establishment,all in all a really great little place,and the coffee is only £1 a mug. For those of you in the 🇬🇧 you would see it on the E4 channel estings described as various things like “cafe jellybotty” or “cafe spoon greasy” but I assure you that even the best 5star restaurants can’t beat it for service or value for money.

  26. The only rule you need to know. First, use the bathroom. If it's clean, then the kitchen is clean. If it's dirty, leave. That was my Mother's advice when I was a kid.

  27. In my hometown, the number one sign that you're in a bad restaurant is if you're still in town. We have no good food.

  28. I went to Americain owned Mexican restaurant I ordered a taco and I saw other people getting their orders that came after me and my family then my dad got mad and tolded them to cancel the order and keep the money and we left and we haven't gone ever since

  29. You and your son both run out of water, and you put the empty water glasses on the very edge of the table toward the walkway, and the staff just walk by, and the next time you see the waiter/waitress is when they give you the check.

  30. I have always held that the condition of the restroom reflects the condition of the kitchen. This is a serious sign of how the establishment you are in is being managed. I only wish that the local health departments would be more diligent in following up on restaurants more frequently.

  31. Great Points!! Agree but No.1 definately which you did not have in your list should be how Well you are Treated compared To the Other customers because the Truth is that Seriously counts,Truth is that in real life thats the Major thing that only counts

  32. Sign to run: when you ask for an ingredient to be removed due to an allergy…and they remove it…but still use it as a garnish. Yeah… leave.

  33. I had the worst at a so-called family restaurant at Applebee's. Nobody opened the door so my Mother could get in and they refused to waited on her because she was in a wheelchair! The headquarters all they could was"I''m sorry. What do you want us to do about it?"

  34. One time I tried a restaurant and ordered some sweet tea. I waited for what felt like forever and it was empty. I left before I got my drink. I figured that if it took that long to get a drink, how long would it take to get food?

  35. To wes76 not necessarily. Some times you can catch an between run times. I caught me of the best bbq places i Houston like that!!!

  36. Bad restaurants is where customers is always right even though they make there order wrong and they blame to waiter or waitress

  37. I'll add to that. There was a family style restaurant in our home town, the food was great, the service was great and it was fairly clean. A Greek family owned the place but had to let all the Greek workers go in leu of hiring kitchen and wait staff that would work for less. The quality of the food slipped a little and the place started to look run down but the food was still better than most of the restaurants in town. One morning we went in for one of their incredible breakfasts. In the center of the restaurant is the station where the bus boys filled baskets with rolls and rolled the silverware up in the napkins to place on the tables. One of the bus boys began to pick his nose. Wait, it gets better. He then could be seen by our half of the restaurant wiping what he picked out of his nose on his pants. I wish I could say that the guy immediately went to the restroom and washed his hands but he didn't. He continue to put dinner rolls into basket with HIS BARE, ANWASHED HANDS! I cringe when I think of all the meals I ate at this restaurant. We complained to the hostess and told us to wait and tell the owner but we were in a hurry to leave and told her to tell the owner. I hope she did.

  38. One other sign of a bad restaurant is if the soda is from a can. Because it's often charging you per can and the food tends to be bad.

  39. Cool video but you’re wrong about the waitstaff. We can’t always fix all those problems. Sometimes there’s more going on behind the scenes. Funny video. Not completely accurate

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