SHOPPING & TRY THAI IKEA FOOD | Biggest IKEA In Southeast Asia

SHOPPING & TRY THAI IKEA FOOD | Biggest IKEA In Southeast Asia

How to choose a good pillow is.. It means good It’s alright is it good? laying down and get a warm light It’s just 99 baht and this one please sausages And fries please what’s else? What’s a good one? mayonnaise How’s meatballs? Meatballs are so good yummy Feels like I’m eating Meat Burger

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  1. Which Date is the IKEA BANGYAI open recently?????? I really miss IKEA STOCKHOLM SWEDEN more than 3 years now since i move out of Stockholm and come to live in Udon…I m flying to BKK on 6July2018 and stay in Khao San Road…..Can u tell me how i can reach IKEA BANGYAI from Khao San Road??????? Finally u snap this Video IKEA that what i have been waiting for u to go around IKEA……THANKSSSS i cant wait anymore to eat Swedes desserts and Swedes food…This are real original Swedes food imported from Sweden……i give u a Big Hug…and today is 6 June 2018 is Sweden National Day…i really miss Stockholm Sweden National Day bcos i really miss every year to watch the Stockholm parade of the Sweden King N Queen and all their Royal Families and their grand childrens……..and biggest of all is to sing Sweden National Song in Skansen Stockholm and eat Princess Cake and strawberry…

  2. its called IKEA. alot of ppl had called it IKEA. but its wrong actually. the correct one should be IKEA. as long as what Yogi said, its always correct.

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