SHILLONG Food Tour – JADOH (Meghalaya Style Biryani) + Barbeque Chicken + Traditional KHASI Dinner

SHILLONG Food Tour – JADOH (Meghalaya Style Biryani) + Barbeque Chicken + Traditional KHASI Dinner

We are in Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya. And here I am with Linty and Sayan. And we are here for a food tour. And we will be exploring some local delicacies with them. So this is the central place of Shillong. So this is the PB. Here…
-PB ! What is it? Police Bazaar. So it is the main hub for people coming and you know… do shopping and hangout kind of place. So what are we going to try? So first of all let’s try this traditional food called Jado. And in this food…this rice, particular rice It is mixed with meat. When they cook this rice, what they do is that they mix small pieces of meat. It can be chicken or pork. They cut it into pieces, they fry it and they… And the rice, some people mix it with the chicken blood or else cook it just like the normal rice. So in that way after like you know when the meat is little bit cooked then we put in the rice and then like mix it. And then there will be like ground ginger. And onions, they are mixed together. And on low flame, the rice is cooked. So it is like rice and meat cooked together. Let’s get one plate. Yes let’s try. So what she did here is like She didn’t mix any meat. Because you know people are like…some of them are vegetarian. What she did was she has mixed only the ‘Til’, the black ‘Til’. Sesame.
-Yes sesame seeds. And some ground ginger and onions. She ground them, fried it and put the rice in. So there is no mixture of meat. So they just top the the meat over it.
-Yes. This is ‘aloo pitika’. That is ‘aloo chokha’, ‘aloo bharta’ or mashed potatoes. Here we have the Jado. This is basically the vegetarian version of Jado. Then chicken and ‘aloo pitika’. What is it called locally? Phan Khleh. Phan is potao and khleh is mixing. How is it? So good. So flavourful. Lot of flavours are there. Is it like everyday the stalls are out here?
-Yes everyday. And in the rains, it is tasting much better I guess. It is such a beautiful ambience, like people are out eating street food They have some music on the street. Thank you sister. What’s next?
-Next we can try this barbecue. So we can… They have pork and chicken.
-Yes. The chicken legs are so huge, so big.
-Yes. We have pork i.e. Doh Sniang…
-This is Doh sniang and this is Dohsyiar. Chicken is called Doh Syiar.
-What does the word Doh means?
-Doh means meat. So for meat we always use the word Doh. That’s how the name Jado has come.
-Yes. So they only mix food colour, butter and salt. That’s it.
-Yes. So like now they are roasting it. But the chicken leg pieces are so huge.
-Yes very huge. I always believe that when you cook the food over charcoal It has a different flavour as it is slow cooked. Yes it is like very well cooked. For example, if you boil water in this charcoal The water takes so much time to get boiled but it takes longer time to cool down also. Very soft it is.
-Yes. Hmm ! It is nice. You can see this is a simple dish and it is so good. He has added no masala in it.
-Nothing. It is just chicken, butter and food colour. And salt. Now when we like the food we use one word ‘Kudam’ !
-Oh sorry ‘Umda’. What are they selling her?
-So we can try this pakoda. Which is again another lovely food for this weather. Where are from?
-I am from Bihar. How come you reach here from Bihar? Not today but since many years.
-There is ‘Pyaju’ and ‘Chop’. Wow ! In Shillong we got Bihari food. Give us a ‘Piyajia’ and a ‘Chop’. How many years have you been here?
-45 years. -Yes. These buildings and all weren’t there. And I use to earn Rs. 150. And you have been selling Pakodas since the beginning.
-Yes. That’s interesting.
-This is Brinjal and this is onion. This is ‘piyaji’. It is made up of onions and chickpea flour. And this is ‘baigun’ i.e. brinjal with besan. Very nice. We loved it. It is just like the ones that you get in Bihar. Same to same.
-So good. It has started raining. The weather changes like within five mins.
-Yes. What they say here is like… In one day they experience four weathers So like rainy day, sunny day like… You know like summer, spring, autumn and winter they experience in one day. You came from Samastipur in Bihar and set up your business over her. And hope everything is good back home. Okay that’s great. Your Pakodas were awesome. Totally crisp. It is the taste of Bihar in the streets of Meghalaya. In the streets of Shillong. And since how long you have been staying in this house? Since 2013. Its very quite and peaceful. As of now it is still very peaceful. Winter is much more colder than this. So now actually the winter has stopped. Now we are approaching the rainy season so coming months, in another two months you will experience huge heavy rainfall over here. And then comes the autumn season where you will see all greenery after that the rainy season and then again the winter. Experience the cold. The Google map, does it works her or not? I don’t think it works. I don’t know but coming here, you might be offline… Coming to your place was left, right, then right, left… We are like ninety per cent of our population here practise Christianity. So most of us practise Christianity. Matrilineal is like the lineage and everything comes down to the daughter. Like they used to say to the youngest daughter. But you know when it comes to decision making. Or anything like you know related to…we call the uncle, the maternal uncle And he decides. That way it is patriarchal. That is the male is taking the decision.
-Yes. But the inheritance and everything goes down to the female, the daughter.
-Okay. So here we have…these are the plates like you know the Khasi plates. We people love eating in small plates okay. while eating food. If you go to Khasi stall or something they will always prefer giving you in small plates. So these are called the ‘siang’ or spoon for taking out rice and all. And this is the ‘tin khat nuit’. This is the dust pan for cleaning the house.
-Okay. And this is the ‘Thlong’.
-For rice.
-Yes for pounding rice. You put the rice and then take out the husk and separate it.
-Yes. And this is the ‘mawjingshoh’…like grind Like when we make chutney or ya… or grinding you know like mint or coriander. We grind them and mix it here. And these are the knives, big big knives. Like people love going to the forest you know cutting trees and all. so people are into cutting trees so these are used. And these are the ‘mawbynna’. So these are the monuments or monoliths. So this is the dry fish another type of dry fish, small dry fish with yam.
-Potatoes. No no it is Yam.
-Its Yam. Okay. What is it called?
-Shriew This is pumpkin with pork. This is smoked pork. Ahh! It smells so good. This is smoked pork. And this is also pork with black sesame. With the black sesame so we call this one Dohsniang neiiong Because the black sesame we call ‘neiiong’. This is Jastem. There is no meat in it. We don’t add any meat. It is just oil, onion, ginger, turmeric and black pepper. Before we start the meals we have to say the prayers. Okay let’s close our eyes. “Prayers” So now you can start. Why do we pray? Like we thank God for giving us the daily food. Like we are able to you know…each day we live and you know… The rice is flavoured.
-Nice and very flavourful. So like… Like when you go for like you know…like I have told you earlier that you know people tend to make fast food. Fried rice…to make things lot easier. But to you know to get this kind of dishes in like Khasi family is a bit difficult. Because you know it takes time to prepare and… And ya to prepare this food. So day to day what do people normally eat? Rice, white rice. Ya we eat meat but we just fry meat Or we know boil with some vegetables. Like that… It is mostly pork.
-Yes pork and chicken. This pumpkin and pork is simply amazing. It is very delicious. Thank you.
-It is smoked and there is the sweetness of the pumpkin. Very good. Sesame…black sesame pork. Yes.
-I have got the fat piece. Hmm ! Wow ! This is good. So in a plate we have all the flavours.
-Yes. Yes at one time only we keep all the flavours. I think that the dry fish is an acquired taste. I loved everything. Specially the smoked pork with pumpkin. What is it called? Doh… Doh sniang trykhong Doh sniang means pork and trykhong means dry . Kwai
-Yes Kwai.
-You like it? Ask her how many she eats in a day? Not much. Not much like… Seven or eight.
-Seven, eight. That’s not much. So it is done. This one is done. This one is the fermented one that has been soaked in water. The taste would be different.
-Yes its different. Which one she likes? This one.
-This one that is soaked in water.
-Yes Where have you soaked it for four months?
-Bucket. Why is the colour of the lime paste pink. So there are different kinds of lime paste. So there is white lime also and…
-There is this pink lime. This pink coloured lime, like it doesn’t burn your tongue much. It is not that sharp?
-Yes. You just first eat the betel nut. This Kwai. Its quite hard. No soft. It is soaked in water. Khublei.
-You are welcome.
-Thank you. Khublei. Thank you for having us. Thank you for cooking us a beautiful meal. We really enjoyed the meal. Thank you so much. We are glad that you liked it. And the flavour of the pumpkin and pork will always remain in our memories.

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