Sesame Street: Charlie’s Russian Restaurant with Grover

Sesame Street: Charlie’s Russian Restaurant with Grover

Waiter? Oh, waiter! [SINGING IN RUSSIAN]
Eat at Charlie’s, eat [SPEAKING RUSSIAN] Hello, sir, welcome to
Charlie’s Russian restaurant. And may I add, zdravstvuyte. That is hello in Russian. This is Sacha and Masha. Yo. We will sing and dance
for your dining pleasure. No, forget the singing and
dancing, I just want the food. Oh, we cannot forget the
singing and dancing, tovarisch. It comes with the dinner. OK. What’s on the menu? I’m hungry. Hit it! [RUSSIAN MUSIC PLAYING] We have famous food that
they eat in the great country of Russian. Number one is beef
stroganoff, pieces of steak in a sour cream gravy. Mm, khorosho. That means good in Russian. Hmm, sounds interesting. I’ll take the beef stroganoff. Very good Russian choice, sir. Hey, Charlie, you got
any stroganoff left? Nyet. Oh! Oh dear. Charlie said nyet. Alas, sir, that
means no in Russian. We have no more stroganoff left. All eaten up, it is all gone. [SINGING] Nyet, there
is no stroganoff, stroganoff, stroganoff. Nyet, there is no stroganoff,
the stroganoff is gone, hey! But for number two we have
peljmani, cute, delicious little dumplings
with meat inside. Ochen khorosho! That means very good in Russian. Oh great. I’ll take the little dumplings. All righty, sir. Hey, Charlie, any peljmani left? Nyet. Oh dear, oh dear. I hate to disappoint
you, sir, but you see, there is no more peljmani left
either, they are all gone. [SINGING] Nyet, there’s no
peljmani, peljmani, peljmani. Nyet, there’s no peljmani,
peljmani all gone, hey! Hey yourself! What’s going on here? But may I recommend number
three, the chicken Kiev, a tender piece of chicken
with butter inside. Finger licking khorosho. I bet there’s none left. [YELLING] Charlie,
got any chicken Kiev? Nyet. I knew it. Nyet means no in Russian. There’s no more chicken either. [SINGING] Nyet, we
have no chicken– Stop the music! What do you have to eat? Well, I know we have the
number four, which is borscht. Oh, borscht? Yes, borscht. Oh, what’s borscht? That is soup, sir. I knew it was something wet. Borscht Is Russian soup
with tomatoes, and beets, and cabbage, and pieces of meat. Oh, sounds delicious. Is it all gone? Well, there is one
bowl left, sir. Now, I was going to
save it for myself, but the customer
is always right. You can have it. I’ll take it. OK. Charlie, pour the borscht. Oh, boy. Soup with tomatoes,
beets, cabbage, and meat. I can’t wait to eat it. Why is my soup on your head? For the borscht dance. [RUSSIAN MUSIC] Hiya! Hey! Hiya! My soup! Hiya! Hiya! Hey! Hiya, hiya, hiya. Hey! Oh no. Oh. Oh, I’m so sorry, sir. It was supposed to
land right side up. There would be no charge. The dinner’s on us. No, it’s on me. Service is not included. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. And do another Backyard With Bert video please!!!!!!!! Do one where Bert and Ernie show us how to make a turkey like the one where u draw it with your hand. Could u please do that Sesame Street?

  2. I remember seeing this for the first time, and how exciting it was to hear Frank Oz performing Grover again. I have no doubts Frank started doing these little Grover/Mr. Johnson bits again because it gave him a chance to perform alongside Jerry Nelson again.

  3. Dear Sesame Street,

    Whenever you have time,
    PLEASE upload the full English version of Surprise (with all 3 cutaways).
    The community have been looking for it since the German was removed in 2007. So, it would be kind if you upload it for Throwback Thursday.

    Like this comment so Sesame Street can see it.

  4. "Why is my soup on your head?!" "For the borscht dance!" Duh. Hasn't this guy been coming to Charlie's long enough to know better than to ask questions like that? LOL

  5. Grover: "There will be no charge…your dinner's on us"
    Mr Johnson: "No, it's on me" (faints sideways with a splash)
    Grover: "Service is not included" LOL

  6. The Canadian flax council closed its offices because they were led to believe they would be paid by concerns that wanted to combine grain oils. Flax is grown in Russia and Canada, fine flax in Belgium.

  7. Nyet, there’s no peljmani, peljmani, peljmani.
    Nyet, there’s no peljmani, peljmani all gone, hey!

    Hey yourself!

  8. If Mr. Johnson gets angry at Grover for not bringing him the right orders at Charlie's regular restaurant, it shouldn't be Grover's fault for doing this; it should be Charlie's fault.

  9. Nyet, there is no stroganoff, stroganoff, stroganoff
    Nyet, there is no stroganoff, the stroganoff is gone, hey!

  10. How about this?
    Nyet, we have no chicken Kiev, chicken Kiev, chicken Kiev
    Nyet, we have no chicken Kiev, chicken Kiev no more, hey!

    Stop the music!

  11. They should do a Charlie's Japanese restaurant. Soba, rice, udon, and dumplings….and oh yeah…A GIANT MONSTER ATTACK!!

  12. Mr Johnson should have ordered the kishka that would have summoned Yankovic on the accordion ; Who stole the kishka who stole the kishka?

  13. A million thanks to the uploader.
    Frank Oz with his legendary voice and a few sock puppets have made a million people feel good.

  14. Yo mama so fat she's the reason why there's no stroganoff, pejmani, and chicken kiev in Charlie's Russian Restaurant!

  15. Grover must be working Russian dinner theater, Charlie keeps running out of food, Mr. Johnson ends up getting Borscht all over his nice clean suit, he ends up fainting while accidentally cracking his head open on a bowl, and he ends up suing the dinner theater company.

  16. This really makes me laugh out so louuud. Love you Grover. Whats the name of this customer? I love their series

  17. For anyone who's wondering what that musical instrument that looks like a guitar the lady's playing, it's called a "BALALAIKA".

  18. And for anyone who's wondering what Grover meant when he said "Tovarishch", that means like "Comrade" or "Colleague".

  19. I remember seeing this on PBS. This came up when Grover's world traveling segment usually comes up. I guess as long as it's about Grover, it counts.

    Seems strange that the restaurant would be open when almost everything is gone. I wonder if there was a number 5?

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