– She’s happy. She’s gonna break up with me now, and marry the laptop. That’s what’s gonna happen. Isn’t that right? (Robyn giggles) (“Plexi” by Hale) Let’s go. What are you doing? We’re just getting breakfast downstairs. (Robyn laughs) What are you putting makeup on for? I’ve been waiting for 25
minutes just to go downstairs to have breakfast at this damn hotel and this one’s had two changes of clothes and putting makeup on. Oh, and you’re still not ready. What are you doing this time? – You know what? I’m done with you right now. I actually, I’m done. (Brad scoffs) – [Brad] There’s no
need for that attitude. (door slams)
(Brad laughs) There’s no need for that. Have you got the key? (“Plexi” by Hale) Good morning. – Good morning. – [Brad] Is it the first of June? – It is! – Is it the first of June?
– It is. – We’re having breakfast, it’s eight o’clock in the morning and we’re in Seminyak right now. So, um, we’re having
breakfast here, it’s amazing. Got the start having an egg omelette and some pancakes, croissants. Felt pretty good to have a
hot shower this morning, huh? After coming off the remote islands. – Everything feels (mumbling). – [Brad] Check that out. Look at this pool.
– Look how cool it is. – Look at this luxury. (“Plexi” by Hale) Folks, good morning. We’ve had breakfast, Robyn in the house. We’re now leaving. About to get a driver to go to Denpasar to buy a laptop for this one over here. Buying a laptop in 2018. Let’s go. Oh wait, wait, wait, hold on. (laughing) (“Plexi” by Hale) So we were inside the taxi. Just make sure if you come to Bali and you’re getting a taxi, make sure they have the metre turned on and they don’t try to give you– The guy wanted to charge
us 300,000 on the metre, which he said was broken at first. And I knew it wasn’t
because it was turned on. But then it cost 80, 83,000. So, make sure when you come into Bali, make sure the taxi has a metre. She’s on a mission to get a laptop. Look at this girl. Look at the spring in her step. The spring in her step. We’re at the Apple store
right now looking at laptops and the moment we walk in here, 3.5 seconds ago, this one’s
face lights up with excitement and she went straight
to this one over here. (Robyn sings) She’s happy. Whereas half and hour
ago she wasn’t happy. – No (mumbling). Do you really? – No MacBooks. – [Brad] He’s out of stock
man, he’s out of stock. – It’s like that every store. – No. (clerk grumbles) (Robyn groans) OK, we have to go to the next place. – So we’re in a taxi at the moment and we’re at the Galeria
shopping centre here in Bali. We’ve just gone through
two security checkpoints for bomb checks. The first checkpoint
they opened up the boot and they scanned the boot for bombs. And in the second
checkpoint, the guy had a mirror on a pole, and the
mirror was to look underneath this taxi for bombs to see if
any bombs are planted here. So yeah, two bomb checkpoints to get into this supermarket, shopping centre. (“Plexi” by Hale) This maniac is throwing
around an Apple case. Look at her. She’s about to buy an Apple. She’s about to buy (laughing). Security! Security! (Robyn neighs) OK. (Robyn laughs)
(Brad neighs) (“Plexi” by Hale) She’s happy because she’s about to buy an Apple MacBook Pro. That’s a lot of blog posts. A lot of blog posts. I want a thousand blog posts out of you over the next five years. Can you do that? – 650
– Yeah? – Yeah? So it’s a yes to the Apple MacBook Pro if she can do a thousand blog posts in the next five years using this. It makes it a worthy return on investment. This girl’s on a mission. She’s on a mission. You can’t stop her. She’s happy. She’s gonna break up with me now, and marry the laptop. That’s what’s gonna happen. Isn’t that right? (Robyn giggles) Yes. That’s a yes. She’s in love. – Look.
– She’s in love. She’s happy. – Look!
– Look, she’s happy. Touch it, it’s yours. It’s brand new. The proud owner of a
brand new MacBook Pro. (Robyn laughs) This summer, starring Robyn Whale, she buys–
– Everyone’s looking at you. – A MacBook Pro.
– Like you are crazy. – With a case and software. (Robyn laughs) I will never see her again. (both laugh) It’s true, she’ll be on her laptop the whole time now, right? (“Plexi” by Hale) All right, so we’re leaving
the Galeria shopping centre here in Bali near the airport, and we’re about to jump in a taxi to head back to Denpasar, oh
not Denpasar, to Seminyak. Robs has purchased a brand new Apple MacBook Air.
(dinging) MacBook Pro, I think it is. (dinging) I have no idea what it, I don’t know. I think it’s a MacBook Pro. (dinging) And we’re about to head back, so now I’m about to go and jump in a taxi. These guys are going through
all the bomb detector things, so they’re scanning for bombs. Over there a guy has a little mirror and is looking underneath
the cars for bombs. Go first.
– Of course, thank you. – [Brad] Ladies always go first. (Robyn mumbles) Can you say that again? Such a what? – Chivalrous man. – As always. As always. – [Driver] Ladies first. – Ladies always–
– Yes, you see! – That’s right, see?
– You see? – We have a witness. He witnessed what I just did. And what I do on a regular basis that no one gets to see. – [Robyn] It doesn’t happen often. – It happens very often, thank you. Very often.
(Robyn laughs) (laughing) Happens every day. – With a reminder. Just saying, just putting it out there. – Selective memory. (“Plexi” by Hale) Is everybody watching this? (Robyn speaking in a foreign language) – We’re in Seminyak, beautiful hot day. We’re about to go and
get some Mexican food. (“White Sands And Tans” by Matt Wigton) Robyn’s been here before. Apparently, it’s amazing. We’re gonna have some Mexican. She’s gonna show me what
this place is all about. – Well, look at it. Look how cool it is. – Ah, nice, huh? We’re debating about what to get. This one wants to get the,
she wants to get the unsure. – Only because it’s fun. Like, we don’t, we won’t
know what we’re gonna get and that’s the fun of Mexican. (“White Sands And Tans” by Matt Wigton) – [Brad] All right here we
go, here we go, here we go. Sweet, have you had this before? Or first time? Amazing? (Robyn groans) Really good? (Robyn groans) – [Waitress] Squeeze the lime first. Make sure you mix it up, mix in colour. – Ah, OK.
– Ah. – [Brad] You didn’t mix
it, you didn’t mix it. – [Robyn] I was half right. I was half right, I was half right. – It was so good.
– Yeah that is. – [Robyn] Now this? – We just can’t stop eating.
– We can’t. So guys, I’d just like to welcome you to this wonderful restaurant. Isn’t it amazing? (laughing) – Do you ever brush your teeth? There’s so much food here
man, I can’t eat all this. – [Robyn] I’m gonna try, look. I’m gonna make little wraps here. – Do you have, is there
anything after this? Is there more after this? – Yes, bring you one more. – Get the fu–
– One more? – [Brad] This is ridiculous. – Maybe it’s dessert. (“White Sands And Tans” by Matt Wigton) – The food keeps on coming. This is the dessert. Check this out. Look at that. Look at that. Look at that.
(Robyn laughs) It’s too much. If you order the unknown
option on the menu, you’ll get like everything off the menu. They’ll basically bring
the whole menu out. Isn’t that right? On the menu it says, unknown. What does it say, unknown or
– Unsure. – Unsure. If you say unsure, they’ll
bring everything out. Like, everything. Man, you go, you go first, you go first. Is it nice? That’s a yes. (“White Sands And Tans” by Matt Wigton) Tell everybody where we were. What’s the name of the place? – Hotel Mexicana, I think it’s called. – Mexicola.
– Mexicola. – Hotel–
– Mexicola. – Mexicola, here in, I
can’t get my words together. Uh, where are we? – Been drinking too many, Seminyak. – Seminyak.
– You’ve been drinking too many margaritas today. – I’ve got my head together. I’ve got my wits about me. Don’t worry.
– You’re slurring. – Don’t worry, don’t worry. Hotel Mexicola is the
place to be if you want awesome Mexican food
– Motel! – [Brad] I said Motel. – No, you said Hotel. – Motel, Hotel, Motel Mex– – It’s Motel Mexicola. – Motel Hexicola. (laughing) We have to start over, I think. (rewinding tape squeal) Anyway (chuckling) a place
that has awesome Mexican food. Go and check it out. And really nice ambiance, actually. Did you enjoy the ambiance? – I loved it. – [Brad] Really, really nice. And it gets–
– Really fun, colourful. – Really nice, friendly people. – Great music.
– Great music. Friendly place. – There were even those three guys walking around with
instruments playing music. And it was just so cool. – Really, really cool place. Definitely come check it out. Let me know if you go there. Are we off to Bodyworks? – I don’t know, do we want
to walk some of this off? – I think we should walk for a little bit. – OK.
– I haven’t seen Seminyak yet. We’ve been indoors half the
day looking for a laptop. Looking for a laptop.
(Robyn laughs) (scoffing) All right, to be continued. – I’m taking you to a place on the beach. – All right, quick pan,
quick pan of this beach that we just landed on for the sunset. The sun is over there about to set. (“White Sands And Tans” by Matt Wigton) Guess what baby, we’re going to Mexico! (excited screaming) We’re off to Mexico. (Brad hollers)
– We’re off to Mexico! (“White Sands And Tans” by Matt Wigton)


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