Seafood – Something For Everyone

Seafood – Something For Everyone

From finfish to shellfish, Americans love their seafood. What’s so great about seafood? A lot! It’s a healthy food choice providing key nutrients and healthy protein for everyone from children to adults. From scallops and haddock to grouper, hake, salmon clams and oysters, Americans enjoy a variety of seafood caught and farmed right here in the U.S. Not only do we have the most sustainably managed fisheries in the world but with the passage of the Magnuson Stevens Act 40 years ago, the U.S. has become a model for other countries for sustainable fisheries management. Our seafood industry continues to grow yearly. Our love of seafood helps support a $150 billion dollar-a-year economy employing over one million seafood workers including fishermen and fish farmers which keeps wholesalers packing processing shipping, and keeps markets and restaurants cooking and selling seafood. All for us to eat and enjoy. Our recreational fishing industry provides over 400,00 jobs and contributes over 60 billion dollars a year to our economy as millions of saltwater anglers take to our oceans, bays, and tributaries to catch and release, or bring home fish for supper. Fishing and seafood have strong roots in America. It’s a part of our culture. Together, we can continue to support our hardworking fishing and seafood industries by grilling, slurping, frying, baking and savoring the abundance of seafood that’s available from our waters. Enjoy!

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  1. There are aquatic mammals in st marks Florida near Wakulla me and my wife saw one and they have been vandalizing the oyster farms we didn’t have time to pull out camera but definitely was wat look like a lady coming out the water Mami Wata in African terms

  2. You guys should partner with shark Trust the Pacific whale Foundation coral reef Alliance the Sea Turtle Conservancy the Orca Conservancy 4ocean aunt oceanx

  3. All noaa does is Regulate the f**K out of american fishermen while factory ships rape the international waters just off the coast

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