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  1. I'm going to be slightly miffed if i don't see one of the competitors make their lobster rolls look like a lobster.IE stick real claws and legs into the roll.No matter what I'm already excited though.

  2. It's interesting because if they want to match flavours with the lobster food they tried, they'll either need to ship Maine lobster there, or figure out ways to mimic the sweetness and such that's exclusive to that breed and habitat.

  3. It's not until I got to the Lighthouse Hunters bit that I realise how much I missed watching Ben being… Ben on this channel

  4. Oh my GOD now I want to go back to Portland and eat all the lobster! I'm so glad you went there – it was lovely to see Casco bay and the Portland Head Lighthouse. Still, can't believe you didn't have any clam chowder!

    I want to see Ben and James go head to head cooking a Maine lobster – can you get those in England?

  5. I don't actually enjoy these. I don't learn anything and doubt (if I've not already been) I'll ever go to these places and most of the time wouldn't eat what you chose. Sorry sort of because you get to get out of the kitchen but it's kind of boring.

  6. Will you guys review the smartchop cutting board from the yes company??? It looks wild and I wanna know if it’s worth it

  7. As a person from New England i know how expensive seafood is here so this had to have been THE MOST EXPENSIVE day of food yet. 1 lobster roll here in Massachusetts is about 14$ to 15$ each. That stuffed lobster was upwards of 35$. This was amazing guys.

  8. Im sorry and i love ur page and have been a silent follower for few years but "how is a lobster with a tail and shell still delicious ?

  9. I'm afraid I had to bail at the sight of so many guys chomping down on sandwiches in close-up. I don't actually need to see Jamie filling his face to understand what's going on.

  10. “I didn’t read the appendices, which obviously had the extra rules in.”

    This was such a Ben thing to say.

  11. It would be fantastic if you guys could make a vegan lobster roll. There is a mushroom called a lobster mushroom that apparently looks, smells, and tastes just like lobster.

  12. Ahhhhh! You were within driving distance and I missed you!
    You should check out the beer scene in Vermont! Hill's Farmstead Brewery. Keep rocking.

  13. Looking forward to the battle! I would love to see you guys redo some of your older battles since the format has changed with the addition of brownie points and the current studio. Perhaps Ultimate Pizza Battle – Take 2, Ultimate Hot Dog battle – Take 2, and Ultimate Sandwich Battle – Take 2 as some examples! Since all three of those dishes can literally go anywhere.

  14. Great to watch! Make more of these!

    And also, maybe you can give week-menu’s a go? 5 quick, easy and deliscious dishes? as a father of 3 kids and both me and my wife working fulltime, it isn’t easy to bring quick and good food to the table!

    Food for thought!

    Greetings from Belgium!

  15. I noticed you do not use a pepper mill. I used to use pre-ground pepper until I tasted the difference freshly ground from a mill tastes. Why do you not use one or do you grind it fresh before the videos?

  16. Our family was just in Maine/Portland and I wish we would have been able to visit as many places as you did. We did get to eat at the Duckfat downtown and visit some of the hole in the wall bakeries. Great video guys!

  17. Guys, it’s way past time that you did a chili battle. Jamie’s isn’t the only way to make chili, so let’s make a battle happen!

  18. Fun fact Maine lobster used to be considered a "poor mans food" as they used to just wash up on shore before they were fished.

  19. Uhhhh…Wait. Why is it just Jamie and Baz in the battle? I guess because of the two different groups… still, I’m starting to wonder when we’ll see another 3-way battle.

  20. So assuming Jamie and Mike really added the extra points to their score, the most they could possibly have was 19 😂


  21. You guys need to do a food tour of Australia. Not just the major cities, go to out of the way places and eat weird stuff lol.

  22. Hey hope you guys had fun checking out Portland! It’s a great place to live. If you ever come back check out Arcadia National Bar. It’s a Bar and an Aracade in one. A Barcade? I know it doesn’t have to do with the lobster theme but it’s quite fun

  23. Love seeing you locally. Only question. How did you avoid getting New England clam chowder? It's more iconic for the region than a lobster roll. Clam cakes and chowder are a classic.

  24. I’m just sitting here eating a holy donut thinking hm I like lobsters let’s see this video; and then oh it’s my city! One of Ben’s lighthouses was the smokestack on the cousins island power plant but otherwise fantastic effort.

  25. Next time you're looking for a food destination in the US, try out St. Louis Missouri. There's all kinds of great local foods – Toasted Ravioli, St. Louis style pizza, BBQ Pork Steaks, St. Louis Ribs, Ted Drewes Frozen Custard, a million wonderful local doughnut shops… really worth the trip 🙂

  26. Aw this is making me wicked homesick for my home state! Sent to the family to watch and now we are planning on recreating this food adventure for ourselves- complete with lighthouse hunting, of course.

  27. Damn I live 25 minutes from Portland I had no ideas the Sorted boys were in town. Hope you enjoyed Maine!

  28. I can get being annoyed by the non-traditional poutine, but the number of Canadians being super annoyed about it as though probably at least half of white Mainers aren't of French-Canadian descent….

  29. Hello gentlemen, I do believe you would do well in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It is the home of Meow Wolf, one of the greatest art exhibits the world has ever seen. It looks great on camera, and Mike can film anything and it would look nice. And New Mexico is the Chile capital of the world. You could try all sorts of new things, from George RR Martin's favorite wine restaurant to the best taco trucks in the world. I would highly recommend you check into it at least. however it may be a tad spicy for u London guys, lol. Hope you take my recommendation, love y'all.

  30. I have always wanted to try lobster rolls in Maine, now I need to make it my next trip. These videos make it look amazing! Well done. Thank you for the inspiration.

  31. I remember the days when you used to rip Ben so hard I felt bad for him. Now he's LIGHTHOUSE HUNTER and absolutely the highlight of your videos ❤️

  32. Thank you for posting this!! My family does a yearly trip up to Maine (heading up this week!) and you covered our main stops (pun intended): Holy Doughnut, Eventide (my personal favorite lobster roll), and Duckfat. And now we'll have to head to Boone's now for the stuffed lobster and Highroller and Bite into Maine. We'll also hit the other Duckfat near the brewery since we've only done the one in downtown. We love you boys and the work you do <3 I almost wish I followed other social media so I could have chimed in with recommendations.

  33. Thank you for your Portland Tour! We were just there and stopped at 3 of your stops! Highroller.. Holy donut.. and the Standard baking Co. ALL FANTASTIC!!! You guys are the BEST,

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