Seafood Pancakes (Haemul-jeon: 해물전)

Seafood Pancakes (Haemul-jeon: 해물전)

Hi everybody! Today I came here with a very simple recipe! I’m going to show you how to make a seafood pancake. Haemul-jeon in Korean. Are you a seafood lover? Then it will be a perfect recipe for you. Korean pancakes are different from the pancakes you’re thinking about. Eating those pancakes for breakfast with some maple syrup These are not like that. Korean pancakes are called “jeon” So today we are making haemul-jeon, “haemul” is seafood. You need only a few ingredients. So I chose squid, shrimp, and clams. But you can use other kinds of seafood if you want, such as scallops or mussels. But these are my family’s all-time favorite. I want to show you how to clean these just in case you don’t know how to handle this seafood. We need one pound of seafood. From here and there, from these 3 kinds of seafood we’ll just use only 1 pound. This is squid. Don’t cut through, just only on this part a little bit. So now I just open this and pull it up. And remove, this is the bone for this guy. And we have to remove the skin. So I use salt. So, very clean! And, so cut around this part… And this is the mouth. Discard. That’s super easy to clean. It took only one minute. And now, shrimp. I’m not going to use it all, just I want to show you how to handle this. The shrimp, remove all shells. And each shrimp, cut this… And remove any veins. Sometimes it has intestines. Dirty stuff is inside. This shrimp is very clean. I use this large shrimp but you can use any size of shrimp. Next, the clams. Clams are like this, the clam meat is very clean. But I like to wash and quickly rinse. You have to wash this nicely. So my seafood is really clean. I’m going to measure exactly one pound. So now a little bit of this and a little bit of this I’m going to add. Shrimp first/ And just cut. Let me see this… the clams. And let’s see how much is this… I usually don’t measure, but for you, I’m going to show you the accurate measurement. This is one pound. We are going to make a pancake and this leftover, right after this I’m going to make an extra pancake. The squid, I have to chop it up. And clams… I’m going to mince this just a little bit. Not too finely. With my knife, like this. (music plays) (chopping and music) And put it in this bowl. This is one pound chopped seafood. I washed my cutting board. We need to season and mix with batter. Two green onions and one green chili pepper. And add this here. Red carrot. I will add just a little bit for color. Just a little, maybe one tablespoon. Just something red a little bit here. Let’s add one egg. Flour, a half cup. Half cup potato starch. If you don’t have potato starch just use one cup flour. but potato starch makes it look really translucent and more crunchy. So that’s why I’m using half cup, half cup. Water, half cup water. We need to add some seasonings, one tablespoon fish sauce. Quarter teaspoon salt. Ground black pepper. About half teaspoon. Last touch, sesame oil! Even here I add some sesame oil, it tastes much much better than without sesame oil. And then mix this with a spoon. Look at that so colorful, it already looks very delicious if this is cooked, isn’t it? Ok let’s cook! Turn the heat to medium heat. My mom made this type of pancake. Always early in the morning, I’d follow my mom to go to the market. Going to the market is always interesting, since I was young. And then she came home and then she pounded and chopped up everything and then made a really hot pancake. i just still remember my father loved that. It has to be medium heat. (sizzling) A few minutes later you will see the bottom of the pancake is a little crunchy and then flip over. Outside should be crunchy, so I add a generous amount of oil. This is squid. Squid chunk. This is kind of my bonus. (laughs) Mmm! (laughs) Second batch. This size is around 3 inches wide and 1/2 inch thick. Cook this over medium heat but sometimes to make it crunchy and a little bit brownish and then medium high heat. It smells so good! In Korea, one day before festival days, every family makes this kind of pancake. So suddenly all this town or if you live in the countryside, the village smells so good everywhere. It makes all of us in a festive mood! Altogether 2 minutes, 2 minutes and 1 minute more, around 5 minutes. 5 or 6 minutes after, you can get this really crunchy and fully well cooked pancakes. Ok, done! For Koreans it’s a side dish, banchan, eat with rice. Rice is bland, this is a little salty, so it’s a perfect side dish. Mmm! (laughs)
MMMMMM! So delicious! That’s it! In Korea a lot of housewives make this for a special occasion but it doesn’t have to be a special occasion, you can make it anytime. All these ingredients are very fresh, the flavor from the green chili pepper is really awesome, and also the texture of each different ingredient is really chewy, springy, and succulent! So delicious! Mmm! Today I showed you how to make haemuljeon, seafood pancake. Enjoy my recipe, see you next time! Bye!

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  1. J adore vos petites recettes. Vous êtes adorable et trop mignonne Je vous remercie
    Infiniment Un gros bisou de Paris

  2. I always thought we have to use special flour and chive to make Korean seafood pancake. Turned out we just need potato starch, regular flour, and green onion to make it. I would really like try your recipe, Maanchi! Thank you for sharing! Your videos make things look so easy and really motivate people to try it out! <3

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  4. Hallo , im women arabic i work in Korean kichen in morocco please write the ingredients in the description box . Thanx

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  6. This looks delicious! I’m looking forward to when the weather cools off a bit more in NYC, so I can practice more jeon. I did a veggie pancake the other day and it was so tasty, but my kitchen was borderline unbearable for the heat.

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  8. hola,me encantan tus vídeos, amiga me eres bien simpática pero no entiendo por eso de las porciones, agradezco sigas agregando el subtítulo en español. muchas gracias. saludos

  9. 😘 qué linda, aunque no entiendo eres muy expresiva, eres especial, quisiera disfrutar la cocina como tu ya me encariñé contigo. Eres un lindo ejemplo.

  10. In Canada, we call fried seafood cakes, "patties". Pancakes is the name of a sweet or neutral flour cake with egg, baking powder salt oil or butter, etc. We like pancakes with maple syrup.

  11. I love it that you truly enjoy your food so much! Amazing recipes! Thank you so much for generously sharing them with us!

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  13. I love all of your videos and recipes! You are one of my favourite cooks I look up to. Made this recipe today. Turned out so delicious 🤤. Thank you so much ❤️

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  15. I love how maangchi tells us about her past learning this recipe from her mom or how her mom does it. Looks very delicious I wish I could eat it, I'm just torturing myself with your videos, love your channel.

  16. I like the way you clean squip. Easy & fast. And I like it too when you said, during festival time, everyone was cooking this pancake, suddenly the whole town smell delicious 😋😅

  17. Hola Maangchi
    Wao desde que encontre tu canal ayer no he podido parar de ver tus creaciones soy diabética pero creo que cambiando algunos productos como la azúcar y la harina voy a poder hacer muchas de tus recetas y disfrutar la alimentación koreana soy puertorriqueña pero que importa DTB y tede mucha salud. Tengo unos cuantos productos de los que usas gracias

  18. I tried to cook this today with my daughter! Very delicious and it looks exactly as the video! I highly recommend it ☺️👍❤️

  19. Man! These where so delicious and easy to make, even better than at the restaurant! I couldn't find squid or clams, but I did find shrimp and scallops. Thank you so much for sharing, tomorrow I will try the veggie pancake recipe.😍

  20. They look ono-licious! I will try the recipe in a few days after I go get some seafood. Gamsahamnida. And Mahalo from Hawaii.

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