Seafood Paella

Seafood Paella

(Upbeat music) (Audience cheers) Our next guest is a celebrity chef. She’s also the author of the book called Clodagh’s Suppers. Please welcome back to our show our friend, chef Clodagh McKenna. Hey! Hey! What are we making?
What are we making? We are making, we are making the most delicious seafood pilaf. Thank you. (Audience cheers) Plus, plus plus plus! And a raspberry and rose water pavlova. Which is so good. So I wish everybody could smell this. This smells so good already.
Mmhmm, Mmmhmm. So what we’re doing is, to make the paella we’re sauteing some onions. Piaya? Piaya. You said paella. (Laughs)
Paella? I say paella, you say piaya? Go ahead. Okay, and so I’m sauteing some onions chorizo, garlic, red peppers. Chorizo! Chorizo. Is that the brown things right here? Yeah, so it turns brown when it’s sauteed. Yeah yeah. And it’s like a spicy pork sausage. I love chorizo. Do you love it. Not so much. I was talking about the pork. It’s about to slide down. (Laughs) Okay, and then I’m going to mix around it. Oh here we go, I’ve got my little thing here. I put in the paella rice, or the piaya rice and you toast that up a little bit. And then I’ve got some saffron. Smell this Wendy. Oh my god.
Delicious. It’s so good. I mean, that is the smell and the taste of Spain. I put all that into some hot stock. Now listen. And just pour this over and let it cook away for about 15 minutes while you stir and smile. Is this done? All right. And then it turns out looking like this. What’s this? (Laughs) What’s that? That is the monkfish. So when it gets to this stage, what you want to do then is pour all your seafood in, right? So you’ve got mussels, monkfish, and you’ve got some shrimp. And just pour them all in. (Audience claps) Yum. Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. And then you mix it around.
That’s really good. A job for a little dollop of hot sauce. Oh my god, you love your hot sauce. You know I do. You love it! Are you still with the boyfriend? I’m still with the boyfriend. He sends his love. Mmhmm. He watched the clip the last time. He was like, “Oh my god she’s so gorgeous.” And I’m like, “I know.” She’s so lovely, and more so in person even. Thank you Clodagh. (Audience claps) And then it comes out, so basically the paella comes out looking like this. This is an amazing sharing plate. Make it at the weekend.
This is very good. Cause you can eat it outside. Serve it with lemons. You know what, I was going to say “Do you mind if I squeeze lemon right on mine?”
Oh my god, squeeze lemon. I like it like that. And you can make this on your grill. So if you’re outside
And I love mussels too. You love mussels. All kinds of mussels. Mmmhmm. (Audience claps) (Laughs) Okay, you go around here. Okay, I’ll go around here. Okay, I’m focusing. And next is the pavlova, which looks so incredible and so impressive. Yeah I know what that is, what is that? This is egg white. So this is egg white that is all whisked up, right? Until you get it stiff like this. That’s talent. And then you add in I don’t have the patience for that. Okay, just put it into your whisker and just let it whisk itself. I don’t have one. And then you put in your superfine sugar. And then you add in cornstarch which makes it nice and gooey on the inside. You put in a little bit of vinegar, and then you put in Vinegar? This is my secret ingredient, rose water. This is dessert. What is that? Rose water. Oh!
Oh my god. Isn’t it just delicious? Yes! So, everybody’s got to buy this. You can buy it in the supermarkets, everywhere. Yeah, but we use it to put on our skin. Not in the food. Yeah but it’s so good in food. Okay, let’s taste. With fruit especially. And you only need a little drop. And then you just whisk it all around, like that. It’s so easy. I mean this is just egg white and sugar together. (Audience claps) It’s so easy to make. And then you pop it out. On like this, and you just shape it into like a little round, like so. You’re called a celebrity chef. Yeah. Other than being here and being celebrated on our show. Yeah. Who do you know? Who do you cook for? What do you do? Who do I cook for? Well, at home I do lots of shows, at home. I’ve got my own show on channel four as well. Home is? In England. Okay. And I write the food column there, I write cookery books. Her boyfriend grew up in the castle that they used in Downton Abbey. Yeah. (Audience claps) Who are you? Handsome. Oh look it is beautiful. Yeah and we live on the property and we just started keeping bees. I know, I saw your costume. Did you? On my Instagram? There I am on my Instagram. That’s you, and Dr. Oz. You know, Oz keeps bees. And they’re so good, so next time I come back we’re going to have honey. So I’ll be bringing you my honey. Yeah. Bit of honey! I love it. So guys, this goes into the oven for one hour but you have to let it Do you mind if I just taste it by itself? Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then you’ve got to let it cool in the oven after it’s baked. So this is a great make ahead. You can make this the day before. Hey! And then it comes out looking like this, magic. That’s really delicious. (Audience claps) Okay, now what you see there, the brown thing it’s a little bit of drizzle of raspberry syrup that I put on before I put it in the oven. Love it. And then you put on some whipped cream because you’ve got to have whipped cream. And this is like This is really, okay Yeah, All right!
This is hard! (Audience claps) And then, let me taste! You pop that straight on. I’m going to give you a taste here. Look, and it looks so impressive. It really does, all of it does. You put all of your raspberries on top like this. But you could use blueberries, you can use all different types of fruits. It’s so easy to make, and it looks so impressive. This is a really beautiful presentation, both dishes. A little bit of raspberry syrup, and look! Hey ho, and the flavor of the rose water is so delicate You’re right. And whispery, and It’s whispering on my tongue. (laughs) And I never told you. So the last time I was on the show. After the show, which airs on a Friday night and by Friday night, I was back at home sitting down I had five thousand new followers on Instagram. Wow. So all of you, and they’re my favorite followers. I told you to give a shout out. And they always DM me, so I’m in like England doing all my cooking and planting, and they DM me from like Brooklyn. And there’s a guy called Dan in Brooklyn. Hi Dan in Brooklyn. (Laughs) Clodagh everybody, McKenna.
I love your followers. As you can see, she’s all people. (Laughs) For more information on these recipes go to (Upbeat music)

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  1. It's even more tragic when you think she's British and they have more of a connection to Spanish food and the Spaniards than Americans do, yet Wendy is the one that comes closer (ish) to the right pronunciation.

    Also original seafood paella doesn't have onion. Americans and the obsession of adding flavor and spice to everything, there's a taste to lighter foods too.

  2. I would love to eat her food looks god and ive never heard of that egg white thing she made… her spirit seems like it makes incredible things

  3. 😂😂😂😂 Wendy don't you ever come back from a commercial licking your fingers like that again 💀

  4. I’m from Barcelona. Please if you make a paella don’t put chorizo on it, it’s not the first time I see this in a foreign (for me) talk show 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  5. Love you Wendy you change i love this New You Stay Blessed Stay Positive and be Strong live your life girl From Detroit Michigan

  6. If she can’t pronounce peaella correctly than how I could I trust her cooking! Omggg and she said it more than 2 timesssss

  7. If someone says they are going to make a 'payelleya', and not a "paella", I will not want to eat that. The least you can do if you will cook a dish outside of your culture, as a professional chef, is to practice the word to say it correctly so there's more credibility to your work.

  8. I can’t. Whys Wendy looking at the food like that.

    ‘Lemme taste’

    Slow down Aunty Wendy – the food is coming

  9. Yes, Yes, WHITE gurl cooking #paeLLa

    Low-IQ WENDAY to Nene = what does a black woman know about owning a pizza store #HUH
    Racism without Racists: Color-Blind Racism and the Persistence of Racial Inequality in America

  10. The way Wendy pronounced it is correct!!! This lady should deff know how to pronounce what she’s cooking properly

  11. Those pavlovas looked nasty. The egg whites were no longer firm and needed a quick refresh during break. The pre-made one didn't look very good either… 🤢

  12. As a Spaniards I would like to say that this "Pa eh yah" aka Paella should not have so many bell peppers and it should have a more orange colour!

  13. Love the recipe 😍 mom just started her YouTube channel cocinando y relajiando con doña yola yes it's in Spanish and has great Mexican food… please show her some support I would greatly appreciate it ❤️

  14. oh, come on, wendy. you had the patience for KELVIN to whip you for over 20 years so just pretend that the egg whites are KELVIN you are whipping.

  15. I really like her personality. If I were on Instagram, I'd follow her. Plus, her food actually does look amazing!

  16. The real paella from Spain does NOT contain either onion or chorizo. That is sooo wrong! Chorizo has a strong flavour and it is against common sense to mix it with fish (Ew!). Please, before uploading foreign recipes check what the real dish is like or give your recipe a different name 🙂, like Godzella…

  17. The pavlova was GREAT! And super simple if u have a mixer. Just some tips, mix the egg whites on high for 6 minutes, and medium while u gradually add the sugar, about 5 minutes, then whip again on high for 7 minutes.

    I did 2 1/2 teaspoons of vanilla instead of Rosewater. And then 1 teaspoon of vanilla instead of Rosewater for the whipped cream too. I also made extra raspberry sauce. So I could put more at the end, right before serving.

    It was a hit at my BBQ!! Even though no one knew what it was.

  18. Attn to YouTube wendy team. I will be downvoting until u start uploading the whole hot topics section without interruptions. I get why you're doing it for the metrics. But that's greedy AF. Ure a network morning show. U guys have been renewed till 2022, making big revenue gains, Wendy William's herself provides… all because the viewers keep returning. So stop abusing our loyalty. Upload the whole hot topics and stop this BULL.

  19. The first thing I thought was why is she calling it “Pi Ella” and then afterwards Wendy corrected her. I’ve never heard anyone pronounce it that way before

  20. pae-LA??… girl. PAELLA!!! it's not an L sound, it's an "y" sound. This is a Spaniard plate, and the whole thing is wrong, starting with the pronunciation… Bye Clodagh.

  21. oh my god!!!!!! Its all wrong!!!! this isnt a paella…onion??? chorizo?????? excuse me …. its horrible……. the right name for that thing is: Rice…. with all the things that i found in my fridge!!!!! Ewwwwww

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