Seafood Doria Recipe シーフードドリア 作り方 レシピ

Seafood Doria Recipe シーフードドリア 作り方 レシピ

Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” First, cook the rice with a slightly less amount of water. To the rice, add the carrot, onion and the crumbled chicken bouillon cube. Distribute the vegetables on the surface. To help cook the rice evenly, don’t combine the mixture but leave all the vegetables on top. Now, let’s cook the white sauce. Rinse the seafood under running water to help it thaw. Place the seafood into the heated pan and distribute evenly. Add the white wine and the white pepper. Cover and lightly simmer the seafood. Uncover and stir until the seafood is almost cooked. It will be completely cooked when you make the white sauce later. Reserve the seafood in a bowl. Now, clean the pan with a paper towel. Place the butter into the pan and turn the heat to low. When the butter is melted, add the roughly chopped onion. Saute until it softens. Then, add the cake flour or all-purpose flour. Combine the mixture. The flour easily burns so make sure to reduce the heat to low. Thoroughly saute the onion until the flour is completely cooked as shown. Now, add the shiitake and shimeji mushrooms and continue to stir-fry. When the mushrooms are coated with the oil evenly, add the cold milk. With a balloon whisk, combine the mixture. Using chilled milk will help the sauce mix evenly. When it becomes smooth, add the bay leaf. Then, reduce the sauce. To avoid burning, make sure to continue stirring on low heat. When it reaches the desired consistency as shown, season with the salt and the white pepper. Mix and test the flavor of the sauce. Then, add the seafood mix. Stir and cook the seafood completely. Now, the white sauce is ready. And now, let’s bake the seafood doria. Add the butter to the mixed rice. Lightly mix to combine. Place the rice in a gratin dish. Ladle the white sauce and ingredients onto the rice. And cover the sauce with the pizza cheese. Heat a toaster oven to 200 °C (390 °F). Bake the doria for about 7 to 8 minutes until the surface is browned. Now, remove the doria. Garnish with the parsley leaves and it is ready to serve. The doria uses lots of cheese so we recommend lightly seasoning the sauce and the rice. If the pizza cheese is too heavy for you, you can also use grated Parmesan cheese. Alternatively, you can season the rice with ketchup and use chicken instead of the seafood. Good luck in the kitchen.

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  1. 4:57 she looked like she was about to put something else on there but remembered not to and jumped kinda like "oh wait! its done."

  2. Chef, would you be willing to add a note at the end of your recipes giving suggestions for other dishes to put together with them to make a complete meal?  I want to make authentic Japanese meals but I can never figure out what dishes to put together.  Don't worry about it if it's too much work though.  Thank you!

  3. I ate this at Tokyo Disneyland and it was DELICIOUS! I'm so happy to know I can make this at home now. Thank you, cooking with dog!!

  4. I made this today because it looked yummy and it came out better than I had hoped. My husband is currently away and he would definitely love this dish as he loves creamy dishes. I already messaged him to say that this dish will now be a new regular for dinner.

  5. When will "cooking with dog" be a restaurant? I want to eat at a table with Francis condiments and flat screen tv's playing all episodes of the show. 🙂

  6. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe! My husband and I enjoyed it a lot! I didn't have the mushrooms you've mentioned, though, I wonder if it's okay to use button mushrooms instead? And is it okay to use actual chicken stock instead of the cube and water?

  7. Oh that rice cooker with the cute button noise that sounds like the beginning of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. That is so adorable.

  8. いつも思うのですが、お料理も美味しそうですが、大人しくてかわいいワンちゃんですね♪嬉しそうにしっぽふりふりしてるのは、お料理に反応してるのでしょうか?

  9. I dont know but watching cooking with dog makes me feel peaceful. Francis's voice and the ways the chef cooks is so gentle and polite, especially when she hold stuff with 2 hands and when she put ingredients to the bowl. Another youtubers just throw everything together and always in rush lol

  10. あなたは醤油の成分を追加するときには、ベシャメルソースのように見えますが、

  11. I just love playing your videos while doing homework. The combination of Francis's narration and the relaxing background music is just wonderful! Also, yummy food makes me happy 🙂 

  12. Hi, Francis. I really enjoy your show. I want to learn all the ingredients that you are using in your recipes. Unfortunately, here in Guam, we don't have much of it. :-/ I learned that you used Sake. Is that a liquor?

  13. i've made this several times since the video was uploaded and it's sooooo delicious even though i always feel a little guilty every time because it's so rich.

  14. Could you please make Japanese white curry? I can't find it here in Hawaii, but I've heard it's delicious.💜💜 thank you

  15. it's almost french cuisine! Awesome! like to see a japaneese twist to something i'm used to eat! never tought about having «un gratin de fruits de mer à la sauce béchamel» on rice i'll try it for sure!

  16. Ate this almost everyday while I was visiting in Japan. Funny you can't find any type of doria dishes in japanese eateries outside of Japan. Now I know how to make it, thanks for the video

  17. A little grated garlic would really enhance the savory flavor of this sauce, I think. Garlic and mushrooms, garlic and seafood, garlic and cream sauce, garlic and cheese, these are all flavor synergies. Okay.. I admit it. I'm garlic obsessed.

  18. この動画を観てシーフードドリアを作りました!

  19. I know this is an old video but Francis was so adorable. He must've really wanted some of that doria. I know when I visited Japan it was one of my favorite things to order. I probably ordered it too much LOL but it was so good.

  20. 犬を高いところに置くなんてダメです。

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