Sea food South Goa Episode 2 | Fisherman’s wharf & Nostalgia restaurant

Sea food  South Goa Episode 2 | Fisherman’s wharf & Nostalgia restaurant

Hello friends! Welcome to Visa2explore! This is your host, Harish Bali. I am really enjoying the green surroundings in South Goa. I feel like just sitting back anywhere here and enjoying the scenic view to my heart’s content. Goa has abundant seafood varieties. If you missed the episode 1 of Goa, you can find its link in the description below. In this video, you will see the seafood varieties we experienced on Day 2 in Goa. Hmmm! We will start our day today with seafood at this place called The Fisherman’s Wharf at Mobor. This place is just 13-14kms from where we came. This place is located hardly 2 minutes away from the famous Leela Hotel. This place is very famous for seafood in South Goa. Before eating, we are going to go for Jet-skiing in this river. It is a lot of fun to come to Mobor and enjoy Jet-skiing like this. This is truly an amazing water sport activity. The water sports activities are going on here despite this being the monsoon season. Right now, I am very excited about the seafood I am going to eat at The Fisherman’s Wharf. What you see here is Tiger prawn, cooked with herbs and garlic. So tempting and, again, very inviting! Alongside, I am going to have a lifetime experience eating lobster here because I’ve heard this place is famous for its seafood. And lobster, as we know, is little uncommon in other parts of the country. One thing immediately visible in this cooking style is the meat served inside the bone but separated. This is very clearly visible and these are the herbs they have added on to the prawn. Very tasty preparation! Number 1 – meat is absolutely tender and also, I can clearly feel the herbs on my palate. The flavor I can feel, other than the prawn, is that of oregano. However, the flavor of herbs is subtle, so light that you actually feel that you are eating just the prawn. Also, this is my first experience of the Tiger prawn. It is different in taste as compared to the normal prawns we eat. They have served melted butter & garlic on the side. So, let me taste its flavor too. This is also good! But I am enjoying it more without butter and garlic because the taste of herbs in it is mouth-watering. Moreover, it is cooked to a perfect level. Prawn is something, which if cooked too much, tends to feel rubbery in taste. So, one has to be very careful when cooking prawns. Let me put this plate aside and taste the lobster cooked in Recheado. Please notice the color of this lobster first of all. I saw it before and after being cooked. The color was different both times. This is because it was boiled in water. One thing is that the meat got cleaned due to boiling. Secondly, the meat was separately cooked in Recheado masala. So, here I go. Just take a look at the lobster meat cooked in Recheado masala. Hmmm! This is absolutely brilliant. I was already impressed with the flavor of tiger prawn, herbs, etc. But, this is crazy! What a taste! Just look at the meat! So soft, tender, cooked to perfection! The Recheado masala added life to this meat! I mean I don’t have words to describe the perfect level of cooking here. My first experience with lobster but I am deeply impressed. Hmmmm! Let me show you the meat inside properly once again. Just look at the texture of the meat and the masala. Too good! I have with me the chef of this place. Host: “Sir, you have cooked the food very well. So, can you show me what you’ve used here?” Chef: “Yeah, definitely!” Host: “Thank you!” Chef: “It has 3 types of masala – Kashmiri chili, Garam masala & Coconut Goan vinegar. That is why it has 3 flavors in it.” I noticed while eating that the subtle sourness came from vinegar. Goan vinegar is very special, very different. Host: “Thank you very much for your time. I am sure this is the peak time and your customers must be waiting.” Host: “Thank you once again for cooking this awesome food.” Chef: “Thank you. Thanks for coming here. Enjoy the food.” Host: “Thank you.” Along with the food here, I also liked the ambience here. Riverside restaurant gives you a very good feel. Actually, I came here last night too. But I thought we wouldn’t be able to shoot in the dark in the nighttime. Therefore, I decided to come during the day though I even liked the ambience at night. Look at the beautiful lights at the nighttime. I had recorded this short clip last night. I feel one could have a good time here, celebrating an anniversary, birthday or any special occasion. We are leaving now! We are going to visit the Mobor beach, which is close by. You can guess from the approach road to this beach, it is a village-like environment. That is my exact feeling as we approach the beach. Right now, we can see there is no one here. It feels like we are so close to nature. Superb experience! The Mobor beach is so clean. Too good! We will stay here for sometime and then move on to Raia. This journey of 23kms is very enjoyable. Riding the scooter on this route is absolute fun. It is a very wise decision to rent a two-wheeler in Goa. It is economical, easy-to-handle with no tension of where to park. We’ve just reached Nostalgia restaurant in Raia to eat authentic Goan food. The time right now is 3.30 pm. Normally the restaurant closes at 3.00 pm. I had to request them to manage a meal since we had come from quite afar. So, they’ve managed food for us otherwise, this was about to close. Now I’ll tell you what we’ve ordered. This is Pomfret Caldeirada. It has onion, capsicum, tomato and potato on it. Now let us talk about this dish. This is stuffed squid. The outside is squid, of course, and the stuffing inside is made of chopped squid and prawns. While serving this fish to myself, I can smell a subtle fragrance. I’ve now realized that this fragrance is that of olive oil. Look at the amazing level at which this pomfret is cooked. Good! Caldeirada is a Portuguese word and its literal meaning is fish stew. To enhance the flavor of each bite of this fish, I think I should eat it like this, with a vegetable piece. This bread is a bit harder as compared to a pav (bun). I’ve been told that to enjoy it I should tear off a piece, dip it in the gravy and then enjoy it like this. Ohhh God! Trust me, this is a marvelous combination! Though the outer layer of this bread is definitely hard, inside it is very soft. Also, this bread is totally different in taste when compared to the pav found in Mumbai, Maharashtra. And I am happy that I ordered it with my meal. Although the fish is tasty on its own, eating it with this bread has doubled the taste. This pomfret is absolutely delicious the way it is cooked with these vegetables, olive oil &Goan method. I am highly impressed. Goes without saying, this thing has done its magic! Look at this stuffing inside. I was telling you about chopped prawns and chopped squid head. The stuffing inside has the normal masala but the outer layer has Recheado masala on it. I had understood this while placing my order. Its taste is absolutely delicious and very different. To eat this preparation with this kind of stuffing is a mind-blowing experience. Eating this preparation makes it clearly evident that you are eating something traditional & authentic. Since I came to Goa, this is the fourth time I am eating a dish made with Recheado masala. And I got to experience little differences wherever I ate it. All the four dishes were unique and best. Not to say that this is good or that was good, because each recipe has a bit of alteration in itself. There is another unique aspect of this place. If you want to enjoy your food with some music, this place has live music on weekends. My overall food experience was good. Our food journey of South Goa ends here. After this, tomorrow we are going to North Goa. We will explore and experience more seafood there. So tell me your views about this food journey. If you also have some experiences related to South Goa food, do share in your comments. As always, I shall wait for your comments. Till then, see you soon! Man: “Hi, Nostalgia for me is one perfect place for two reasons – One is not to mention the fact that food is perfect, where you mean Goan food. And the other reason is Goan home. I cannot say more than this. It really covers everything about Nostalgia and about Goa.” Which seafood dish did you like the most in this whole video? Do share your choice with us. To attempt a water sports activity is a must-do thing in Goa. If you come here in the peak season, which is between October and January, there are a lot of water sports activities to choose from. To justify your Goa trip, you need to stay in South Goa for at least 3 nights.

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  1. Amazing channel. Loved the Sikkim tour and now the Goa tour is also too good. Hope to see some off beat places as well konkan coast, udupi, puri , meghalaya, Guwahati. ..

  2. Though I have never tasted seafood but to me that lobster dish seems to be the best amongst all the others. Gr8 video Harishji keep it up.

  3. That lobster looked tempting. But the price will scare people away, 2500 is way too costly that too in off season. That place looked damn cool and as you rightly said that ambience itself will attract crowd.Waiting for North Goa,hope you have Ritz classic and Curlies on your itenary.keep rocking👍

  4. Sir I am regular viewer of this channel, My only request to You is , please concentrate on your video thumbnails ,which should be attractive and more profesional, try to improve thumbnail design so that the videos reaches to more number of people,this my Suggestion thank u sir

  5. U should even try Tarkarli which is around 150 KMs from Goa. You’ll find beautiful virgin beaches there with some great sea food in the home stays.
    Tarkali is famous for Scuba diving as well.

  6. Hello Harish Bali Sir ;
    I have been watching and following you on your journeys and absolutely a pleasure and complete culinary knowledge trip with you on your you tube shows. Keep going strong and wishing the best .

    Please accept my invitation to visit Karnataka – Bangalore and Tumkur cities and stay at our place in Tumkur and Bangalore .
    Also I would like to sponsor your trip to Bangalore and Tumkur .
    Kindly let me know if it’s possible for you and your crew and dates available so I can arrange visits to some great food joints and tasty Karnataka cuisines .
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  7. Fish is so expensive in Goa nowadays at the restaurants. The charges are very high. This has happened in last 6-7 yrs. It is no longer that old Goa…..which is sad. I used to love Goa

  8. Dear harish ji
    The following are the best places to eat in allahabad
    I will take you to all the places please check ur mail

    Netram kachori subzi and jaleb(in katra)
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    Biryani at eat on(in civil lines)
    Coffee at indian coffee house(in civil lines)
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  9. Bali Ji I recently discovered your channel and just loved it. I have watched your South Goa episodes. I have a few suggestion to make.
    1. Please keep your video to 15 minutes , this is difficult but would require some crisp editing.
    2. Give summary of food cost ratings , hotels and appropriate links , maps in description and end of Video.
    3. If possible please plan collaboration videos with You Tubers I’m visiting places ( tech , food you tubers)
    4. Plan Live Q&A frequently.

    I sincerely hope your channel grows and you keep being awesome videos as always. Thanks.

  10. As a Goan I can clarify that we Goans are not superiority to anyone. Yes, It's true that sometimes we do mistreat the domestic tourists but there's always reason behind it. What would you do when you have drunk guests abusing restaurant staffs? Driving cars on beaches, Causing damage to rented cars because they were drunk…?

    Also…Goan food isn't "hyped" as you call it. In Goa we have vast cuisine that includes all type of dishes that dates back hundreds of years. We Goans respect our land & our community so should you.

  11. Whenever you go to restaurants don't simply order what you feel good. Ask them what's their Signature dishe is ? Usually all good restaurants have 1 signature dish. Looking forward for more good dishes.

  12. Everything is looks perfect Sir. Video is amazing. But sorry to say the sub title is really disturbing the fun of watching Video..

  13. One thing i have never been able to understand though i have visited goa many times that why sea food is very expensive in go although its on sea shore like tiger prawns lobsters n crab dishes are so expensive that i was wondering that its only for westners and only i find fish thali reasonable but in some places they only serve only one little peice in comparision with mumbai mumbai sea food is cheaper

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    Rafels restaurant near the beach next To Silversands. I am sure it is buget place with authentic goan menu. Martins is only for the Elithe.

  15. If u r going to goa, don't go to famous restaurants they are expensive, go for small authentic restaurant, they will have fresh plus cheap food. I miss from Goa now settle in Mumbai.

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  18. .
    ………..THE WORD PAO
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  19. I stumbled across your videos , and I must say that I enjoyed them very much , you are doing a much better job of promoting Goa than the useless departments who are paid to do the same , thank you .

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  22. I wish to visit Goa just to eat not visit beaches….the way you have showed it😋 Loved the Tiger Prawns and Lobster.

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