Sathorn Bangkok Vlog 4: Thai Street Food on Chan Road and Junker Bar

Sathorn Bangkok Vlog 4: Thai Street Food on Chan Road and Junker Bar

we’re here on chan road having some
Street food is your typical chinese thai chinese style egg noodles they’ve got shrimp wontons in them and
they’ve got a ton of crab meat all sprinkled inside those dumplings have
shrimp in them this is a delicacy that is not easy to find in Bangkok shrimp
dumplings and it comes in your typical thai noodle bowl so these dumplings are called “giew” and
the shrimp is called “goong” , so they’re called “giew goong” also in addition to the shrimp wontons, what people also love is the crab meat so you can order your “bamee” noodles with
crab meat both of these are pretty non-traditional you don’t see that very
often in Bangkok so people kind of go crazy for the crab meat, crazy for the
shrimp dumplings and this one is ordered without much of the broth so it’s a dry version of the egg noodles
with the crab on top with the wontons in there and with slices of pork. But that’s
what makes special this particular area has a lot of universities in
the areas that people are looking for big portions and they’re looking for
cheap food there’s a lot of “suki” there’s a lot of
“yen ta pho” there’s a lot of hot pot places in this area
and it’s a place that you should explore in the sathon area one of the street
food hot spots i recommend coming here and even just this part of “Thanon Chan” road
has a lot of places where you can get a smoothie and sit down with the street
food that’s all around here it’s a little bit salt it’s definitely salty it’s definitely oily it’s definitely
cheap and it’s the real street food that you find in bangkok thanks for watching our Sathon series
that big thanks to our sponsors stick around for more episodes and where
to eat where to hang out and have to have the best experience when you’re in
this area of bangkok

6 Replies to “Sathorn Bangkok Vlog 4: Thai Street Food on Chan Road and Junker Bar

  1. Man, I've been power watching your vids. You said something about vlogging in one of Mark's vids, I think. I was excited to hear that and then boom, broke my shoulder, so I had a detour before I could look you up and sub. Great job Dwight! These newest are really showing your own BKKfatty vlog thing. Laid back, good content and info, and nice bits of the local culture.

    I'd love to hang out with you and your people for eats and a cocktail if I ever make it there! Even help out at The Courageous Kitchen, doing…well something like cleaning up, not cooking. I miss volunteering, it's not very common where I am now because the standard of living is high. Maybe just a dream, but that never hurts!

  2. Been away for a while, Dwight. Good to see you're still holding it down. I'm always in for cheap, oily noodles!

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