Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Raw Meat Lumps

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Raw Meat Lumps

Geoff: Burnie and I were in the Netherlands last week Geoff: and we ate a lot of really weird terrible food Burnie: we ate raw meat Burnie: the worst kind of thing you can eat raw Gus: in Europe too. That’s mad cow territory Geoff: it’s called Austwurst it’s an Amsterdam specialty Burnie: No but I swear there was like some other like Dieter(the waiter) was in the back there betting Hans that he couldn’t get us to eat raw meat Burnie: for 5 euros Burnie: ’cause he gave it to use free we didn’t ask … he told us it was a special dutch dish. [Gus laughing] it was raw ground beef Burnie: with spices. Spices, by the way, is pepper and I even asked him, because I was suspicious, I go Burnie: “what’s this called?” Burnie: and he goes Burnie: “it’s called austwurst” like what are you…
[Laughing] Burnie: sounds totally made up Gus: That’s totally his last name he’s like oh shit Gus: Dieter Austwurst was his name
[Laughing] Burnie: I played a game of Saints Row. Man that was the most Burnie: Thugish group of people I have ever run ac… Burnie: like there was one guy … we joined the game Burnie: and at the start of the game our teammates would just Burnie: Kill me and stomp on us Burnie: and I go “guys, can we just play the game?” and he goes ” hey, shut up. Take your lumps” [Laughing]
Burnie: and it was like … what? Burnie: it was literally like we were being jumped into the community Gus: oh man, but now you’re in! Burnie: yeah… I am… I’m part of the gang … for life
Gus: yeah you’re set Burnie: the hard part is now getting out
Gus: yeah Burnie: You quit the game and they message you going “nuh-uh” [laughing]

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  1.  I have hear of steak tartare though which is raw beef with salt and pepper, but idk if it's a dutch dish and I'm from the netherlands :/ ahwell we have variations on all sorts of stuff

  2. I actually like raw meat. like I don't eat it often, but I'll sometimes eat some like, ground beef raw. it's pretty good, but obviously I wouldn't always do it as you can get sick, lol.

  3. Actually raw meat is really good, do you guys really dont have it in the US? You have sushi after all…
    It's not that you gotta take a bite off a raw steak, it's ground up (tartare) with lemon, pepper and some other bullshit or just cut really thin, and that's carpaccio. Just cow meat though, no chicken or pork

  4. Eating raw meat isn't that uncommon in Europe… Usually it's Steak Tartare which is basically ground beef mixed with a raw egg, mustard, salt and pepper, and usually some pickles as well. Doesn't sound too good, I know, but it tastes great!
    Also, Americans should stop being so overly wary of Europe's Mad cow outbreak. Seriously, they didn't even let me donate blood in NC. Because of an outbreak that happened years before I was even born. Just a side note.

  5. Turns out if you were in Europe during mad cow disease time period, you cant give blood at all. I asked and being a military child had me in england during said time.

  6. I just imagine saying to the gang hey guys I need to go do this mission for the boss you guys think you can watch the kids and your wife just comes in and there's two gang members sat on the couch with their guns etc and they just are like hey the kids are asleep and burnie will be home soon

  7. actually, we call it: Ossenworst .. literally translated: Ox Sausage, it's raw meat, shredded onion, pepper, and salt.
    and you are not supposed to eat it just like that, it goes on a slice of bread or biscuits (or whatever comes close to that).

    and i think it's not even a real Dutch dish, but it's german.
    not sure about that though.

    next time you're here, try the stroopwafel (which is just 2 flattened waffles with caramel inbetween) and put it in the microwave for 20 seconds.
    if anything, that's our best food. (the microwave part is just an upgrade that i like to use, also works great with: Gevulde koek, which is also a sweet type of cookie)


  8. I've had steak tartare here in the U.S. and it was delicious. The hardest part is to try to forget you're eating raw meat.

  9. Dude, whenever there is someone new in my friend group, we make them take their lumps by getting shot with a paintball

  10. It's called different things in different places but he gave you steak tartare. It's made with raw ground beef or horse meat, or in Canada it could also be buffalo.

  11. that doent just happen in saints row players can be like that in gta 5 it doent happen to often on the one but the 360 is populated with modders and convoys of high rank players who want nothing more but to kill and butcher you I my self have been killed more in gta 5 the people have been in slasher movies

  12. Whats funny is you think mad cow can be stopped by cooking the food. Mad cow is caused by a prion which is just a protean and cant be destroyed by cooking the food… I feel so nerdy.

  13. so Dutch guy here. austwurst isn't a thing. the only things I could find is that its frisian (a language spoken in the most northern province af the Netherlands) for ''throw out''. unless you mean ossenworst Wich is a raw sausage but it is smoked like salmon. so either you got tricked in eating raw meat or you got smoked ox meat (somthing that is meanly eaten in amsterdam). by the way if you find yourselves in the Netherlands again try poffertjes(mini pancakes), sirup waffels, oliebollen or bitterballen (crispy balls filled with ragout).

  14. From the wikipedia article
    Steak tar tare is a meat dish made from raw ground meat (beef or horsemeat). It is often served with onions, capers and seasonings (the latter typically incorporating fresh ground pepper and Worcestershire sauce), sometimes with a raw egg yolk, and often on rye bread.

  15. i am dutch and NEVER heard of austwurst, is tehre another dutch guy who can help me with this? ik snap er niks van!

  16. Wouldn't have figured it out without the comments, but ossenworst is definitely a real thing.
    It is a sausage though, and not a lump of meat, and I only ever eat it on a sandwich, with a little pepper.
    A lump of raw meat as a dish sounds more like what we call "Filet Americain" which is french for American Filet, yeah I know Europe must seem weird.

  17. There is actully a dish kinda like that but its called carpaccio which is thinly sliced raw beef. Lol just thought i would throw that out there

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