Ripped Abs at the Restaurants – Get Ripped Abs with ANY Menu!

Ripped Abs at the Restaurants – Get Ripped Abs with ANY Menu!

[Music Intro] Have you always wondered what is that perfect
rep range for building muscle. We are going to show you today, and I can
guarantee it might not be the answer that you are expecting. What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere from down here
in Atlanta, Georgia. This is not the X-box. This is a foreign place to me, but I am on
the road traveling, getting ready to put together a brand new program for the little guys out
there: An Athlean teens program. Now why is it so important that we have a
teen program? Because I think we need to start teaching
teenagers how to train properly and to control their body and to have the right movements
from a very early age. So this is something I have really wanted
to do for a long time. That is what we are down here working on. What is great about it was you sort of get
those honest questions from kids, right, the hard-hitting questions? One that pops up a lot, and that always pops
up on these boards, guys will say, “What is the best rep range?” to build muscle. It really wasn’t until today when I really
sat down and said,”You know, it is a really good question, but I think it has a much simpler
answer than we think.” Much different than what you might think. As you can see in a hotel gym, I don’t have
much at my disposal here for weights. So if I was strictly sticking to a rep range,
I would probably be up the creek, because I say to you guys all the time,my favorite
rep range for building muscle is the 8 to 12 range. What I mean by that is, you are choosing a
weight that allows you to fail.In that rep range,somewhere between 8 and 12. So that you can’t possibly be hitting a weight
that can make you fail between 8 and 12 and knock out 60 reps. So it is supposed to get you into the right
zone. For me on a bench press, I don’t have anything
here that I can use to make me fail in that 8 and 12 rep range, unless I start to implement
the really important ideas here. That is subjecting the muscle group that you
are working on, to the most intense focus that you can, during that set. What you are going to do basically, is nullify
your obsession with a number. What it is going to do is make you feel more
what you are trying to accomplish. So let’s say I am doing a bench press. Look, I normally can do 80s or 90s here for
bench press, but I don’t have that weight at my disposal. I am not going to flip out, what I am going
to do is I am going to just slow down the weights a bit so I know and I can feel this
muscle doing the work. OK? Every step of the way, I can feel this muscle
doing the work. Now I know when I squeeze back up I am really
contracting every fiber I can. So
by using a little bit lighter weight here, I have the focus on the actual muscle doing
the job. If you are just thinking about a number, your
goal the whole time was, 12. How am I going to get
to 12? If I do a couple of sloppy reps just to get
that away, I am already at 3 so I have 9 more.What if the first 3 were bad? How many good reps did you get? That is the key here, you want to focus on
not the number, but the effect. So guys, when someone asks me again, what
is the best rep range, I am going to say whatever range is possible for you to get the most
quality reps out. Regardless of what the weight is, by the time
that set is through, you should feel like you just went to war. With yourself. In the weight room. That’s how I want you to feel. It doesn’t matter that it is 16. Don’t start flipping out that you stopped
at 16. So what? You were able to get a few more out. If you stopped at 12, you would have a lot
on the table and you probably would not have gotten the results that you wanted. I know a lot of guys do that. If you stopped at 8 because you couldn’t possibly
get another rep out, so what? So what? Even though you were outside that range, the
next thing you do, you might want to drop the weight slightly, and get yourself back
up with that range. The point is you are focusing on effort with
every single rep. I can guarantee your results will skyrocket
with every effort in mind that you put into every single rep that you do. If it wasn’t for the kids asking me this question,
it could be one of those things that gets overlooked. I don’t want that to happen to you guys. Always understand, even if it is a basic training
principle, it is one that is so fundamental to progress and it is one of the ones that
we have here at AthleanX. Time under tension. Basic principles like this. Things that you sometimes don’t ever think
about. All wrapped into one step by step Athlean
training program. To put that science back in strength. To give you a focus and to give you something
out of each and every workout and also each and every rep and each and every exercise. That is going to give you long term gains. Guys if you haven’t already, and you need
a program like this. You can follow it step by step and get the
results that you deserve for all the hard work at the gym, then head over the
and get the training program that will push you to the next level. Guys, I will see you back here in 7 days. Keep your questions. If you have any burning questions that you
want to add, put them down below. We will see if we can get back to basics on
those too. If you found that this video helped you, thumb
it up and let me know. Then I will continue to do more of these Q&A
type sessions. In the meantime, head over and get your programs. It is summer, guys, and it is time to look

100 Replies to “Ripped Abs at the Restaurants – Get Ripped Abs with ANY Menu!

  1. So you’re saying don’t rule out pasta, but does it have to be whole wheat pasta? If it isn’t whole wheat, doesn’t it get digested faster and turn to sugar then fat?

  2. Much respect, Jeff! This is one of the hardest parts of leading a healthy lifestyle, because so many of our social scenarios are organized around food. Thanks for demystifying eating out! P.S. how do you feel about potatoes? I don’t mean horrible baked potatoes with sour cream and bacon pieces, just a PLAIN potato. I’ve been able to make them work for me as part of a dietary plan, but no one’s ever been able to corroborate that for me. Everyone just says, “yeah, but sweet potatoes are better”. Any thoughts?

  3. I wonder if Jeff Cavalier were to try the ketogenic diet and review how he felt on it, would he have negative things to say. I know he reviewed it already, but has he ever tried it. I shed a ton of body fat that way.

  4. Do you live Atlanta Georgia, reason why I ask I live in Warner Robins ga, I would like to come to your gym

  5. Better lean proteins include tofu, tempeh, quinoa, lentils, black beans, pinto beans, chick peas, etc. All the protein, none of the cholesterol or increased long-term risk of cancer and heart disease. Good points on getting your carbs and starches.

  6. Thx for this, I'm actually going out in a few days, and I was a bit scared that there wouldn't anything I could eat being on your program.

  7. I always hated the roided up, genetic freaks who eat whatever they want, or eat liberally, and tell everyone else to do the same. I always appreciated the stern, direct accountability of Jeff. Sacrifice.

  8. the problem with eating out is always the sauce. the meal might look perfect on the menu, but when it actually comes out it could be drenched in sugary sauces, which weren't listed. this happens every time I order brussel sprouts

  9. this is great, id love to see more videos where you're dissecting a restaurants menu while explaining why some choices are good and others not so good. I was curious about the shepherds Pie. Its not my first choice for a meal but when i saw that choice i figured it might be the lesser of all the other "Evils" on the menu.

  10. Heyy I remember watching this like a year ago and I immediately recalled this is when I started eating at cheesecake factory 😂🤣

  11. Jeff how is it that cows that just eat grass are the most protein filled animals in the world? Does grass have protein in it?

  12. LOL I should have known he orders those three items. Gotta admire his dedication. Still, if I were gonna order those three things at the CHEESECAKE FACTORY for goodness sakes, I would have just cooked at home!!! Hahaha

  13. Omg can you make this with a better quality video ? This needs an update…. can’t read the menu clearly…. just hurt my eyes

  14. Great video! Have a question I know liquor is horrible but on vacation with family and everyone else is drinking. What drink do u recommend if any? Also I don’t like beer.

  15. What would you recommend on this restaurant's menu for folks who are on a totally herbivorous eating paradigm, specifically for the lean protein choices of which you spoke?

  16. As a deaf follower of Jeff, let me ask…What is up with the CC on this video. The CC is talking about weight and rep ranges, which I very much doubt is what Jeff is talking about.

  17. I understand that beer/ alcohol are not necessarily good calories and will make the 6 pack adventure difficult. But is there any real science behind the claims that alcohol will stop or damage mass gains?

  18. No doubt watching what we eat and being fit is great, but the only thing is how thin the face looks. Jeff is fit, but the face losses "size" and looks like it's starving. It's like you fix something and something else happens. How to change that?

  19. Nice video thank you for that conformation that one can have a normal life while training. Please advise what type of workout you would recommend for skinny fat guys and meal plans

  20. I go to Cheescake Factory all the time….I just get a grilled chicken salad with no dressing and only eat a small portion of the blue cheese on it. If you do carbs eat the free bread! Eating a salad is cool because it takes time to eat it and you can pace yourself and get a full experience of eating without over eating.

  21. I love this. As a chef I always try to have healthy options on the menu, but people seem to want to change the less healthy ones. Accepting the menu for what it is and only small tweaks being asked for is what I wished most people did.

  22. You should draw a bow, take marksmanship classes, learn to hunt and pack your freezer with all natural lean, high protein venison. Have sticks & jerky made so you can have snacks on the go

  23. Lean protein, Like beans Jeff ? (Being Vegan or rather Whole Food plant based isn't easy when eating out) But a great Video, thanks Jeff.

  24. KFC is the place to go, cheap and filling while in the other hand cheesecake factory is extremely expensive

  25. You can eat anywhere guys! Massive menu so you can pick and alter things…. has a frickin chicken salad you can get almost anywhere lol i was expecting something that would suprise me. Good video tho just obvious chicken salad didnt do it for me.

  26. Just because you look fit does not mean you look fit on the inside. Leave animals and their secretions off your plate.

  27. I really like these types of practical videos. I am using RX supplement stack but it is sometimes burdening budget wise so these practical informations are useful 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

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