“HELLO” today we can learn how to make bibimbap yes in a rice cooker let’s get started we firstly prepare all the toppings
which is quite easy and direct add a bit of oil then we gonna fry an egg we fry an egg at the beginning because it’s the less messy to handle switch the rice cooker to the cook mode then we fry the egg which wouldn’t take long it’s done then set aside add a bit of oil then we gotta stir for
other ingredients carrots zuchinni mushroom and beef cut them into strips size or thin slices which is easier for stir fry and then stir fry all of them until they got soften (or cooked) you don’t need to add any water they will soften itself you can basically use any kind of ingredients try to use colorful combination because it’s more presentable then set aside that’s it then we can be prepare the sauce great then now we prepare the sauce two tablespoons of Korean hot pepper paste you can find this one easily in Asian
culture a store it gives very nice red color to the dish and also is pretty spicy you can adjust the quantity to your taste two cloves of garlic minced you can add
more if you like garlic 1 tablespoons of sugar to balance the spiciness and some sweetness to the dish 1 tablespoons of water to make the sauce less thick 1 teaspoons of rice vinegar to bring some freshness or you can use lemon juice 1 tablespoon of soy sauce to bring out the taste mix well then the sauce is ready the sauce gives a lot of tastes to the dish as we don’t marinate any ingredients bibimbap is not complete without crispy
rice and we can make it in a rice cooker thinly coat the rice cooker with sesame oil then add the rice I’m using two cups of
rice use short grain rice for Bibimbap spread the rice nicely turn the rice cooker to the cook mode let it cook the rice cooker may bounce back to the keep warm mode simply wait a bit to let it cool down and then you can switch
back to the cook mode again because I’m using a basic rice cooker I can trick the rice cooker by stacking a chopstick inside the button then you can keep cooking all the time keep cooking until you have very nice golden brown crispy rice you can also hear the sizzling sounds meanwhile like this this beautiful isn’t it can’t imagine you can make it by a rice cooker then we are good and we can assemble all the ingredients place the ingredients nicely on the top see how colorful and beautiful the ingredients are remember to add some kimchi as well place the fried egg in the center add half of the sauce leave some so that you can adjust the taste and the spiciness then this is done rice cooker bibimbap it does taste as good as the traditional one and you can simply do it in a rice cooker amazing isn’t time to eat get a taste umm…I want to add the rest of the sauce it’s super delicious you have to try it
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  1. I learning lots dif ways to use a rice cooker…..top tip to use chopstick to wedge down cook button///many thanks for video

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