Restore Your Faith In Chain Restaurants

Restore Your Faith In Chain Restaurants

(jazzy piano music) – (laughing) Now, it’s like on you. Hold on, though, let me get it for you. – [Sara] No! No one asked for it, but here we are. – We’re just pumping out those videos. – Pumping ’em. – This is a wobbly. – This table’s a wobble.
– This table’s fucking wobbly. Anyways, so we were
thinking about the world. – She bad. – Sometimes, I’m like,
will we get through this? – But you know what,
there’s good things too. – There are good things. And that’s why we’re here. – We’re gonna restore.. are you looking at that camera? – (laughs) I don’t know what camera. – [Sara] Look at the main camera.
– I was looking at you, okay. I’m Ella. – I’m Sara. – And we’re here to – [Both] restore your faith. – Chain restaurants. – Chain restaurants! – Bad rap. – They get a bad rap. Rep, rap? – Rap. – Rap? – [Sara] It’s a rap. – They get a bad rap. They’re a little bit unhealthy. – A little unhealthy, sure. But anywhere that sells curly fries by the pound is unhealthy. – [Ella] That’s gonna
be unhealthy, I mean. – It’s just gonna be unhealthy. – Also, you know, might edge out a mom and pop place, your local place.
– [Sara] Sometimes, you know what, that probably happens. – I think it does happen, but… – There’s some good things, too. – There’s a lot of good things. – And I feel like we should
acknowledge those things. Have you ever been on a long road trip? There’s nothing for miles around. Suddenly, an oasis. A Cracker Barrel. – [Ella] Oh my God. I love Cracker Barrel! I’m so glad you mentioned this. – And you know exactly
what’s going to be there ‘cuz it’s the same stuff they have at every single Cracker
Barrel you’ve ever seen. – I mean, I practically
have chain restaurant menus memorized and I know what I’m gonna get. – Here’s another thing about them. They’re very, they’re very nostalgic. – [Ella] Mmm hmm. – [Sara] There was a
time when we didn’t know that it was bad to eat at
chain restaurants all the time. There was a time. – And nobody talked about how much butter may or may not be in the hash browns. – No one talked about it. Now, the calories are on
the menu for the better. It is good. – [Ella] It is good. – But I’m just saying,
there’s something nostalgic. When you’re an adult, you don’t go to as many chain restaurants. You’re just not really there that much. So, when you do go back it’s like, “Hallelujah, baby.” – [Ella] Okay, every chain restaurant has an amazing drink selection. You get your shakes. You get your smoothies. You get your alcoholic beverages. – [Sara] They’ll just be like, “Oh, here’s a red, white, and blue Star Spangled Spazzler.” And you’re like, “What is that?” – [Ella] “What the fuck is that? – “I don’t know, but I’ll take
four, thank you very much.” – And they’re beautiful. They come with fruit and
probably a novelty cup. And it’s definitely like $4.99. – They also have so much variety. – [Ella] So much. – More than you can shake
one of those buzzer things at that alert you when your table’s ready. – (laughs) – Instead of a stick, I’m
saying one of those buzzer. – Like, the light-up thing? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – That the lights go around? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – They got those. – Ew! – They got those. – The excitement when
those things start buzzing. – Oh my god, they’re buzzing in your hand and you’re like, “Yeah.”
– “I get tea, Cola, fries.” – Just the idea of chain restaurants. They’ve created probably
the best invention in the past decade. The Blooming Onion. It’s delicious and it’s super good. And I love it. Ranking time, baby. – Oh, we’re gonna get into it. – [Sara] You love luxury. – [Ella] I love luxury. I love a good cheesecake. There’s a lot of options. Weirdly, they have good wine selection. A really good wine selection. – Friendly’s is not
something that’s everywhere. It’s an East Coast chain. You can also see the
ice cream in the store, the Friendly’s brand ice cream. And the reason that
I’m choosing Friendly’s is not only they have kind
of an old-school flare, but also, they make little
ice cream clowns and monsters. You can get little scoop of ice cream, they’ll put little
Reese’s Pieces eyes on it, and it’s the cutest little
thing in the entire world. It makes me so happy. (drum roll noises) – My number one favorite
chain restaurant is IHOP. I love going to breakfast, but I also hate waiting. – Breakfast requires a
lot of waiting, usually. – It requires so much waiting. I love pancakes. I love their hash browns. They are so good. I really like the Swedish crepes. I don’t know why. I think they’re great. It’s just one of my favorite places. – [Sara] Do you want
to hear my number one? – I do. – Are you sure? Okay. My number one favorite chain restaurant, it’s gotta be Rainforest Cafe. – Oh my God, yes. – Here’s the thing. I can go to a restaurant and
feel like I’m in a theme park? Yeah, I’m gonna do it. It’s truly incredible. There is a rainstorm every hour, inside the restaurant. There’s giant butterflies on the walls. The food is okay. It’s not, it’s fine. – (laughs) – The food is fine. I’m not going there for the food. I’m there going for the ambiance. – You’re going for the experience. – I’m going for the experience of feeling like I’m in the rainforest. And I’ve been to the real rainforest. Humble brag. – And it? – And it’s not similar, but, (laughs) it’s not the same. But, it’s still pretty cool
that you can look at the wall and there’s like a jaguar robot, and he’s just moving his mouth like… – [Ella] They move. – That’s what they look like. – The rainstorm that
happens is pretty cool. – [Sara] It’s pretty magical. They have thunder and actual
water pouring from the ceiling. – It’s really magical. – [Sara] It’s great. Kids are there having a great time. I’m having a great time. – [Ella] I think one time
I was like hungover there and it was amazing, actually. – [Sara] Yeah. – It was like dark and cool. – [Sara] Yeah.

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  1. I love the Cheesecake Factory's giant salads and I love IHOP as well. No wait here. Friendly's does a really good patty melt as well.

  2. ella makes my heart race. fml i have a crush on someone ill never meet. omg i thought people with celeb crushes are so dumb now i sound like a complete girl and im writing this even though i know no one is reading this. i need mental help…

  3. I hate how everyone is saying Buzzfeed is running out of ideas. TBH they aren't. If they were then why do the have so many subscribers, some people must still like the content

  4. Once upon a time it was Planet Hollywood. Ah, the good ol 'days. Now I make my own meals everyday, although I might do a chain restaurant 1-3x a year, for special occasions

  5. i look at sarah and my brain refuses to process the brown hair. If you asked me at the end of the video what colour her hair was, i would instinctively say green or violet 😛

  6. It is FAITH and there's sleep
    We need to pick one please because
    Faith is to be awake
    And to be awake is for us to think
    And for us to think is to be alive
    And I will try with every rhyme
    To come across like I am dying
    To let you know you need to try to think

    I have these thoughts, so often I ought
    To replace that slot with what I once bought
    'Cause somebody stole my car radio
    And now I just sit in silence

    And now I just sit in silence

  7. When BuzzFeedViolet doesn't come up with enough videos, so you rewatch the same videos again and again until you have practically memorized the whole thing. Love you BuzzFeedViolet.

  8. I remember before "You do You" buzzfeed violet was bumb af but now buzzfeed yellow is killing it and buzzfeed violet is dead😂😂

  9. I really enjoy Denny's. IHOP is only good because it's open all the time. Denny's is too but it's kind of far from my house. IHOP they take an eternity to serve you whether it is busy or we're the only ones there. One time we were on a road trip and it was like 4 in the morning and we were all really hungry. Everything was closed down and we were in the middle of nowhere. We found an IHOP and we were the only ones there! And it took them 15 minutes to bring our drinks. -_-

  10. My favorite US chain Restaurant is the counter because you can build your own burger and they have real swiss cheese: Gruyère (I love it) 🙂

  11. We don't even have that many chain restaurants here. I've never heard about four out of the five youw were talking about. They sound amazing though. Like the rainforest one – that sounds enchanting. It reminded me of one café I was in five years ago. It didn't have rainforest, it had trains riding around the place – next to the tables, on the floor around the counter, and under the ceiling. It was gorgeous.

  12. Every time I see Ella or Sara, my butch lesbian side just casually explodes in a fit of "Why can't I know these people!"

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