Restaurants of Heidelberg, Germany

Restaurants of Heidelberg, Germany

You are going to discover some great places
to eat in Heidelberg, Germany, from one end of the old town to the other. Starting out at the center of the Marketplatz,
the market square, the most popular place for casual outdoor dining and drinking. Then we will walk all over the center, visiting
many eateries ranging from the casual sidewalk café to the high-end gourmet, along with
rustic taverns, cheap takeouts and stellar wine bars. As in many small or medium-size European cities,
the marketplace is the center of town, usually nestled right next to the Cathedral, as we
have here, and with City Hall on the other side of the square. It’s one of those important and fun community
spaces where you have a lot of activity all around the edges with the restaurants and
the waiter service, and the takeaway service with an imposing Gothic church towering high
above, and all the tables in the middle where people can gather and have a meal or drink
or just talk. There is even a restaurant and a crêperie
snack bar sheltered by the walls of the church. Walking along past the church to the corner
of the market square you will find Zum Ritter, it’s in the Hotel Ritter. Some of the best restaurants in town are tucked
away inside of the main hotels Zum Ritter’s excellent restaurant has gourmet food equal
to any of the other great restaurants of town, offering the highest level of service with
the European flair to the presentation, and a historic setting because it’s the oldest
nonreligious building in town, dating from 1592. One block south, slightly out of the way,
more fine dining. Simplicissimus is one of the top gourmet restaurants
of Heidelberg featuring French cuisine. A three course meal here will set you back
about €70 and well worth it. Located on Ingramstrasse. A two minute walk brings us back to the Marktplatz
once again,, a location you will no doubt return to repeatedly during your visit to
Heidelberg. It’s the happiest place in town surrounded
by historic buildings, most of which date back nearly 4 centuries. A budget Italian choice on the square is Roma. This is a good time to show you a map of the
old town and explain the route we’ re taking as we explore the restaurants of Heidelberg. Starting from the market square we will head
east and loop for a few blocks and then back to the market square and down Steingassse
to the bridge and then through some lovely back lanes and working our way up to the Haupstrasse,
the main lane. Walking to the end where we hit the modern
town and then back again to the Haupstrasse and ending up where we started at the Marketplatz
at night. Let’s go eat. Stepping east for a couple of blocks we get
to one of the famous bakery cafés of town Gundel, highest quality with normal prices
offering an amazing choice of cakes and tarts and cookies as well as sandwiches. Earning a it five-star rating in Trip Advisor
with table seating indoors and out located right on Karlsplatz, one of the major squares
and yet tourists often miss it, a few minutes walk from the marketplace. Well there’s two famous student pubs located
just adjacent to this Karlsplatz. One of them is the Red Ox and the other is
Sepel and they both offer traditional bar meals, and lots of beer and occasional nighttime
music. The Red Ox was featured in that classic operetta
of the Student Prince. And now return back to the Market Square and
continue to the short street called Steingasse. It’s only one block long and it’s chockablock
with places to eat, drink and shop, connecting the market square with the old bridge. This is one of the most popular streets in
the city. A seat at one of the many outdoor tables gives
you a good view of the passing parade of people. In the morning and it’s very quiet but by
midday it gets very busy and then later in the evening it quiets down again. This is my favorite streets in the city for
eating and drinking because it’s got a lovely mix of locals and visitors, with a couple
of great bars and restaurants. One excellent dining choice is Hackteufel,
with traditional cuisine. They’ve got indoor and outdoor seating, excellent
beer. It’s a typical local restaurant and you’ll
find rustic wooden interior. They’ve got pork tenderloin with dumpling
or spetzel, Vienna veal scallop, sausage with sauerkraut and dumpling. They also run a hotel upstairs with 12 rooms. There is also brewpub nearby. And these restaurants along Steingasse are
generally open throughout the day and into the evening. You’ll find the workers here are quite friendly,
making this a great place for a stroll at night. Restaurant Goldener Hecht is so conveniently
located right at the Old Bridge, so you have nice outdoor ambience, that Steingasse street
runs next to it, the river nearby, and featuring Austrian cuisine along with German, or just
sit at the bar and have a beer. Our hotel Hollander-Hof is right next door,
conveniently located in the Old Town next to the bridge. A good breakfast is an important meal for
the traveler to give you that early morning energy that’ll get you through the day. A buffet breakfast is generally included with
the price of the room in Germany. So let’s have a look and see what’s on offer. You just help yourself, as much as you want. There’s always a good variety of fruits and
cheeses meets, cereals, yogurts, breads, croissants, juices – all sorts of great food here to
get you going for the day. There is so much to see and do in Heidelberg
with so many great restaurants to experience such as those in the program, which makes
it worthwhile spending at least two days here in your visit. Especially at a centrally located hotel like
this, seemingly surrounded by restaurants including a traditional tavern that shares
the same building restaurants Spreisel, a popular local spot where I enjoyed the beef
roulade with the homemade’s spetzel Our group enjoyed one of the best meals of
the visit at Schnookeloch, also near the bridge facing the river. A typical local tavern with traditional wood
interior. Just great service, wonderful atmosphere,
and such delicious authentic local food – sliced veal with spetzel and mushroom. We each had something different so there was
a big variety on our table for us all to enjoy. Looking and sharing. Love that spetzel, it’s a pasta dumpling. Weiserbach is one of my favorites. Just go to the end of Unterstrasse and take
a right on Rosamantlegasse. You can sit indoors or outdoors at this fine
restaurant, serving one of the most delicious lamb dishes you’ll ever have. Like many of these restaurants they operate
a small hotel. Do some walking and you’ll discover some other
the good restaurants in the blocks all around Weiserbach such as Backmulde, a small hotel
and gourmet restaurant with meat, fish, and vegetarian dishes – pork belly, steak, tuna,
tagliatelle, ravioli, dumplings and spretzel. Finally, we are bringing you to the Hauptstrasse,
Heidelberg’s main pedestrian lane. It’s certainly the most popular destination
for hungry tourists looking for some food and there are many fine possibilities along
this street. But that’s why we showed all of those other
restaurant locations to you first to encourage you to get out away from the main popular
drag and into the side streets where you might find a little bit more of the local cuisine
and perhaps higher quality. However, Hauptstrasse also has a lot of great
food to offer as we will be showing you right now. It’s a wonderful street. It’s one of the great pedestrian lanes of
the world, no doubt, and has a lot of good eating choices. If you know where to look. And sometimes you’ll get lucky and get some
free food. In this case it was some delicious dried apple
crisps, wow they were tasty, healthy and free. And the locals also shop and eat here so the
prices are going to be fair. You’ll find some real food bargains here as
well. You can get a simple meal like a kebab. Turkish or Greek in origin. The gyros, the revolving meat going around
on a spit. The Wine Atrium on Hauptstrasse is not only
a wine shop. It’s a wine bar. You can sit down in their cozy cellar or out
in their garden and enjoy a glass, sample it before you buy a bottle. Don’t think that main street tthe Hauptstrasse
is just for tourists. Take a closer look and you’ll see that there
are some marvelous local restaurants such as the White Swan, with a historic tradition
going back 450 years, serving traditional cuisine in a rustic wooden setting. There are dozens of places to eat along the
Hauptstrasse. Many of them just simple outdoor casual cafés,
a great spot for people watching with that endless passing parade of characters from
breakfast till midnight. The University of Heidelberg has a main campus
in the center of the old town right along Hauptstrasse and provides a little-known food
bargain for the visitor inside the Student Union.. One of their cafeterias is right on University
Place and has reasonable prices with pretty good food, open to the public and a very sociable
spot if you’re interested in meeting some local students and having a chat about life
in Heidelberg. This could be a place to do it. Or if you just want a coffee or a light snack,
help yourself. Another part of the campus is a few blocks
away, down by the river and there you’ll find a much larger cafeteria which is in a former
Arsenal that’s called the Marstall. Built 500 years ago, and this is the Marstall
Café also called the Zeuthausmensa in the stables– a little-known fact it’s open to
the public. Student sit outdoors in nice weathe at a big
collection of picnic benches. It’s a great socializing place for these young
people to rendezvous with their friends, meet some new friends have a chat, swap tips. Bring the kids. You can also sit indoors at this cafeteria,
and there is quite a selection. There’s a hot table with cooked foods, you
can get sandwiches or just a light bite or drink. There is a very good salad bar. Students pay less than the general public
but still this is a very reasonably priced place to eat. It’s a bargain and they won award as best
college cafeteria in Germany. The bar’s open till 11:30 at night it’s a
pub, a café, a restaurant and a beer garden all in one. Let’s recap on the map the restaurant route
that we’ve already taken and point out where we’ re going next. Starting from the market square, went down
by the river, around those little side lanes, up to the Hauptstrasse, and the University
campuses and back to the Hauptstrasse where we continue along to the end of the street. When you’re back on the main pedestrian lane,
the Hauptstrasse, if you’d like to sit down for a light meal or a snack, a great choice
would be the famous bakery and Café Schafheutle. You can sit outdoors in front on the street,
or in the back garden, maybe in their lovely greenhouse-type room that gives you the feeling
of being outdoors with the comfort of being inside. This Konditorei offers a full service menu
all day for a nice lunch or dinner. But they’re most famous as a pastry shop. Check out the front counter. It’s just loaded with cakes and pies, tarts,
breads, rolls, muffins, croissants, it’s pastry heaven. Located in the heart of the old town near
the University. You’d never realize from the outside of the
bakery on Hauptstrasse that there is such a wonderland and garden inside. Keep walking to the end of the pedestrian
zone and there you will reach the busy downtown. That’s the modern part where you’ll find the
Galleria Kaufhof which is a big department store, and they’ve got everything inside,
including a very nice bakery and sandwich bar right out front. Café Rossi is a very popular spot just off
of the main square. You can sit outdoors or inside at the coffee
bar. Now were taking you back to the Hauptstrasse
for an evening stroll and we will end up where we began the program at the Marketplace. There are so many food options along this
street that it will easily take you a whole month to eat your way from one end to the
other. You’re going to find many nice temptations
to sit down and have a drink or have a meal, maybe just a snack. It’s like nonstop eating when you walk along
the street, it seems, have dinner, some beer, go to bed wake up and have breakfast. There are many inexpensive and casual places
to eat here. It seems like every third shopfront is another
restaurant. They’ve got Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Italian,
Spanish, Greek, and yes German. You name it. Many also serve pizza. Do yourself a favor and skip the exotic ethnic
foods and pizza and have some authentic German food. And there are some cozy little pubs and bars
to finish off the night. We’ve got many more movies about Heidelberg
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  1. I'm not a beer drinker, however I do enjoy very much German food…this video has made me tremendously hungry..Thank you for sharing all this goodness with us.

  2. Great video. I am a big fan of the Goldener Hecht. Would very much like to travel to Heidelberg again someday and check out some of the other restaurants you show. But not before a return to the Hecht.😀

  3. You've got to try Essig Haus in Ploeck adjecent to to the old cinema in hauptstrasse,best schnitzels and spaetzle in town.

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