Restaurant Review of What’s Up Cafe

Restaurant Review of What’s Up Cafe

Today we have shifted ourselves from one rooftop to another. Surely you can get the difference. We are here in What’s Up Cafe in Southern Avenue for our restaurant review episode. The ambiance is simply awesome. We will taste the continental dishes too. So let’s explore! We were on a road trip across the west coast of America. It was in Pebble Beach or in Seventeen Mile Drive. We went into a cafe where the ambiance was awesome. It opens out to the sea and you can see the entire Los Angeles skyline. Then we decided that our cafe would have the similar WOW-factor. We have chosen this place because this is a very peaceful residential area. It’s emerging as a second Park Street perhaps. It’s on the seventh-floor rooftop and offers a spectacular view of Rabindra Sarobar Lake. And also we can see the South Kolkata skyline. Most probably we are the first in Kolkata and in India as well to install a Jacuzzi on the rooftop. It’s an aqua bubble jet which gives a nice massage to your calf muscles. We started with finger food and then extended to Mediterranean and continental starters. Then we have added Indian Tandoor section. Very soon we are adding mutton and sizzler dishes. We are emerging continuously. We started as a 90-seater cafe with only one terrace. Now we have added another terrace here upstairs. We try to give something new after every 6 months. Two prominent signature dishes are very popular here. You probably won’t get that anywhere else in Kolkata. One is Chicken Roulade. Roulade means roll. We take chicken, ham, cheese rolled into one. It’s originated from France. The second one is Scampi Gamveri. It is of Italian origin. It’s basically a baked dish with bread crumbs and tiger prawn. These two are hot favorite here. We are now at the last portion of the show in What’s Up Cafe. It was not raining previously. But eventually, it has started raining. We can’t sit on the terrace. But we can definitely enjoy the view from here. The special continental dishes are in front of us and the rain outside. Sushmita di is with me. The viewers of Rooftop Rannaghar have already seen her to cook Koi machher Ganga Jamuna. She is with us as a food taster today. We will taste this continental platter now. We enjoyed a lot. What did you like the most? Chicken Roulade. Chicken was very soft. Yes, true. And also this noodle wrapped chicken is very good. We are enjoying the food and ambiance very much. Such a unique place it is! And I must repeat that please don’t forget to subscribe, like and share. And write to us at

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  1. Roulade is not actually chicken roll….its aflaky chicken pastry in rolled form of diffrent patterns…with tender med white chicken at the centre.

  2. বাছা, পুরো বাংলায় বা পুরো ইংরেজিতে কথা বলার "ধক" নেই বোধ হয়।
    বাংলা মায়ের (????) ট্যাঁশ সন্তান বুঝি?

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