Ranking The Most Popular Fast Food Hash Browns From Worst To Best

Ranking The Most Popular Fast Food Hash Browns From Worst To Best

Done right, hash browns may be the most fantastic
fast food breakfast item ever created. They’re hot, they’re crispy, and they almost
never need ketchup. Plus, they come in fun shapes. Done wrong, though? Yuck. So, where should you go to get your hash brown
fix? Imagine a bagful of sizzling hot, golden hash
browns,featuring an impossibly light and crispy exterior, a delicately fluffy yet moist interior,
and an ever-so-slight dusting of salt to round out the natural potato flavor. Now picture the exact opposite, and you’ll
know what to expect from Carl’s Jr. These aren’t crispy and fluffy. They’re crunchy and dense. They’re the oat cakes of hash browns, woefully
lacking in anything resembling substance, let alone taste. Also, the potatoes appear to be mashed, and
mashed potatoes are about as exciting as dirt. It’s actually possible this will make you
mad at Carl’s Jr. After all, this is a place that’s also been
associated with Froot Loop mini donuts, so it’s not like they’re opposed to a little
weirdness on the menu and, you know, flavor. The one consolation is that they only cost
a little more than $1. Next. We have to hand it to Dunkin’. They do try, as you can see by the flecks
of herbs in their hash brown circles. According to the Dunkin’ blog, the signature
to their “seasoning profile” is a proprietary blend of sage, garlic, and parsley, among
other untold ingredients. They also claim to source their potatoes from
the U.S. Northeast and Pacific Northwest, adding how “cool” this is. What’s not cool is how they taste suspiciously
thawed out from a previous frozen state. Hash browns shouldn’t taste like something
that flatlined and got deep-fried back to life. The crispiness is there, but there’s a definite
lack of fluff. They’re even slightly bendy, and bendy food
just doesn’t taste fresh no matter how many herbs you put in it or how much you dress
it up. So the next time you’re at Dunkin’, do the
smart thing and get yourself a warm, sugary donut instead. Del Taco’s hash browns taste exactly like
what you might think — an afterthought. They’re also called hash brown “sticks,” a
word that should not be applied to most types of food. Sticks are small and dry and they definitely
don’t say “fresh”. Maybe it’s psychological, but these feel pretty
small and dry, as well. But they are fairly crispy, and crispiness
is generally acknowledged to be the signature of a good hash brown. We just wish they’d make them a little heartier,
and a little more potato-y. In the meantime, it’s best to stick with,
well, what they do best. “Could tacos get any more kick butt than this?” Speaking of Mexican fast food restaurants
with mediocre hash browns you may not have known existed, there’s Taco Bell. Yup, Taco Bell also does breakfast, including
hash browns. They had to do something. There’s a whole morning crowd out there to
feed and nobody eats Burrito Supremes at 8:00 a.m. They eat eggs and potatoes. So, like Del Taco, Taco Bell is simply supplying
a demand, except with no taste or imagination. Their hash browns are bland, slightly mealy,
and as dry as the paper they come in. Also, kind of thin. Seriously, it’s Taco Bell. Would it be so wrong to want a little bit
of grease? Or a lot more salt? They’re seriously underwhelming, but hey,
at least they’re only $1. Burger King calls them, quote, “a blissful
breakfast favorite,” but this is clearly marketing mumbo-jumbo and not at all indicative of what
these nugget-sized hash browns taste like. Yes, they’re crispy. But they’re also tragically plain, and curiously
not even that potato-y. That’s what happens when you use no seasonings
whatsoever, except salt, which doesn’t really count. Salt is a given. This is fast food. And that brings us to a huge problem: a medium
serving of Burger King’s hash browns actually contains 580 milligrams of sodium. That’s roughly a quarter of your day’s sodium
intake down the drain, all for 10 ultimately flavorless deep-fried nuggets. Pass… just stick with the coffee. People are obsessed with Chick-fil-A, and
for good reason: It’s some darn tasty chicken. Again, chicken. The hash browns are a different story. For one thing, they come in a box, which only
works if you eat them right away. Wait any longer, and you’ll have what amounts
to a sad pile of shredded potato balls that have lost their crisp. There’s also an unidentifiable graininess
to them, almost like dirt, and that’s a texture that’s just super weird. Ultimately, It’s a shame these don’t have
a little more flavor. With a bit more love and attention, it wouldn’t
be hard to elevate these sides to the same level as their chicken… and that would be
amazing. Generally speaking, cafeteria food is pretty
much the worst. It’s notoriously boring, not to mention gross. There’s not a reason in the world for a restaurant
to invoke the heyday of cafeteria food, because in reality there wasn’t one. Tater tots, however, are the exception. The name alone makes us smile. And Sonic’s Tots are awesome. These little cylinders are lightly crispy
on the outside, flaky on the inside, and beyond delectable. But what really makes these so great is that
they’re simple, delicious, and — possibly most important of all — they’re so filled
with nostalgia they’re guaranteed to take you to your happy place. Crazy, right? But just for a moment, forget the rest. McDonald’s hash browns are ridiculously perfect. They’re a handful of slightly sweet, buttery
potato bits, dipped in magic, and enveloped in magnificence. One bite will simultaneously zing you back
to being 10 years old again, and make you grateful to be at an age where no one can
tell you anymore you’re not allowed to eat at McDonald’s. They’re the standard to which all other hash
browns should be measured, although what makes them so fantastic isn’t exactly measurable. Is it some kind of special salt? Or maybe the beef flavoring they use in the
fry oil? Are they made with a secret recipe of exotic
seasonings only known to a few select people in the upper echelons of the McDonald’s organization
who have undoubtedly signed non-disclosure agreements? Whatever it is, they’re what you call inspired. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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52 Replies to “Ranking The Most Popular Fast Food Hash Browns From Worst To Best

  1. Yep, you're right. I would never, ever , under any circumstances eat a burrito supreme at 8am.
    That is absolute blasphemy. And I deserve to go to Hell just for even thinking about it.

  2. I know they are not healthy but a fresh hot out the grease hash brown sprinkled with a little salt from McDonald’s is the best 🤦🏿‍♀️ #foodiestruggles

  3. If McDonalds hash browns are done perfectly they are the best however they generally are greasy or not hot enough or both more likely. As to Carl Jrs. they are consistently crispy and who gives a rats behind if they are a little too dense for your vast life experience to handle. I like them. They are far superior to Burger Kings product.

  4. Dunkin Donuts hash browns are the best. Not greasy, baked, and nicely seasoned. Tim Horton’s ruined theirs. Idk what they were thinking when they changed. Too crispy and dry.

  5. If you want the perfect McDonald's hash brown. Order it well done you will thank me for this later. I guarantee it

  6. If I get fresh hot crispy hash browns from DD it’s the best one. But always mc d always wins for me no matter what time of the day

  7. What is she talking bout 😂. I work at Taco Bell and the hash browns are one of the only things on the breakfast menu that actually taste good. It’s greasy enough and salty enough. Idk what your local Taco Bell has done 😂

  8. I can't wait for the day when the Mashed editors decide not worship everything that McDonald's does. I still can't get over how they think those fries even compare to the likes of Chick Fil A and Five Guys

  9. Couple days ago we saw a video on how "amazing" McDonalds fries were. Now we're seeing a video showing how "amazing" McDonalds hashbrowns are. Sponsored much?

  10. Without a doubt, the best hash browns are from Denny's. Granted, it's a diner and not a fast food joint. But the hash browns are superior.:)

  11. I said it before the video started that McDonalds and Sonics have the best hashbrowns. But I also included Bojangles. Bojangles hashbrowns are awesome also. Everyone else sucks.

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