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Hi, everyone. I’m Noreen welcome back to my kitchen today We’ve got another episode of what’s for dinner and boy have I get a treat for you We’re going to make this beautiful and delicious down East North Carolina style shrimp boil and we’re going to make it in the pressure cooker Let’s go see how this all comes together We’re going to go over all the ingredients for our Down East Shrimp boil and we are going to be making this in the pressure cooker because it’s hot outside And I have no inclination to put a giant vat of boiling water on my stove and have it heat at my kitchen my air conditioners running And we still have to have a fan going in our house to push the air all the way around because it is so hot So the pressure cooker believe it or not is going to make this Down East Shrimp Boil Super easy And it’s going to cook in five minutes because you know what everything that you see here cooks individually at the five minute mark So that’s what we’re going to do We’re going to put this all together and we’re going to make a delicious North Carolina down East style Shrimp boil and it’s very similar to a lowcountry boil if you’re familiar with that But we’re only using shrimp. I got these amazing Jumbo shrimp that are fresh caught out of the water off the coast of North Carolina these were purchased Saturday morning Just a couple of days ago. I’ve had them on ice in my refrigerator They did have their their shells on them, but you know what I did I took my kitchen shears And I cut through the shell down the back and then I peeled them and I made sure I took that little vein Right out of there And if you’re a fan of the office and dwight shrute you’ll know what that is two pounds of shrimp? Two pounds of mixed Yukon gold and red baby potatoes one pound of smoked sausage your choice four ears of corn that I peeled scrubbed and broke in half one lemon that I have quartered and Well and cut the quarters in half and then this is my seafood seasoning that we made in another video I just have a little bit here. We may use more we may not use that much we’ll see when use a Seafood seasoning in in a boil of sort some sort you really do use a copious amount because not all of its going to end Up on your food, and I have two cups of water here ready to go So I’ll bring over the pressure cooker and we’ll build this all right first things first We pour our water in I do have a little rack in there Because I don’t really want this stuff sitting down on that water. I just want the water to steam it Potatoes go in first then a little bit of seasoning corn goes in next Just drop it on in there a little more seasoning our smoked Sausage and This I just took right out of the freezer And I cut it up, so this is a little bit frozen a little more seasoning I’m going to throw some lemons and at this point, too And then our shrimp my shrimp are just like I said I peeled them and devein them and I let the tails on This is where we get hot and heavy with our seasoning just Like that I’m going to throw the rest of our lemons in here these however. I’m going to give a squeeze I’m going to leave the lemon pieces right in there because this will then infuse everything with that wonderful lemon flavor and Then I have a little bit half a stick of butter goes right on top and we are ready We get our lid Pop it on to make sure that our valve is shut fish and vegetables automatically presets to 5 minutes We’re going to let it come up to pressure cook for five minutes The timer is going to count down when it’s finished and it beeps at me I’m going to release the pressure valve and do a quick release on the pressure. That’s inside the Venom the vessel Because we don’t want to wait and let that pressure come down naturally otherwise your shrimp are going to turn into nasty little erasers and nobody wants to eat a tough shrimp because he’ll I’ll be back when this is ready and finished and I’ll show you what it looks like after we open it up. I can’t wait All right this just came down off a pressure. I quick release it took the lid off and oh my goodness You might think that putting shrimp in the pressure cooker is a bad idea But it came out perfect now. We’re going to go ahead and we’re going to put it on a tray And then we’ll show you what everything looks like after it’s done We’ve got some melted butter ready to go as well as some homemade cocktail sauce and Dinner’s ready This was super fast and super easy the pressure cooker. I cannot stress enough How wonderful it is to have one of these available to use? Any time of year? but especially when it’s Super hot outside or When you’re in a hurry because you can put something like this on the table in about an hour We’re going to go plate this up, and we’ll be right back there you have it there is our beautiful down East, North Carolina Style Shrimp boil and We’re ready for dinner and we probably don’t want to waste the whole at a time chit-chatting because we want to eat really see what this is so perfect this shrimp came out perfect the corn is perfect the potatoes are perfect the Smoked sausage even though was frozen is perfectly done what I have done. Now is weld it was cooking I made I did some melted butter and some homemade cocktail sauce I have a very old video on how I make my cocktail sauce I will leave it linked in both a card at the end of this video as well as down below And in an information card in the side screen you can click on the little I in the upper Right hand corner of the screen and it will populate a whole bunch of information for you if you didn’t know about that No, you do so um what do you want to try honey? Huh? You want to try shrimp. Do you want it dunked in something? Saucy Okay Mmm-Hmm Perfect can I want to say thank you to Matt Heather’s husband when we went to the seafood house when they were visiting? He said don’t you guys ever get drawn butter for your seafood, and I never really thought about it So he had the waitress bring some in. Oh man. That’s perfect That’s delicious. Oh ma’am This shrimp is perfectly cooked It’s not tough it’s not chewy. It’s just delicious. Oh, I can’t wait to dig into everything else The beautiful part here is everyone comes service itself tastes what they like and leaves with it all and You take some of potatoes you crack them with your fork you put a little bit of butter on them You do the same with your corn And you’re ready to go everything In five minutes under pressure now remember it took about ten minutes for the pot to come up to pressure Five minutes to cook and then I quick released it. So the shrimp is perfect 15 minutes Rick was really worried That it was going to cook too long, and then it was going to be tough and I would never purposefully overcook shrimp I Mean sometimes it happens, but when you pay a lot of money for shrimp these were actually not bad these were $10 a pound At our fish our local fish Monger but these were only a dollar more these are jumbo shrimp by the way, and they were only a dollar more than a large shrimp, so These are about 16 20 pound meaning 16 to 20 shrimp per pound and then the large shrimp are slightly More so you get a little bit more per pound out of those but they’re a little too small I think to put in the pressure cooker so yeah, that’s that’s how you do it a down east North Carolina Style Shrimp boil in the pressure cooker in 15 minutes flat Except for the time that it took you to prep and really didn’t take me that long to prep at all So there you have it. 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