over here guys over here hi there and welcome to prowl we’re on Wednesdays love square in one of the coffee places on the square where one coke is 100 crowns and today we’re going to show you that you can actually have a full-size meal for 100 crowns within the city center of Prague so not everything is expensive so if you’re a budget viewer budget traveler you’re watching the right video if you’re not a budget viewer will make video for you later so the first place we’re going to show you where you can have a full meal for 100 crowns it’s just off Wenceslas Square you follow the tram tracks and when you reach the tram stop you turn right here’s a sign for the place it’s called Sevilla Tosa and as they advertise 89 craft very hidden okay even some checks don’t know about this place you can be on camera and here we are as promised full-size Czech meal for 100 crowns actually less than that 97 we got 3 crowns left that’s good I just noticed that this place has even cheaper meals than what I just had for example you can get a goulash for 78 crowns which means if you had a beer on top of that it’s still below 100 crowns it’s a good place cheap budget place we were just over there and right here is another popular place where you can eat under 100 crowns it’s quite popular for its ice cream but we’re going to get something called hella be cheeky there’s no way I can translate this to English but when you’ll see it you’ll understand or on 24 so we have our Club HP but where are we going to eat them we don’t want to eat them here but there’s a beautiful place a minute from here so we took our hello bitch get to francesc cans Kasahara a peaceful and a quiet place in downtown Prague you just got to find a free bench you can sit down and eat I love I want you timer if you are on budget you’re gonna appreciate the free water well hey there I’ve been waiting for you so you found the place right it’s just off Wenceslas Square on the bottom you turn into this small street and they have choices of meals under 100 crowns so I ordered a steak dick Obama no crap it looks delicious but this would be my third meal today so I’m just gonna taste the potato good 98 crowns para para restaurant is in the Cigna kazanka and its two streets off Wenceslas Square so still like three minutes walking let’s go down the stairs okay guys this is our last meal and still keep in mind that this and the drink is still for 100 crowns which is the price of the coke that we had only three minutes walking from here this is sweet Cola this is the most traditional Czech dish today we were showing you places where to eat under 100 pounds of course you can get the street food that may be even cheaper but we wanted you to have a proper check meal even though the meals were only 100 crowns do not forget to tip ok 10 15 20 percent depends on how you like the service and if your check or you’ve already been to Prague why don’t you share your tips on where to go to eat under 100 crowns put it in the comments below or visit our new Facebook page Prague guide you can post it on our wall or wherever and since today was all about having meals and restaurants I’m going to teach you how to say check please which is you chat proceed thanks for watching we love the fact that you’re watching and we love doing this show see you next week if you’re visiting Prague you’re going to visit that place today we’re going to show you how to get there and once you get there what to do there just so you know we were filming this episode in one day and there was no way I could eat four meals so we always took the meal to go and we gave it to somebody on the street so it was not thrown away

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  1. Thank you for your videos!!!!! Very much Help!!! If other does about them Capital City's will be Great,Thank you again Guys!!!

  2. Here in mallorca (an island next to spain" they rip u 9 dollars or more for a single plste of food and bout 6 dollars for a little bottle of water

  3. You’re the best , it feels like I already know prague already , im visiting it tmw night and I’ll comment back agn ! Thanks

  4. Who goes on Vacation but can't afford to buy a coffee lol. I definitely want to visit Prague after seeing all these videos though. It's nice to know that it is somewhere affordable to travel to, as I would never have guessed it (especially after Nicki Minaj made such a big deal about how special she was for going there, she made it seem so unattainable and meanwhile it seems cheaper to eat there and to tour around than it would be here where I live… then again, what would she know about how much things cost right? She probably doesn't even read her own bills!).

  5. Does anyone know what the price of a rental place is in the Czech Republic? I know it’s going to be different prices depending where your living just wanted an average if there was such a thing. It’s for 18 months that I will be working there in Prague

  6. 1 many fotos..upload on GMaps..with adreses..tat way you help..i do dat evrytime dat way everyone wil known exact locations…also GMaps pay on thouse..if on a buget..

  7. I'm not sure why I'm seeing subtitles on this video but they are completely off – it's so funny. "I just ordered the steak. Dick Obama. No crap it looks delicious" 😂

  8. I was in Prague last week and found a cheap place in the center of town: Staroceska Pekarna – Cukrarna in Perlova street. A espresso cost CKr 42, around the corner at Jungmannova CKr 105! They have a small selection of chlebicki ranging in price from 22 to 28 CKr.

  9. Objection: Whatever you do, people, REFRAIN from adopting the american logic of tipping. Waiter salaries should only be under the responsibility of the shop owners. Do not fall – local or tourist – into the trap of a percentage of debt to the service. If you are happy just leave a fraction of a single € and that's it. Tipping should be symbolic, if not eradicated at all.

  10. Libová angličtina vím že to přeložit moc nejde, stejně mi to přijde vtipný.
    "We are going to take our chlebíčky to Františkánská zahrada"

  11. Lets go to Gusto it is in the most beautiful part of Prague (sídliště Prosek) and you can even get discount on drinks when you buy some pizza over 100Kč.

  12. Vyrazilo mi dech, že jste si nechal ty tři koruny vrátit. Smutný to ještě učit turisty, že si lidská síla nezaslouží ani ten mizerný tuzér.

  13. yes you surely can have a meal for 100czk..but it does taste like PILE OF SHITE 😉 like seriously look at that green slime @ 1:06 mark.. OK, 3:10 looks much better but for the love of god, DON'T SIT OUTSIDE, there is strong stench of piss crawling from the alley behind his back.. Thank me later

  14. I think you need to visit Sapa restaurant, i have one i can give u a tip, or i can go there with u if u want. 🙂 Its 110 CZK for Bun Cha, in Centre is about 140-160 i guess? 🙂 Sorry for mistakes, its 3:18 AM..

  15. Mezi IP pavlova a Náměstím republiky je jídelna a Chlebíčkárna

  16. hm… menzy ČVUT, jedna je aj na Karláku 🙂
    EN: Another option is to go to one of the canteens of the CTU, one is right next to the Charles square

  17. Mohu se zeptat co znamená věta v čase 3:09 říkáte že jste si objednal steak a pak děkuji mnohokrát.. Ale titulky píšou I ordered a steak dick Obama no crap it …

  18. Bravo il centro non lo giro più molto, ma è bello sapere che ci sono locali ha prezzi onesti anche li

  19. Ùcet prossím!!! 💜💜 i'm going to Prague with my boyfriend on June and finding your channel makes me look forward even more for the trip

  20. normal that low-cost country attracts low-cost tourists
    what a pleasure to eat industrial shit for 4 €
    welcome to Praha!!

  21. Hi there, I’ve seen quite a few of your #honestguidevideo and they are awesome! Great tips and I’m officalliyba subscriber!
    I would appreciate if you could give some tips on where Muslim tourist could find ‘halal food’ which mainly shouldn’t have any pork or lard as the ingredients.
    Many thanks in advance 😉

  22. môžem sa opýtať? čo hladá "guláš"na českom jedálnom lístku ako národná pochúťka? LOL /videl som aj video s TRDELNÍKOM aj trdelník je z madarska ako aj GULYÁS/

  23. I’m visiting end of June so thanks for these tips! Perhaps we’ll run into each other as you film one of your posts!!

  24. Love the videos! Been excited to go to Prague for a while and have planned to go this winter (November) – any recommendations for the winter? Activities and food/drink spots welcome 😁

  25. Thank you guys for not throwing the meals and thank you for showing us into your country, and I shall visiting the city soon, and really thrilled and excited. thanks to you <3

  26. Went to Lokal in Dlouha yesterday, with my wife for a quick lunch before flying back to the UK.
    Specifically Lokal, because we had been following some of the Honest Guide recommendations.

    during our 4 day trip

    Lokal? – Ugghhh – Unfriendly staff, no one wants to speak to you (I dont speak Czech, but My wife Is Polish, so I am not a 'little englander' type, and I started every attempt to attract someone's attention with 'Dobry Den') – I understand that the staff may have been busy but that is no excuse for simple ignorance

    so, we left and went to Restaurace Apetit. That looked closed (2 PM monday? Lunchtime?) – if they were open there were no other customers

    so we left and went next door to Samoobsluzna.
    At last —– a friendly cafeteria/buffet type service – They understood Polish, so my wife was able to order. Good cafeteria food, Not posh, not fancy – but also not expensive (225 CZK for two good meals)

  27. you should add the google map locations in your videos of the places that you visit, it would be really helpful !! Excellent Video though

  28. Guys I am in restaurace u provaznice and it is NOT cheap. It is normal. 1 person can eat for 10-12 euros.

  29. Would be curious if you could review fast food restaurants like McDonalds, Burger King and Subway to see how they compare price was to rest of the world. Not all of us have the luxury to eat local food for one reason or another!

  30. We are in Prague rn and have tried a lot of your recommendations. Your city is beautiful. CHLEBÍČKY is literally amazing.

  31. Visit restaurant Zanzibar, your going to be impressed ALOT, not only because of the prizes, but u also can get even more grams of food than u ordered (if it hasnt changed)

  32. The third restaurant he review is a fake priced menu which you mentioned as when we went there each and every dish was above 200Czk ,another scam of yours busted…pls don't misguide the tourist

  33. My recommendation for a good classic restaurant is called "Havelská koruna"(Havel's crown)

    Moje doporučení na dobrou klasickou českou restauraci je Havelská koruna.

  34. Asi najlepšie miesto kde som sa najedol pod 100 kč je Bar Zazibar na Ládví. Za 75 kč tam je obrovská porcia mäsa, hranoliek, zemiakov, skrátka čo si objednáš. A za tých zvyšných 25 kč je tam myslím aj polievka 🙂 So enjoy

  35. do not tip plase, its really fucking stupied, i am not your god dam employer, i am a customer servme and begon . ask your emploery for a raise

  36. Most tourists will not go these places. They probably eat "local food" in the square! Most tourist will splurdge with their money because they are on "HOLIDAYS" Most tourist when they are on holidays they treat their hard earned cash like monopoly money!! then they get home and say "I'm Skint"! Stupid arent they!!

  37. Cool video, I was in Prague not too long ago and there is a great place selling Prague ham at the Old town square, bit expensive but worth it as the portions are very large

  38. Bro, can you make a full video on Pure Vegetarian food/meal restaurant options in Prague? 🌯🌮🍕🍔🍞🥐🥖🍟🍄🥜🌽🍰

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