Pork & Egg Onigiri (Okinawan-Style Rice Sandwiches)

Pork & Egg Onigiri (Okinawan-Style Rice Sandwiches)

You’ve never made this before, so I’m a little nervous Hello everybody! Welcome back to another recipe video. Now we just got back from our Okinawa trip We had a blast We had this Okinawa style onigiri on the last day of our trip there, and it just blew our mind It’s completely different from the one we have in the mainland Including the ingredients to use as well as the way it looks so without further ado Let’s get started so first we’re gonna begin with the sauce yes They do have a sauce for the onigiri so we’re gonna be combining half a tablespoon of sugar with two teaspoons of mirin Like that and we are going to give it a quick mix And then we’re gonna zap it in the microwave for about 30 seconds all right, so it’s been 30 seconds in the microwave. We’re gonna give this another quick mix Because we have we want to make sure that the sugar is completely dissolved Once that is done. We’re gonna add in one tablespoon of miso Okinawan miso is different from the one that we have here it sometimes has a port or fish and taste is sweet yes, and um You know because it’s quite difficult to find that, Okinawa is are outside of, Okinawa. We decided to make our own and This is pretty close to the authentic one. That’s our unprofessional opinion of course next we’re gonna make a tamagoyaki omelette, yes. Hi, Dozo, that is your job sir Now we’re using one egg Because we’re making just one serving today that we’re gonna beat the egg beat it until it’s smooth All right, let’s make the omelette, okay, we’re gonna heat up our frying pan, and I think it’s hot enough we’re gonna pour some oil Swirl it around We’re gonna dump our egg inside now We’re gonna work kind of fast because we want our egg to be flat and square don’t stress too much about This tamagoyaki, you guys Okay, it doesn’t have to be perfectly square Because who are you trying to impress right? Okay? I’m gonna put this over once I think. I’m just gonna, just to make sure it’s cooked Ooooh! There. You well done. I’m well done? Thank you Well that is how I like my meat. I like it well done Okay, and the omelette is finished We’re transfer this to a plate and go on to the next step. So what’s next? Next we’re gonna cook the spam. Spammmm Yeah, no. I’m just gonna wipe off the excess oil For the frying pan because spam has a lot of oil already Okinawa people love spam. They do They do just like Hawaiian people just like the people in Hawaii Love spam, but you know there are a lot of similarities between Okinawa and Hawaii I think especially when it comes to the local food for example the noodles that they eat there remind me of Saimin the noodles to eat in Hawaii and Tempura the Okinawa style tempura is Very very different from the tempura you here you eat here in the mainland They look more like fritters to me, but that’s the type of tempura that they actually eat in Hawaii If you go to those local okazuya places. An okazuya is a place where they sell all sorts of well local style Japanese food It’s usually a takeout place you buy the food there And you eat the food at the park or the beach if you’re ever in Hawaii check it out because okazuyas are disappearing fast. Wow You know there are quite old-fashioned places. Okay? So I think the spam is ready. You just want to cook it until both sides are Nicely grilled and you know browned Um you don’t have to cook it that much because you know spam is already cooked meat and now all we have to do is Construct our onigiri so we have a bamboo mat here I don’t believe you really need this or not But they were using this at that shop so just to be on the safe side we’re gonna do the same thing We’re watching very closely so we could replicate it for you guys We got half a sheet of nori here, and I’m gonna place it down in the middle of the bamboo mat And what you want to do is You want to put some Steamed rice. This is a cooked Japanese rice Make sure it is Japanese rice. Rice is sometimes called sushi rice, and we’re gonna put the rice evenly onto this sheet of nori Not too much Not too much. Yeah, Okinawa onigiri has a very thin layer of rice It seems like there’s more filling than rice right it’s like, uh, onigiri sandwich Kinda like an onigiri sandwich, so I’m gonna put a little bit of that sauce here Now we noticed that Okinawans love this sauce and next I’m going to Lay that piece of egg omelette, the tamagoyaki On the other side, and then I’m gonna put my slice of spam. Now, um They did have you know different fillings in with their? Okinawan style onigiri like. Like tofu. Fried tofu. Or goya tempura. One thing is certain They always have to have spam. It’s a center of the onigiri It is yeah spam, spam is like the crucial ingredient, so we’re just gonna roll this in half Okay, I really don’t think we need this Bamboo mat. Not sure if it actually helped, but that’s it. Look at that. Yeah! Likes just like onigiri. Yess! There you guys, this is your Okinawan style onigiri. You know what, Satoshi, this was rather easier than I thought. Mmhmm. Mmhmm. Probably one of the easiest things I’ve ever made in my life I think it is easier than onigiri hazu. Definitely and it’s way easier than molding a triangle onigiri, that’s for sure. Yeah, so here you go. Oh, yeah Yeah, I made it for you because. Oh thank you. I know that you love it. Itadakimasu! Is it? Mm-hmm. Is it good? Spam has sweetness and this miso is sweet hmm Yeah, it matches very well. Oh, yeah Mmm, this is good. Oh, this is really good. Mmm. I don’t know what it is, but the combination of spam and egg omelette and Rice is very comforting to me. Now, you will have some miso sauce left over and that’s okay You can use this for a lot of things. How about putting on tofu? That’ll be perfect. Also this would be a great dip for vegetables like carrot sticks Cucumber sticks and stuff like that. This will also be good, just some over hot rice as well I think yeah, yeah, and I think it even makes it a salad dressing with this if you add some vinegar. I think so too- mmm So what did you guys think of today’s? Okinawan style onigiri? Please let us know in the comments down below and definitely give this one a go because it’s pretty easy to make. I have a feeling you’re gonna like it Thank you so much for watching! More Okinawan recipes coming real soon, so if you’re not already don’t forget to subscribe Thanks for watching guys. See you guys next time, bye bye!

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  1. Best combination! Pork + egg + rice =HEAVEN! Lol! I like this version of onigiri; much easier to put together. That sauce looks so yummy, too. Thanks for a yummy recipe. 😉💜

  2. That miso sauce looks good. Do you think I could cook the sauce with the spam, like towards the end when the spam is almost done. To cook out some of the alcohol.Kind of like miso tofu. Will try it soon.
    P.s. thanks for the Okazuya mention for us in Hawai'i . I love them!😋

  3. Wow, it's like a breakfast sandwich onigiri! Okinawan food is so interesting. Thanks so much for introducing me to this cuisine. Hope you enjoyed LA and have fun in San Francisco!

  4. Great video. Quick question though. And I believe it was the two of your that filmed it. How is this different from onigirazu? Other than this is from Okinawa. Mahalos!!!

  5. This looks so yummy! I'll def. try it! Did you guys read the news a week ago (I can't remember exactly when) but people stole many cans of spam to sell in black market for (maybe) drug money in Hawaii? I know people loooove Spam in Hawaii and Guam but I thought that was so funny, even it was a serious crime they were talking about, in the news. lol…I'm pretty sure that would never ever happen in US mainland. Most people in US mainland, esp. who are in their 70s' hate spam cuz they say it reminds them about their "poor" livelihood when they were young. I always keep a can (at least!) of spam, in my pantry, for last 15 years! lol

  6. 動画で紹介していたスタンダード以外にケチャップとかマヨネーズも味が変わって簡単で美味しいですよ(*・ω・)ノ

  7. すごく美味しそう!作ってみます。Satoshi さんの Well done のコメントも面白かったです。お二人の楽しい会話、最高です。

  8. Seeing the Okinawan foods makes me wonder about the influence of Americans on their foods. Spam, for sure, and this onigiri looks like an egg sandwich. And it's hearty, enough for a Marine's breakfast! (Or hangover food!)

  9. Spam and egg is 💜. It's seems so simple yet so versatile! I'd love to try this but I'm curious about the Okinawan miso. Haven't tried it so it would really help if you guys can share that recipe of yours. If it resembles the real deal, I don't need a professional opinion, Shinichi's and Satoshi's words are enough. You never showed us any recipes that aren't good; I'm sure I can fully trust on your tastebuds.

  10. I was reading the comment section and noticed many people asking how to make Okinawan Miso.
    It’s not called Okinawan Miso but called “abura miso”. Anyway, I found a recipe on the Japanese Cook Pad page which I’ll translate.


    Pork belly (or lean pork) 300 grams
    Miso (red) low salt works best. 150grams
    Sake (or Awamori)   2 tablespoons
    Sugar     50-80 grams adjust to your liking.
    Mirin     1 table spoon

    1. Cut the pork belly into about 1cm squares.
    2. Put the pork belly in a frying pan without adding any oil and cook over low heat letting the lard seep out of the meat. (add some oil if you use lean meat)
    3. When the pork browns put in the sake to get rid of the pig smell, turn the heat up a little and let the liquid evaporate.
    4. Turn the heat back down to low and mix in the miso using a wooden spatula, add the sugar and taking care not to burn it, keep mixing for about 5 mins until you get a little shine to the mixture.
    5. Finish by mixing in the mirin. It will keep for about a month in the fridge.

    Vegetarians can leave out the meat. You can also try variations like adding minced ginger or garlic. Awamori is the locally distilled liquor of the island and possibly hard to come by in your area. Try replacing it with the local moonshine of your choice. Bourbon might work. Also if mirin is not available you can do without it. Or maybe a bit of honey. Please note that the last paragraph was my own suggestion and the writer of the original recipe cannot be held responsible for any injury sustained by someone going way overboard with the use of the moonshine.

  11. OMG, all of my favorite ingredients, I must make this! thank you guys for sharing this! love your channel.

  12. Do you know the place it's called rainbow something I think in Hawaii. It's all brightly colored and there is an old guy who makes 15 different lokomoko plates. It's awesome food it's the standard you can get hamburger steak and gravy you can get chili dogs chili Burgers all kinds of things and then you get rice and macaroni salad and gravy and it's so so good and he is a funny guy. Maybe you might have passed away by now I don't know.

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  41. Best way to eat spam: cut it thin like chip or bacon size. Fry it (recommended way) or throw it in the oven, then you got yourself some spam bacon.

  42. I had these in the airport and they were absolutely delicious. Thank you so much for this video. And all your videos about Okinawa. They made my trip there much more enjoyable!

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