PetSolutions: Taste of the Wild Grain Free Dog Food

PetSolutions: Taste of the Wild Grain Free Dog Food

Taste of the Wild is a balanced dog food, that nature intended. There’s no corn or soy. There’s natural antioxidants added the protein blend is for an optimal amino acid profile. There’s omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for skin and coat, sweet potatoes are a complex carbohydrate for energy. There’s blueberries, raspberries, tomatoes, and chelated minerals for better absorption. It is a complete and balanced diet for all life stages from puppy to seniors. It comes in four different flavors the wetlands, which is roasted quail, duck, and smoked turkey. There’s Sierra Mountain, which is smoked lamb. Pacific stream, which is smoked salmon. And High Prairie, which is roasted bison and venison. For additional information on the products used in this video, please visit

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  1. Our finicky Doberman does well with this. Additionally TOTW yields much firmer stools than with Blue Buffalo, which we also tried due to it's very good reputation. Forgive me, but somebody has to mention this, LOL.

  2. Great clip! I have the good thing for all the dog owners: You can easlily make your puppy live longer to 8.3 years by adjusting the meals they consume.

  3. If you like to keep your dog safe and healthy, you need to know how to choose the healthiest dog food to match your dog's requirements.

  4. I feed my dog this and now there r many more flavors and my dog loves all of them she is a brittany spaniel.

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