Peruvian Cuisine fine dining experience at La Rosa Náutica restaurant in Lima, Peru

Peruvian Cuisine fine dining experience at La Rosa Náutica restaurant in Lima, Peru

#eatPERU So for today’s meal we are going for more
of an upscale dining experience. We are having lunch at a place called La Rosa Náutica,
which means the nautical rose. And it is a really cool restaurant out on the water. There
is this pier built over the ocean and it just leads you all the way to this little restaurant.
So you’re like surrounded by waves, there is surfers, birds. Perfect setting and the
food here is really good. I’ve been here once before many many years ago. So I’m excited
to come back with more mature taste buds. So our food has arrived and we went all out.
We got a little bit of everything. So I’m having the starter tasting menu over here
which comes with three different types of ceviche which I love. And Sam is having the
grand tasting menu and his appetizers have also arrived and they are looking pretty fancy. Okay, so first up this one is espagon and
this one is flounder. Made with flounder. Is it a ceviche? It is a cebiche. Yes. Let’s just dip it in the sauce. Mmmmmm. Oh wow. It is some of the best ceviche I’ve ever had.
The fish just, it is so so tender and the sauce it has a really strong kick of lime.
Like there is nothing subtle about it. Mmmmm. It’s good. Moving on to the next. Have a look here. This
one is called colorado and it has also flounder, shrimp and a little bit of squid. And it also
has the yellow corn. The choclo. The choclo. Let’s grab some choclo. I’m expecting this to be spicy. It already
has a lot of sauce so I won’t be adding anymore. Mmmmm. Oh yeah. Mmmm. I always expect squid to be a little bit chewy
but this is great. Made to perfection. So yeah, I’m really enjoying this so far. And
we’ve got one more – the last one. This one has flounder, octopus and a cilantro
sauce and it has the canchita that we tend to find in lots of places. We love that. That
makes an appearance at most tables. Salty corn. Mmmmm. It is a nice mix of soft and crunchy. And
the sauce is refreshing. Really nice ceviche. Alright, Sam so let’s have a look at your
plate. Oh, exciting times. So I’ve got a three portion appetizer sampler
as well. What are you starting with? And we’re going to start out with the causa. The yellow
mashed potatoes and this comes with a tuna tartar in a smoked chili peppers and avocado.
I love tuna tartar. So I’m going to be trying some of that later. Wow. I bet it is magic. Magic in the mouth.
Like those are three really amazing things all at once. Love causa, the potatoes, then
you add that nicely sliced avocado and then the tartar. Oh, yeah. Oh yeah. Okay let’s move on. Moving on, this is the
classic ceviche. Yeah. So, yeah this is what we love to eat here
in Peru. And especially Lima. The one meal that we’ve probably had more than any other
is cebiche. I feel like we have it every other day. When we’re in Peru it’s just ceviche,
cebiche, more ceviche. That’s the most tender ceviche I’ve ever had.
Yeah, isn’t it? I don’t know what they do to make it this
tender but it is just amazing. You don’t even really have to chew it. Yeah, it has got a
special touch. And then the sauce is just – oh wow. And then moving on to the last one here, this
is the octopus salad. And it also comes with toasted yucca which is a pretty unique thing
to do. It is kind of like a root. Yeah, it is kind of like a root similar to a potato
and it also comes with olive sauce. Oh, reading the menu over there. Sorry. Kind of cheating
a bit. Kind of cheating a little bit here. So the next course has arrived. And now I’m
going to be sampling three different types of causa. So causa is a type of dish that
is made with yellow mashed potato and it is usually served kind of like a shepherd’s pie
but this is a bit fancier. So we have a nice little swirls of yellow potato. And I’m having
three different types. The one you see over here with the shrimp is called Arequipeña.
It has a nice ocopa, creamy sauce. Then if we move over to the middle this one
is made with poleveto so it is octopus and olive sauce and at the very end you have one
with tuna in a chili pepper cream. Wow. So which one do you start with? Let’s start with tuna. I tried Sam’s tuna.
You seem to be a big fan of tuna. Yeah. Oh wow, it looks like the tartar too. Magic. Look at that. Getting it. Mmmm. Oh yeah. Oh man. There may not be any left over for you. This
fish just melts in your mouth. It is so good. Mmmmm. Okay shall we move on to the next one? Yes. So this is our octopus here. Let’s see. You
know I’ve become a pretty big fan of octopus ever since we’ve been in Lima. They really
know how to prepare it well. You didn’t like it so much in Korea. No but
here totally different story. So yeah that is good. And you really taste the olive oil. They’ve
used it so smooth like it leaves a nice little aftertaste. And this, last but not least, how shall I
do this? Just bite it off? Yeah. Just dunk it in and bite it off. Okay. Let’s get the shrimp. Mmmmm. Wow. That’s fresh. It tastes like the ocean. So which of the three did you like the most? The tuna? Probably tuna. I just loved tuna. I can’t
get enough of it. Mmmmm. So what is next on the menu? And the last
of your sampler portion has arrived. These are the Carpaccio. Let’s just take a look
down at those. So over here we have got salmon with green onions, vinaigrette with a quail
egg. Yeah, that is pretty fancy. I would say. Over here tuna in a mustard sauce with also
soy sauce and sesame seeds. You can see the sesame seeds there. And finally we’ve got flounder with basil
oil and black salt. Oh oh. So Salmon is pretty much my favorite fish
so I think I’m going to try that one last. So we will start off with the flounder. Sam
always leaves the best for last. Yeah, that is my way of doing things when I eat. Mmmmm. It is good. That’s sour. And it tastes actually quite
similar to a ceviche. Yeah. It is the same fish they use for a cebiche. Well, there you
go. That answers the question. There you go. Okay on to the tuna. And what I want to make
sure is that I get lots of this sesame sauce and sesame seeds. What you want to make sure
is that you leave some for me. Oh. That’s the best thing I’ve tried here so far.
Like this the combination of that amazing tuna and then you have this tangy sesame sauce
which is really rich and creamy. Oh yeah. Oh yeah he says. Alright, now your favorite. Last but not least
let’s move on to the salmon. I grew up eating a lot of salmon on Vancouver Island, where
I’m from in Canada, so this will be familiar and tasty. Oh, woah. That is fresh. That is tender and that is
just very high quality salmon. I love this. So the food just keeps on coming. This is Sam’s main, and again it is a sampler
with three different dishes. So have a look down here. First up we’re having Lomo Saltado, which
is one of the national dishes I guess you could say. Um so it is kind of like a fried
beef with onions, tomato and there is yellow potato french fries underneath. And then we are moving over to the shrimp
with tacu tacu. Now that is a big shrimp. It is massive. More like a prawn. And the
tacu tacu is basically rice and fried beans. And last but not least we’ve got the catch
of the day, a pan-fried white fish with some potatoes in a creamy sauce. So yeah, lots
of food. So you’re going with the lomo saltado first.
The lomo saltado. So we’ve got a little piece of meat, maybe let’s grab a potato. Oh my
gosh. I spilled. I spilled. Don’t let them see. I couldn’t get the potato. Let’s just go for
the beef. Mmmmm. Wow. You know what? That sauce it almost has a
bit of a Chinese influence. It is really interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever tried lomo saltado
in Peru before. This may be my first. And my yellow potato fry. Mmmmm. Good stuff. Now let’s clean up my mess before they come.
There we go. All clear. Okay, moving on. I’m just going to cut off a piece so you get
some as well. Please, that is the one I’m looking forward to the most. A bit of shrimp, rice and beans. Woah. That looks amazing. Mmmmm. It is nice. It almost tastes a little bit
Mexican – the refried beans and rice. It is good. Good combo. And I’m going to move on to the fish. She’s excited about the fish. I sure am. Let’s get a bit of sauce. I’m not sure what this sauce is. What does
it say on the menu? A leek sauce. That is what it is. Leek. There we go. Mmmmmm. That is so creamy and smooth. That is good. I think we’re going to remember this meal,
huh? Forever and ever. Forever and ever. So I’m getting pretty sad over here because
it is almost time to wrap up this meal. I know. We’re already full but dessert has arrived
and we will be making room for it because everything at this restaurant has just been
incredible so far. So let’s have a look at dessert. So take a look down here and you’re going
to see first that this is a chocolate crunchy mouse. Okay. And over here we pomme de raison
which is kind of like a crispy pancake with vanilla, manjar and strawberries. So vanilla
sauce. And this is the one I’m most interested in
trying. This is a chocolate tart with lúcuma mousse. And that is like one of my favorite
local fruits here in Peru. So we’ve got a nice spread of desserts. It is time to dig
in. Dig in. Which one is first. Alright, I’m going
to try. Let’s go over here first. And we will try the crunchy chocolate mousse with berries. I wonder if that is coconut on top? Oh, I
can definitely feel the crunch at the bottom here. Let’s try that. Mmmmm. Wow. That mousse is really light and it is
really rich. And I have no idea what that crunchy thing, the crunchiness at the bottom
is. But it is tasty. It tastes a bit like granulated sugar but I know it is not that. Okay, time to try that pancake and I don’t
have a knife anymore. Oh, it is crunchy. So that broke off nicely. Oh, you can hear happy birthday in the background.
Someone is having a birthday. This is a great place for a birthday. Yeah, I can of feel
like this is should be both of our birthdays. Hahaha. In advance. Mmmmmm. Okay. That is really crunchy when you first bite
into it but then it is light and it disintegrates in your mouth. And the manjar sauce, the vanilla
sauce, is just very light and the strawberries kind of just add a nice juicy kick at the
end. Ooh. And now on to the one you’re most looking
forward to. So as you know by now I save my favorite one for the end. And look at all of the manjar. Oh, that is
lucuma. Sorry sorry what am I say. Lucuma. Lucuma filling but with maybe on the plate.
Lucuma. Oh. Oh oh oh. That’s the best. That’s the best. Oh yeah. That filling is almost like, it is a combination
of tasting like the actual fruit, and it also tastes like a creamy butterscotch pudding
as well. Oh, that is good. Well, hello captain. Time to resume my captain duties over here.
Hahaha. So was that one of the best meals you’ve ever
had or what? Yeah, that ranks up there really really highly. I mean it is certainly the fanciest meal we’ve
ever had in Lima or in Peru for that matter. And you know the price reflected that. The
price of what I ordered which included the appetizers, the mains and the desserts was
a hundred and sixty Soles and your appetizer portion which had three different things.
It has the causa, the ceviches and the other part that was 80 Soles. So in total it was
a 250 Sole meal. That is quite a bit. You’re looking at you know 70-80 US dollars but it
was so worth it. It is a dining experience we’ll never forget.

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