People Guess What Meat They’re Eating

People Guess What Meat They’re Eating

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  1. I think you should promote food that can be an alternative to the meat because I know as a meat lover that this is getting worse everyday.For exemple I've heard of some scientists who are creating meat by using animals cells' without actually killing them.Just an idea but also excuse my english if I made mistakes

  2. Over the top obnoxious people – esp those 2 women who behave like those annoying loud teenagers who think they're super cool but are just cringe worthy.

  3. What's with all the meat content lately? The rainforest is burning to produce more livestock feed and this is the content BuzzFeed decides on? Really?

  4. This would scare me to death because you have no idea what meat it is. It could be snail and I hate snail. 🤢

  5. I thought they were going to pull some GMM shut and give them a weird meat but they didn’t and the video is boring.

  6. Nothing I love more than seeing and hearing grown people chewing with their mouths open. Perhaps next video you can have them compare boogers? Or identify what cuisine someone has eaten by the smell of their farts

  7. Next video: People guess what nightshade poison they're drinking, there's only one winner and only one batch of antidotes.

  8. I just want to know how tf they are swallowing with their noses plugged. I just tried…and failed. Am I defected?

  9. Buzzfeed has a lot of cool and interesting ideas but poorly executes them.. I mean who thinks of a video like this and doesn’t take advantage of the opportunity to include all types of different meats

  10. Man, the ignorance expressed by these participants is astounding… and sadly, typical. Meat-eaters, educate yourself on protein, satisfaction, etc. Cmon.

  11. This is so weird because your nose helps you taste things so y'all literally took away part of what they need to be able to guess what they're eating

  12. One minute in…sorry…how are they supposed to guess the meat without being able to actually taste it?! Plugging their nose prevents retronasal olfaction, which is crucial to our ability to sense flavours; therefore completely altering the ability to distinguish the different flavours from meat to meat.
    When you eat, molecules from your food travel up to your nose from the back of your throat and activates odor receptors. These odor receptors help pick up on the nuance of flavour beyond “sweet” or salty”. For instance, if you gave them jelly beans, they would be able to pick up on the fact that all the jelly beans are sweet, but would not be able to determine which was strawberry and which was grape.

  13. Was really expecting this to be a video of people eating exotic meats they were unlikely to have ever had before, and then having to guess what animal it might be from..

  14. This was dissapointing thought they would have other meats (lamb, turkey, lobster etc) as curveballs or something even stuff thats not even meat to see if they really know the diff.

  15. If you work at buzzfeed you have to scream and laugh at everything to get the job… beeing naturaly funny is not what i watched today

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