Pati Jinich – How To Make Flour Tortillas

Pati Jinich – How To Make Flour Tortillas

oh my gosh,
I’ve gotten so many requests from people on how to make flour tortillas at home and I think it’s even easier than making corn tortillas all you need to do is mix flour with water, lard, a little salt so I have 4 cups of flour a teaspoon of salt and I know the flour tortillas are inherently sweet so that’s why we need to add a little bit of salt to make them a little bit
more savory and then we have
2/3 of a cup of lard now this is the traditional way to make flour tortillas lard is what really
gives the flavor to the flour tortilla it’s gonna make all the dough bind together and it’s gonna give it elasticity and it’s gonna make it soft if you don’t want to use lard you can use vegetable shortening and I’m gonna add a cup of lukewarm water so you don’t want it too hot you don’t want it too cold and then we’re just
gonna start kneading we’re gonna make it come together I love making all kinds of dough but the dough for flour tortilla it’s specially delicious because it is so soft you have to knead it a lot and it’s very sticky on your hands but the more you knead it the more it comes together and it comes away
from your hands and you have to continue kneading cause then you’re
gonna feel the dough after it pulls away from your hands and sticks together in a ball it’s still gonna feel very very
dense and sticky that’s when you take it
out of the bowl and you knead it
in your countertop and you add
a little bit of flour this is very easy I think people get very apprehensive about making these Mexican cooking basics like flour tortillas or corn tortillas you need to give yourself the time and the space to try it and to give yourself that time and the space to play with it and once you nail it you own it and it’s yours and you will forever and ever be making phenomenal
flour tortillas but don’t do it in a hurry and now you can see it’s really, really elastic see so it went from dense to very smooth to very, very elastic and soft as I’m kneading it I don’t feel any lumps
whatsoever so this is when you know you need to stop and you wanna keep on going
cause it just feels really nice and it’s so soft but you really don’t need
to keep on going anymore so the dough is ready this is such nice dough and then out of this batch we’re gonna get 16 tortillas so I have a baking sheet and I’m gonna add some flour now I have the dough I’m gonna split it in half until I get 16 portions (counting)… yeah we’re done okay (laughs)… once you have the 16 portions you just roll them into little balls so we’re gonna let these rest
between 20 and 30 minutes so that all of the ingredients that we kneaded in the dough can come together they’re gonna make
beautiful tortillas and it does make a difference if you let it rest so I have these balls of dough that I made earlier and now this gonna be very easy cause we’re just gonna
roll them out with a rolling pin
you don’t need to use a tortilla press so I’m just gonna
flour my countertop I’m gonna flour my rolling pin a little bit and now here’s the important thing about the flour tortillas you’re comal or griddle or skillet whatever you’re using which can be anything
but if it’s nonstick even better it has to be preheated and it has to be preheated over low heat cause these are delicate and them I’m gonna roll this out and because you’re
not using a tortilla press they’re not gonna be
perfectly round and it doesn’t matter why do you need to use a rolling pin and not a tortilla press because the dough
for the flour tortillas needs to be rolled it has to be thin really
really thin as paper so you want to stop when you can see your feet can see you see my face? okay if you can see my face through tortilla
then I did a good job see you can see my hand
through the tortilla and you can totally tell
when you’re rolling it and then you just put it on your already heated comal or griddle or skillet
and then you wait until you start seeing bubbles on top this is really fun
come see cause you can see
all the bubbles starting to form with the air pockets and see then you flip the tortilla when it starts getting freckled and you can see all the freckles like I’m full of freckles and then once you flip it it’s gonna really puff so you can see all
the different puffs Mmm…Mmm…Mm…Mmm and you want the tortilla to really puff because that’s how you know that the tortilla is cooking over, under and in between and it’s gonna be a very soft tortilla and this is exactly what you want and I am so happy that I can show you exactly what you want when you’ve made your first perfectly made flour tortilla and it’s all puffed and beautiful and it smells toasty this is what you need to do you take the tortilla off you run and get some butter and… you run and get a knife and… you spread some butter Oh see how it’s melting all over it Mmm… you sprinkle some salt and we roll it up see how malleable and soft it is Mmm… Mmm… it’s so soft and so delicious Mmm… it’s a little bit sweet but because we added salt it’s like perfectly balanced it’s just so soft so this is what you do you eat some and you share some What do you think, Kev? Worth it? Kevin: Definitely worth it. I’m gonna make more. One more?

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  1. As a boy I recall mom giving me the job of making the masa, it was easy but the final tortilla making was left to mom or my grand mother. They made them as close to being round as one could get. Mine looked like some outline of a state, you pick the state, we laughed and that is my memory of making torts as a boy.. We stopped using Manteca as we learned it was the best in taste but worst for our hearts.. True story, so many Hispano eat to much rich foods. But it tastes FANTASTICO!!!!

  2. They are perfect! My grandma used to make them from scratch all the time, we would sit there when they came straight off the grill ready with our butter, and would eat even 10 at a time! 😍

    Thanks for bringing back those wonderful memories with these recipes. 🙏

  3. Got to admit…got a crush on this delightful lady. She just looks like fun to hang around with, even making tortillas. Tip of my hat to her fortunate husband.

  4. Pati a la harina se le echa la sal suficiente para que no queden dulces💜 mi nana me enseñó que cuando ya se hacen las bolas se les pone mas mantequeca😊. Me fascinan asi en cuanto salen del comal ponerle mantequilla, hay que rico.

  5. This is perfection!! Can’t wait to try it his way. Love all your videos Pati! And can’t wait to start the new season.

  6. Paty ke gusto verte de nuevo…se ve tan facil hacerlas casi igual ke comprarlas 😉 yo te veia por kera en dallas tx. creo ya vi todas tus recetas me encanta como cosinas.

  7. My mom made them like this. I make them with olive oil to make them "healthier" lol. I cant taste the difference and my son and husband eats them as they come off the comal haha.

  8. Y no llevan el baking powder ? Yo me quiero aprender pero no me salen!!se me ponen tiesas.cuando las pongo en el coma!😥😥 Dome o e can tell me Y?

  9. Coconut oil when cold and soft makes light tasty tortillas. Better than plan shortening. Keep the coconut Manteca in the fridge if you live in an ardriente climate.

  10. It would help to tell people the actual hand kneading process takes at least 20 minutes to get the dough the correct, soft consistency needed. Also should warn that adding too much extra flour destroys the texture of the tortilla! If you want crispy, dry tortillas add extra flour while rolling. You should almost not require any flour at all during rolling if you made the dough correctly.

  11. Pati didn't add baking powder. All the videos I've seen for making authentic flour tortillas includes baking powder. Maybe she'll answer why no baking powder. In the meantime I can't waste all that flour to only find out that the editor left it out of the video.

  12. I subscribed!! Loved your red Pozole video, and your vibrant personality! Beautiful kitchen, by the way, and loved the outside shot of your home!! 🤗🤗

  13. Oh thank God!! No tortilla press!! I tried to buy one, and there were such opposing views in all the brands, and I got to wonder if I was going to purchase the bad one! 😂 great explanations too, my dear! You’ve got a crew?! Camera man etc..?

  14. I especially like when Pati added the butter, brings me back to my childhood coming home after school to my moms tortillas or at my grandma's at 5am when the roosters would wake us

  15. My grandma used to show me how to make tortillas, but mine never came out as good as hers! Fresh tortillas with butter is the best! I really want to make some NOW!💖

  16. Adding a teaspoon of baking powder makes the flour tortillas a little bit thicker. I like them with or without the baking powder.If you’re not going to add the baking powder then add less lard otherwise the tortillas will come out looking glossy and shiny.I also don’t like using the instant flour for tortillas, they come out too thick and dry.

  17. One of my best memories when I was a kid was of my grandma making fresh flour tortillas and putting sharp cheddar cheese inside to make me a quesadilla but I think a fresh hot buttered tortilla is my favorite.

  18. I have tried this recipe over, and over, and its dry, and crumbly every single time. It would be so much easier if the recipe was added in the description box, and instructions…ugh. its hard pausing the video to check ing…is it missing something? I give up…Ill find another recipe and try it. (All other recipes Ive found have 3 cups of flour, not 4…maybe this is why it was so dry…I still love Pattis show "Pattis Mexican Table", but whoever is running this channel needs to add the recipe in the description box)

  19. I followed this recipe but the tortillas when cooked looked raw. They were translucent and wouldn't cook. If I left them too long on the comal they would burn. I don't know what I did wrong.


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