Panang Curry Beef Recipe พะแนงเนื้อ – Thai Recipes – Hot Thai Kitchen

Panang Curry Beef Recipe พะแนงเนื้อ – Thai Recipes – Hot Thai Kitchen

Sawaddee Ka! Welcome to Hot Thai Kitchen so today I am making one of the most classic and
most loved of Thai curries and that is Panang now I have a Panang video already
it’s super old it was made with pork today I’m going to show you a new one
that’s made with beef and I’m also gonna show you how to make a semi homemade
Panang curry paste so you don’t have to make the whole thing from scratch if you
can’t find it at the store alright let’s get started so if you’re feeling
hardcore you can make the curry paste entirely from scratch if you want I do
have a recipe for that or you can find it at the store you can buy it already
made but there is an in-between I’m going to show you how you can take red
curry paste which is much more available and turn it into a Panang paste because
red curry paste is a nice base for many many different types of curry okay so
I’m gonna start with two spices that are very very important to Panang that is
cumin seeds and … no cumin seeds and coriander seeds which
I have toasted and we’re gonna grind that up in this mortar right here and
yes you can just do it in a coffee grinder as well okay so you want it nice
and fine just like that now I’m gonna add some roasted peanuts which a lot of
people don’t know but it’s in Penang curry paste it adds a richness a bit of
flavor but also thickener if you’re allergic to peanuts you can substitute
other nuts or even beans I’ve seen some commercial pastes use mung beans instead
just to give it that richness because Panang sauce is a thicker curry sauce
than most other curries so I’m gonna grind that down there you go so a nice
paste like that this is the nice thing about making your own Panang paste
because commercial Panang paste a lot of them don’t add the peanuts for allergy
reasons so to do it yourself you get the true flavor of Panang so now I’m gonna
add some store-bought red curry paste and you can use any brand that you like
and because I know that this brand of curry paste
doesn’t contain any shrimp paste I’m gonna add some shrimp paste for some extra
umami flavor some fermented shrimp paste you don’t have to add it if you want to
keep this vegetarian like the paste vegetarian you can just leave it out
just gonna pound to mix and then our Panang curry paste is done let’s talk
beef for a second so we’re gonna quick cook this beef so you want to make sure
the beef is a tender cut anything that you eat as a steak will work for this
but you also want to make sure you slice the meat against the grain of the muscle
to ensure even more tenderness for some cuts like flank it’ll be really obvious
because the grains will run this way you cut the slice this way all is easy but
for cuts where the grains are running vertically it can be a little trickier
so here’s my trick you can see that the grains are running diagonally up this
way right so if I just do this the easy way and then I just slice, slice, slice, slice, I get really long fibers because the fibers are running this way right so
what I do I cut out this which is gonna be the width of my piece and then I turn
it this way so that I can cut this way against the direction of the grain and
each cut of steak is going to have grains that run in different direction
so it’s good to pay attention and so now I want to cut really thin slices and my
beef is almost semi-frozen which makes the cutting a lot easier so much fat
delicious so my beef is all sliced up here now
because we’re quick cooking this the beef isn’t gonna have time much to
absorb seasoning from the sauce itself so I’m gonna marinate it just quickly
with some fish sauce and I’m also gonna add a little bit of oil because I find
that the beef pieces like to stick together and I have a really hard time
separating them in the pan and because they cook quickly I don’t have much time
to be untangling the beef so I think this just helps a little and I just
massage it in and that’s it let’s get cooking this is one of my favorite
curries because it is so fast to cook it’s almost like a
stir-fry than a curry so I’m gonna start by reducing some coconut milk and you do
want to take some time to reduce it because one of the unique characters of
Panang is that it’s not as soupy as our other curries it’s more like a very
saucy thick rich curry so you don’t want a lot of water running around in your
bowl you want a really concentrated dish so now that the coconut milk is
super thick it gets bubbly on the edge just like that I’m gonna add now my
curry paste and I’m gonna keep sauteing this until the coconut oil separates
from the pace and I’ll I’ll show you what I mean in a second all right so
this is what I mean see how like this part right here is basically a pool of
oil that is sizzling around the pace that’s a coconut oil that is sort of
broken apart from the paste and now you’re basically frying that pace if you
can notice to it this is where you really start to smell things okay so I’m
gonna now add my palm sugar you can just use white or brown sugar for this and I
added early so it has time to dissolve and I’m also gonna add the most
important herb in this whole dish kaffir lime leaves and with these lime leaves I
just removed the center stem and then just tore them into little chunks that’s
it and I want to saute that in the paste so the essential oils in
the lime leaves can mingle with the oil in the pan beautiful all right and now
the beef goes in I just want to diligently separate all the pieces get
it all coated in that flavorful paste that we just made or semi made I’m gonna
crank my heat a little bit now okay so at this point I’m trying to do two
things I’m trying to separate all the beef frying the beef and also
evaporating some of the liquid from the so that again I don’t end up with a
curry that is too soupy now I have about 50% doneness on the beef I am going to
add now the rest of my coconut milk and get that mixed in I can turn the heat
down a little so I don’t get splattered with coconut milk and also I’m gonna add
just a touch more fish sauce but I would warn you that if you’re using
store-bought curry paste that you’ve never worked with before in this recipe
taste it first and then adjust the saltiness at the end
because you don’t know how salty that paste is already sometimes it’s really
salty and you don’t need to add anything else all you have to do is cook this
until the beef is done and then you’re done that’s what I meant by a quick
cooking curry I’m gonna turn this off if you want you can leave it as is if you
want a pop of color you can add some sort of a red pepper in Thailand we use
something called spur chili or prik chee fa which is a mild larger red pepper but you can just do some bell pepper for some pops of color mmm
we’re done! mmm look at that and look how fast it came together such a delicious
looking dish now as a final little garnish you can take some finely finely
julienned kaffir lime leaves and put it on top so pretty if you want extra pops
of color just I don’t know randomly scatter some more peppers
do whatever you want cuz without garnish it doesn’t look as good right let’s see
how it tastes and by the way the big pieces of kaffir lime leaves you don’t
eat that, that’s there for infusion purposes only and then we leave it in
for garnish but it’s really tough you wouldn’t want to eat it
oh yes now let’s see ah oh man so good so much flavor in such a
short time and that beef is super tender because we paid attention in how we cut
the beef and we don’t overcook it right you got to be really quick with the beef
cuz a slice is open this is what I love about Penang is because it’s such a
thick saucy curry it is so concentrated in flavor
and naturally it’s not a very spicy curry to begin with so it’s something
that I really loved when I was a kid because you know it wasn’t super spicy
like a green curry so I could really enjoy it so the recipe as always will be
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new video thank you as always for watching and I will see you next time
for your next delicious type

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  34. HELLO LOVELY VIEWERS! Important Note:

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    Also, before sending on any questions be sure to read the written recipe on the website as I often add extra tips and notes not covered in the video.

    Thank you for watching!

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