Pad Thai Recipe ft. Emma Blackery | FridgeCam

Pad Thai Recipe ft. Emma Blackery | FridgeCam

Welcome to Fridge Cam. If you eat food like we do,
then this is the show for you. Coming up in the fridge
today is Emma Blackery. Hello. And then she’ll be coming
out of the fridge. Yeah. You came up in the fridge. That is a steal. Emma takes on our catch of the day
challenge Jurassic style. We show you some
amazing things to do with tofu. But first… SORTEDfood, make me some vegan Pad Thai! Okay, Emma, vegan Pad Thai.
Classic Thai noodle dish. Classically it would have fish sauce, maybe some prawns, some chicken in. Not good for vegans.
We’ve got a few little twists. Thanks, mate. Cheers.
Cheers for letting us know. Vegans. Classic.
-So we’re putting in
a few of our own twists. But it’s going to begin
with some pickled veg, and this is Mike’s forte.
He is your radish man. I am Mr. Radish. If you haven’t heard, so.
-Is that what they call you, huh? Right. And this is how
this is going to work. We’re going to throw you in the deep end
so you’re going to have to do all of this. I’ll help slice some radishes. Thank you, Radish Man.
-Or radi, as they’re known plural. If you’d like to cut these into disks. Mike’s been practicing, because Mike Mike’s never used
a knife that well before. No, I have. I have. He’s in the presence of a female,
he’s got to show off a little bit. I’ve been found out. You know him too well. Right. That’s how you do them. Whoa whoawhoawhoa. First off… What? What? Can I just say one thing? If you do that, then
you don’t chop your fingers off. I learned the hard way. I’m not going to chop my fingers off.
I worked in a kitchen for years, I’ll have you know. I’ve been told. And now I’ve got a knife in my hand. Just let me cut the way I want to. This knife is blunt. You’re all fired. Can we just jump cut to allof
them being done really well? These go in there.
Done. Teaspoon of salt.
All right. Into that bowl. Level? Heaped? What are we talking here? Good point. I’d say go heaped. You can’t have
too much salt. Yes you can. These now get left for ten minutes, and now we’re doing to
make our picking liquid. Which is just water, rice,
wine, vinegar, sugar, salt. And it all goes into a pan,
and we bring it up to a boil. Ooh, sweet. Is it boiling? It’s on a rolling boil. It’s a rolling boil. Excellent.
Well you’re going to wash them with water, get all the salt off.
Then move them into there. Now our rolling boil of
pickling liquid is at a rolling boil. Indeed. That can get poured onto all of this stuff. I don’t know if you guys have heard, but Emma used to work in a kitchen. It doesn’t mean I’m good. All right? This pan doesn’t even have a lip on it. Radish.
Done. Sweet.
Right. I’m in. Pickled. We’re now making sauce. Is this like a tag team? You’re
tagging in? That’s my thing.
We’re now making sauce. Is this like a tag team? You’re
tagging in? That’s my thing. I’m in. I’m in. Now
it’s time for the sauce. Now we can’t do a fish sauce, so therefore
we’re doing a lovely mushroomy sauce Okay. For that, we have lovely porcini mushrooms. Oh fancy. Get a sniff of that. You
a fan of porcinis? I said sniff. So instead of eating it,
what you’re meant to do is pour some hot water and that in
a bowl, let that steep for ten minutes. Once it steeps, you
want to put the mushrooms and the water into a blender with
chilis, soy, and some peanut oil. Blitz it up into a pan, heat it up,
and that’s your sauce. Switch? Tag in?
Switch. Oh, it’s here. Oh my God. So you’ve pickled your radish? He did it, but yeah. You made your sauce? They did it, but yeah. Right. Should I chop some veg? Yeah, sure. Here you go.
Have some bok choy. We’re going to chop up some bok choy. Some broccoli, and some
spring onions. Decent.There we go. Delicious. How do hamsters eat that? My hamster loves raw broccoli.
It is a spoiled hamster. I have a tattoo of it on my
shoulder and everything. Well you can’t just say
that without seeing it. That is a hamster. It’s Japanese.
-I really like that. It’s cool isn’t it?
– That’s really cool. It’s a hamster wearing a kimono
with sushi underneath it. It’s better than a [inaudible 03:53] We’ve chopped everything,
you can probably start cooking it. All right.
I’m going to tag out. Tag someone in.
This will happen real quick. Okay. We want a super, super hot pan. Smoking. And then,
you can do the whole thing. But a little bit of our peanut oil
is going to go in. So take a spoon or two. Yup. You can even do the whole…. You can do it.
No, because it’s going to go everywhere. With a wok, it’s handy, because
you’ve kind of got the advantage, you can kind of go around.
But basically, t’s just that. This is going to go horribly wrong. So it’s down and up.
It’s that circular motion. Yeah, you’re saying these things,
Try it. But it’s not going to happen.
Try it. You give it a shake, and down and up. Perfect. And you use the wok. Use the wok. Perfect.
Nailed it ! So we’re going to give
that a bit of a head start. Couple of minutes to cook
that broccoli through, to the stalks would
be the thickest part. And then, we go in with
the load of things together. Spring onions can go in along
with the bean sprouts, brown sugar, and tamarind. Look at you go. Are you starting to trust that this is going to come together
and actually taste nice? Yeah, I am actually.
You know at first, I was like that is some soggy mushroom. Now, the other thing that sometimes
you throw into a Pad Thai is egg. Last minute, and it cooks into the noodles. Obviously we’re not going
to use egg, but what we have got is some
nice soft silken tofu. Okay.
-So grab some of that. Yep. And the thing with this…
-Consider it grabbed. … is it’s nice and soft, and it will
kind of break up in the pan, and give you that texture of scrambled egg.
-Yup. The proteinthat you get from egg,
the look of scrambled egg. But no egg. A generous handful of our rice noodles, all we’ve done with those is cook
those in boiling water then drain them. And the sauce you made with
the mushrooms it all goes in. And we’re going to break up that tofu. Awesome. It does look
actually genuinely lovely. So we’ve got some peanuts over
there which you can throw in. And the last thing you need
to do while it’s coming together is some fresh coriander,
if you want to chop it. And there we go. Loads of colour. We’ve got the rice noodle, all the veg though there,
the peanuts, the tofu. It’s amazing. Fresh
coriander you can mix in. Oh my goodness.
A squeeze of lime. It’s not squeezing. I don’t have
a strong hand for this. Some slivers of fresh chili. Quick question. Where are the radishes? Oh, good shout! I’m glad… I’m glad you’re here, Emma. I’m glad you’re here. Vegan Pad Thai.
Yes, thank you. Thank you for teaching me how to make that. Sorted. All right.
-You get to go first. Oh great, the pressure with me
being bad a chopsticks. I’m fine, I’m fine, look. I love Pad Thai, so
I’m going to be judgmental. It’s brilliant.
I like that. It tastes just like regular Pad Thai.
– Oh wow. [inaudible] sugar, and tamarind, peanut, and that tofu gives it texture
of scrambled egg. It’s so good. The thing is, now you’ve got
skills to make a vegan Pad Thai. We want to see if you can do it by yourself in our catch of the day challenge.
And there’s a catch. Is that how it goes? That’s
how it goes, isn’t it? Yeah. Catch of the day.
Yeah. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome
to the catch of the day challenge. In case you can’t already
tell, you are dressed as Tyrannosaurus Rexes,
or Tyrannosaurus… Oh yeah.
But there’s no plural. I thought you looked different. As such, you have impaired
movement in your arms and hands. But you still have to make
yourself A-level Pad Thai. The only way… Oi, out of the way. The only way you’re allowed
to cook is by answering the questions we ask
you correctly, okay? Now we have questions for each of you
about your corresponding Youtube channels or channeli, I think the plural is. Shall we get started?
Please. Emma.
Yes. What was the name of your
first video ever published on Youtube? Zelda or GTFO. That is correct.
You can start. Right, where’s the recipe?
Recipe’s here. There take it, it’s yours. Emma, what’s step one? Okay, step one is bok choy, peanut oil
and broccoli, fry for three minutes. I’m worried about the plastic near
this thing. We need to smoke first. You have learned. Congratulations.
– Thanks. I’m a chef now. She worked in a kitchen for two years. Good job, good job.
– We’re good. So we can’t tell.
Oh yeah. Now, this is all about speed now. Next question. Mike, this is for you.
Yeah. In the video Five Kitchen
Gadgets Nobody Needs, can you name three of the gadgets? I can’t remember any of them. Right, next question, we have
a further one. You’ll pass? I pass it. Sorry. I can’t even name one.
– Emma. – Yeah ? In your video Emma Googles herself…
Yeah. Can you tell us one of the top
three Emmas that beat you on the list of famous people named Emma? It’s got to be Emma Watson.
Emma Watson was on there. Of course she is. You are the strong one in
this relationship. Yeah. So I don’t mind doing a bit of this. Yeah, you do…
You answer the questions. You get in the kitchen, I’ll do
the top stuff. Bean sprouts. Okay. Bean sprouts is done. Toss it.
– Ten times. I can’t see anything. One Two Three Four Five Six This is good. Seven Eight Nine
– And the big one to finish Ten Well played. Right. Mike, in the Lost and Hungry Tour, when you went on a road trip
you blogged about, how many miles was your road trip,
to the nearest one hundred? 2,963.
It was 1,378. What? That is not true.
According to this card, it is true. You let me down. Just dump it on. Yeah, see we’re the real chefs here.
Look at that. It looks amazing. It’s now just down to the presentation.
Okay? Add on the peanuts and
coriander using chop- using chopsticks? Now, we need… Using chopsticks? …at least ten individual peanuts… Are you kidding me? …put on top of here, decorated beautifully.
– Are you’re kidding me. Emma this is sucking. Really? Hang on, I might be able to do this. How many?
– One. Yes! I mean, you don’t have to stop at 10. Oh no. Come on. Ok. And coriander as well. You’re the chopstick pro, I think
you’re going to have to do the coriander. Good one. Nice.
– Is that enought ? Good job.
What is that sound? Jamie!
What is that sound? Stop it! – What is he doing?
You’re making me a sad dinosaur. Okay. Done.
Next step. Next question. Oh down I go. Chin up, son, chin up. Last step is put on a wedge
of lime using chopsticks. I’m going to allow you to do that. And that’s Pad Thai.
– Oh no no no no. Dinosaur Style. Sorted.
Sorted. I think that deserves
a round of applause, right? I think we need gifts. Now we’ll taste it. Flavours are there.
What do you think? You’re missing some char. The fact you could cook this
whilst dressed as T Rex’s, proves how easy this recipe is. You see? Exactly. If they can cook it
whilst dressed at T Rex’s, why can’t you cook it at home?
– Yeah. What are you doing ?
Are you making out with me? Well I’m guessing that you two
are going to close the fridge now. Somehow. So, aren’t you glad that you came to play? I’m so so glad that I was invited
to be on this cooking channel. Yep, this is a cooking channel. And speaking of channels,
Emma has an amazing Youtube channel, which you should definitely
go and check out. Make sure you click the link in
the descriptionand go and subscribe to her. She’s awesome.
– Thank you. Well, I think that
Fridge Cam had everything. Had dinosaurs. It had an amazing vegan Pad Thai. And if you stick with us,
it’s now got a way to pimp your tofu. It sounds delicious. And don’t forget to check yourself
before you wreck yourself. Bye.
Bye. Well done.
Well done. Rampage! I feel liberated.
– Yeah. Well done.
Thank you so much. You knocked it out.
So what now? Tofu tips?
Tofu tips. Tofu tips. I don’t know.

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