Our First Day in Bangkok Eating Thai Food | Things to do in Bangkok

Our First Day in Bangkok Eating Thai Food | Things to do in Bangkok

yeah welcome to Thailand for we are we are here in Thailand finally and we’re going to go through immigration and all that kind of stuff try to get a ride to where we’re staying we’ll be here for about four days five days five days Monday through Friday so let’s check out thailand customs and immigration was easy no visas no nothing just stamp the passport and go right into get 30 days here’s lunch guys totally a thumbs up of the any and not accepting so we got a chili dog and it was good I had a little unique flavor to it the chili had like a curry flavor a little bit of curry in it so anyway but it was good and the ice cream was good it was all packed inside the cone all the way down to the bottom of the cone there was ice cream so that was nice as well we’re gonna go get a taxi now okay guys this is our apartment here in Bangkok and this is the view out the window maybe you guys have already seen this picture on Instagram the other day but out right now we’re gonna go downstairs and try to find some dinner there’s supposed to be a place nearby kind of like a shopping mall area that has food we’re going to try to find that and tomorrow I will give you guys a tour of the apartment alright there’s a fitness area and a swimming pool and we’ll see if we can get on the roof maybe I don’t know we’ll just check it out tomorrow all right but let’s go down and try to find some food right now right now we’re buying our tickets here for the bus and it’s 20 20 baht for us to go to where we want to go that smells bad down there all right so we wrote the bus down here to the end of the line and we’re just gonna walk down the street and see if we can’t find something to eat maybe hit a 7-eleven or something like that and see if we can get something to take back to the apartment so I’ll put it in this is the place that we picked here it’s a little roadside restaurant looks a lot like this pretty small place little test food just games got an egg on top with some kind of curry rice Jules let’s got chicken rice and vegetables and I got this is and I got a crab curry with rice looks nice too Sarah’s got the same as Jules and then we’ve got we’ve got some spicy stuff in there probably use some of that the first test that really is crab me well it’s dead good it’s not a little green flavor a little tiny tiny bit spicy but it is uh that’s a lot of crab meat right there all right finished up eating here and it was all good the price was right around $8 for all of us to eat okay thank you

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  1. waktu saya ke Thailand saya mencoba Pad Thai itu rasanya enak sekali belinya didekat hotel di bangkok jualan digerobak begitu enak pak martin harganya murah juga.

  2. The main reason I like viewing your wonderful video-blogs is that you, and your family highlight the various foods in South East Asia (both good, and bad aspects of food)

  3. do try the street foods at china town. Mark Wiens channel has many good tips for great cheap foods around Bangkok 🙂 Oh yes, and if you order food ask them to make "Phet Phet" (spicy)

  4. Next time you're in Bangkok, try renting a car. They have the cheapest car rental rates in the world. It will make it easier for you to explore interesting sites around and outside the city. My favorite is definitely The Ancient City in Samut Prakan, 30-40 minutes drive outside Bangkok. Best to visit on a weekend as fountains are shut on weekdays.

  5. Just curious…do you all always like the food you eat there and in the other countries? Your kids are so adventurous in tasting the new foods. I love how you all just adapt where ever you are. 🙂

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