Our Favourite Disneyland Paris Buffet Restaurants! | 2018

Our Favourite Disneyland Paris Buffet Restaurants! | 2018

Hi guys and welcome back to our Channel.
– Hello. It’s a Disney day. So today we are going to just have a little informal chat about the restaurants on offer at Disneyland Paris if you are on the Disney standard dining plan. So this includes all the buffet restaurants at Disneyland Paris, we’ve had quite a lot of requests to do a video on our favourite restaurants at Disneyland Paris but we haven’t eaten at a wide range. Just the buffets.
– Both times we’ve been, we have been on the full board standard dining plan which means we could only eat at the buffet restaurants, which suited us absolutely fun.
– Yeah it was more cost-effective as well wasn’t it.
– Yeah. Saved us a lot of money and we still had a really good range, I think of restaurants that we could eat at. We thought we would do this video today for anyone that is interested in hearing about what different buffet restaurants are available at Disneyland Paris and also anyone that has booked on to the standard dining plan. We’re gonna do it from our least favourite to our favourite restaurant. There are seven different restaurants which I’ll go through in a moment but we’ve really enjoyed eating at all seven, so I mean don’t panic, any one of the restaurants you will enjoy. Okay, so I’ll just chat through the different restaurants that are available on the standard dining plan and they are Crockett’s Tavern which is at Davy Crockett’s Ranch.
– [Singing] Davy, Davy Crockett. La Cantina which is at the Santa Fe Hotel.
– I haven’t got a song. Then we have Billy Bobs which is in Disney village.
– Yeehaa. And then we have Plaza Gardens which is at Disneyland Park.
– I couldn’t think of anything, sorry. We have restaurant Agrabah Cafe which is also in the Disneyland Park.
– [Singing] A whole new world. And we have Restaurant Des Stars which is in studios park.
– Light’s, camera, action. And finally there is Chuckwagon Cafe which is at Hotel Cheyenne. Gonna give me some gold. So that is seven restaurants. We have eaten dinner and lunch at six of them, the only one that we haven’t eaten dinner or lunch at is Chuck Wagons cafe but we did eat breakfast there.
– Which is odd because we do stay at Hotel Cheyenne but the reason was when we booked in the restaurants, we actually thought we were staying at Santa Fe. But then we got upgraded and moved into Hotel Cheyenne, so we just kept the Santa Fe reservation.
– Yeah, but we did eat at Chuck Wagons Cafe for breakfast.
– Yeah. So we’ll include a bit as well. So before we start chatting about each one, we just wanted to say that we highly, highly, highly recommend booking your dining reservations. We booked every single one didn’t we before we went. It was really easy to do, there’s this number that you call, when you ring up you go through your holiday, go through all the dates and you just book the breakfast, the lunch, the dinner with the person on the other end of the phone. They tell you if those times are available or if there’s a time closest to the time that you want and then they’ll go through any other options if you don’t want that time. So it’s really easy, person is very friendly over the other end of the phone and then yeah, you don’t have to worry about it. Yeah, because I have heard some people haven’t been able to eat at the restaurants they wanted to eat at and if they do, they’ve had to wait hours. Yeah and that person will also tell you on the other end of the phone if any of them are closed for some reason, so I think we wanted, we wanted to go to Davy Crockett on our last trip but it was being renovated so we couldn’t actually go the last one, so we ended up going somewhere else.
– We would just highly, highly recommend booking in advance because especially if you are on the standard dining plan because you’re limited to seven places, you just want to make sure that you are able to eat at the places that you want to and other times that you want to as well.
– And it helps you plan your day as well. You can decide when you’re gonna be in Disneyland Park or if you’re gonna be in Studios.
– So excited I love like doing the dining reservations. Okay, so we’re gonna start from number seven. Which is Chuck Wagons Cafe at Hotel Cheyenne. We can’t really talk too much about it because we only had breakfast there, that’s why we’ve put it as on number seven because we have an experienced lunch or dinner. So pop down in the comments if you have and if it’s good.
– We loved Hotel Cheyenne, we adored staying there, the theming was brilliant and as you go in to the dining area they’ve got all these posters from old westerns and the carts that you see in westerns, they’re scattered about the place as well so the theming is great. We’ll chat about breakfast because that’s what we’ve experienced but they had a wide range, a huge buffet and has all your normal cereal, your toast and you burnt the toast.
– I didn’t burn the toast, I thought it was bread I was putting in the toaster but it turned out to be something else. I think it was made out of rice, it looked like bread.
– It has fruit, croissants, tea, coffee, juices, does it have cooked…? No, it’s got like ham and cheese and things of that nature but there’s not no, there’s not like sausages or things like that. Little tip as well, if you’re going to get milk for your cereal or anything or if you’re gonna get the juices, the fruit juices. So there’s two different sections to the restaurant, the first section there’s not a lot of people really sit in that and then there’s the main section that everybody sits in and there’s the juice machines in the section where everyone sits in and they have quite long queues but if you go around to the other side, there’s hardly anybody there so you can just get your stuff. I think I did it one day, you were at the main one and I just nipped around the other side. I waited ages.
– How did you get that so quick. Really enjoyed breakfast at Chuck Wagon Cafe. Set us up for the day.
– If you’re staying at Hotel Cheyenne, enjoy. So now we’re moving on to the restaurants that we ate lunch or dinner. At number six is restaurant Agrabah Cafe which is based in a Disneyland Park. The theming of this is amazing, it’s so good, it’s literally like you’ve walked in to Agrabah. It’s right by the Aladdin passageway, so yeah, it’s really magical. It’s a bit secret as well because you go in and there’s a bit where you first give you your coupons over and then you get taken through another door and then that’s where you see it all but it’s very hidden isn’t it? It’s number six on our list because we had a great time there, it was just not our food of choice, it’s a Middle Eastern menu so it’s quite a specific cuisine, which is amazing and the food was great. Just wasn’t our cup of tea.
– But I enjoyed the surroundings and the atmosphere.
– Yeah so, we did love Agrobah cafe, something a bit different and I would definitely look into it especially if you enjoy Middle Eastern food.
– Yeah. So number five, it’s La Cantina and this is actually a Cars themed restaurant and you’ll find this at the Santa Fe Hotel and this is directly opposite the Hotel Cheyenne and that was ideal for us because like we said at the beginning, we were originally booked into Santa Fe, it changed to Hotel Cheyenne but we kept the reservation so we just walked across and then yeah, it was massive, it was a hustling bustling restaurant with lots of food and yeah, we really enjoyed it.
– I think it’s probably the biggest restaurant, well definitely one of the biggest buffet restaurants. It had such a wide range of food. I think it had everything from like fajitas I think it had, it’s like an international menu. So it had a wide variety and also a lot of desserts and I think it had a chocolate fountain as well.
– Yeah I thought that, I was scared to mention it though in case I was wrong.
– Yeah, it’s great. It’s all Cars themed. A good family friendly restaurant, I think it’s, we put it as number five on our list just because we found it to be quite noisy.
– I think due to the size of it. It was very busy very, noisy but loads of fun. Big selection of food, really good buffet restaurant and it’s definitely all you can eat, like you could eat so much, if you wanted. Number four is Restaurant Des Stars at Walt Disney Studios Park. We ate here quite a lot on both our trips, it is the only buffet restaurant in the studio’s park but it’s great and it’s really well situated.
– Oh yeah. Smack bang in the middle of the park.
– Close to Rock N Roller coaster, stitch live. And it’s great, it has an international menu so again there is loads of variety of food, really good desserts. It has this like, ice cream machine.
– Yeah it does. It has loads of sweets. Lots of Haribo.
– It’s themed as kind of that Hollywood glamour kind of feel, you walk in and there’s black and white photos of Hollywood stars eating at restaurants is it?
– Yeah I think Cary Grant and stuff there, John Wayne probably on the wall yeah. Whenever we were in the studios Park we always ate here and yeah, it was really good. We enjoyed that one.
– Very nice. The pizza is good there, I remember that. Oh! And the desserts, I always had cheesecake. I had red velvet cake which is good. Number three is this, this is its shortened name, Billy Bob’s, Billy Bob’s which you find in Disney village and we love Billy Bob’s. I don’t know how to describe it. Set out like a west… yeah, western saloon and if you go later on the evening they’ve actually got Western entertainment on the stage. Last time we were there while we were queuing up to go into the restaurant we were able to watch some of that, so that’s quite nice actually because sometimes you have to wait a little bit before you go in and you have to queue a little bit, so was this about half seven?
– I think it was, definitely after the park had closed in winter.
– Yeah, so if you want a bit of entertainment while you wait to go into Billy Bob’s go around that time. They also do line dancing, I passed a few times and there’s like dancing class going on. So we’ve never done this but after your meal you could then go and enjoy some of the entertainment in the evening and go and have yourself a drink. I think they have live music as well, if you check outside and on certain nights they have like, live bands. Yeah, so it looks like a really fun, fun place actually to go in Disney village in the evening but we ate at the buffet restaurant which is up the top and it’s great it’s kind of a tex mex style, lots of like fajitas and…
– Is there a Chilli? Great selection of desserts again which is always good and it’s a really great place to go in Disney village that is open till quite late as well. If you go to Disneyland Paris during the winter the parks close at around 7. So if you want a later dining reservation that’s a good one.
– Yeah and then after that you can go and explore Disney village. In at number two, it’s Crockett’s Tavern and this is set in, like a ranch type resort. So you have your own lodge if you go and stay there, we stayed at Davy Crockett’s Ranch, we stayed there the first time we went to Disneyland Paris so that was in 2017 and then within all of that you’ve got Crockett’s Tavern and this was really cool, this was as if you’d been traveling for days in the Wild West, you’ve set up camp and then you’re gonna go for some food and somebody’s cooking some stuff on the barbecue. That’s the sort of feel it had, it was really nicely themed and yeah you went inside there was plenty of options inside but then when you went outside there was somebody there during the summer with the sunshine, on the barbecue cooking all sorts of different types of sausages and stuff.
– We had such a nice evening there, it was quite relaxing wasn’t it we found?
– Yeah, there wasn’t many people. Cause it’s outside of the parks, because the park buffet restaurants are great but they’re always going to be very, very busy, whereas if you’re looking for more of a relaxing buffet experience, then head out to David Crockett Ranch and go to the Crockett’s Tavern. We had such a good night there.
– Yeah and if you’re staying at Davy Crockett’s ranch you can go for a little swim beforehand. That’s what I did. Swim, change, nice food. So that was number two on our list because we just had such an enjoy… it’s one of my favourite evenings at Disneyland Paris actually.
– Yeah, that’s one of mine because as we left, Helena grabbed two ice creams and I decided that I’d eaten way too much and so Helena then had to just hold my ice cream while I was driving and then Helena had to eat the ice cream, so there’s a bit in our vlog where Helena is eating two ice creams.
– We were going back to the park weren’t we? I was like, I can’t go on any rides. The food was so good. So drumroll please, number one….Plaza Gardens at Disneyland Park. This is the perfect buffet restaurant at Disneyland Paris, it is situated smack bang in the middle of Disneyland Park and if you look out the window you can see the castle, it’s so elegantly themed and it has a huge buffet selection. It’s an international menu again so has something for everyone. My favourite dish, sorry to interrupt is the prawn linguini. Oh yeah, that’s delicious. As soon as I get there I’m like, have they got it? Oh yeah, they’ve got it. You can also kind of create your own roast dinner there as well. They have all different components to a roast dinner. And it’s just it’s great, it’s so convenient if you’re at the Disneyland Park, definitely book it because I mean you’re right there.
– I n the middle of all the action. They also do a character breakfast which isn’t included in the standard dining plan but you can also eat there if you fancy for a little bit extra. So yes, that is all seven of the buffet restaurants available at Disneyland Paris. I would highly recommend doing the full board standard dining plan, one of these days we’d love to do the deluxe and kind of sample all the table service menus and everything.
– Just the great thing about getting the dining plan is that you just then don’t have to worry about spending any more money, it’s sort of like that part of your holiday, don’t have to worry. Don’t have to worry about it and also if you’ve done all your reservations as well you don’t have to worry about like, finding a table and everything. So yeah, I’d highly recommend it. Buffet restaurants are great because they’re all you can eat so you stock up for the whole day and also they’re good for like, if you’re on the go kind of Disney person and you just want to like grab a quick bite and then, and then go.
– And unleash that Disney fiend. But we hope to do some more table service restaurants in the future.
– Yeah. So we’ll be able comment on them soon hopefully and yeah, we hope you found this video helpful and we will see you in our next video. Bye.
– Bye. [Music]

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