*NEW*MAC ProLongwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation Review | NW45 NW40 | Dark Skin

*NEW*MAC ProLongwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation Review | NW45 NW40 | Dark Skin

hello everyone welcome back to my channel thank you for being here thank you for watching to all my new subscribers welcome to all my old subscribers welcome back I'm very happy that you all are here and today's video is going to be a product review if you have not guessed it it's going to be on the new Mac foundation called the pro longwear nourishing waterproof foundation so before I get into the review I want you guys to see how I applied it I'll have my Facebook expressions when I was applying it and basically get the gist of how I feel about it before I go in-depth so here it is you guys have seen me applied to my face the shame that I got is NW 45 when I went to my mat counter at the young lady that was helping me got NW 45 out and I think she got a NW 40 so she tested both on me and I chose NW 45 because of how it blended as far as this foundation goes if you have been on my channel for long enough you've heard me talk about Mac foundations and Mac products in general many products in general and I'm not a fan of Mac's foundations it's just not for me as far as I'm concerned but this is a new foundation it's new to Mac's company so I wanted to give it a try and well I see why I don't like my foundations this is just it's like well I'm touching my face right now and I put this foundation on like four hours ago in my face still feel so sticky like I never like I just put it on like five seconds ago it doesn't set or maybe it just has a sticky finish I shouldn't feel that I feel like what I have Foundation and I put foundation on I don't want to feel sticky I don't want to feel like if I lay my face down it's gonna rub off onto everything that I've touched you know I don't like makeup transferring and I feel like this foundation would transport the transfers it did transfer a little bit you wouldn't likely will be able to see it but it did transfer okay yeah it transferred a lot more on this side so it's just like I don't like I don't like that I'm like I don't think it should transfer I don't like Mac's foundations because the heaviness I can feel this foundation on my face and for me what I look for in foundations is this should be weightless like this is just not for me I don't know about other people it gives great coverage when you put it on it gives great great coverage but it doesn't blend well if it blends weirdly like I was using this stippling brush with the Mac 130 and it this is a very soft brush very very very soft and it's dense at the same time but the foundation just wouldn't it didn't move right it just wasn't right I don't know how to explain it I don't know how to go into details of the movement of this foundation but it just wasn't right so then I use my finger and I was just rubbing it on with my finger and that was a little better but I felt like I was wasting so much product because getting into mind onto my fingers and under my nails and stuff like that so then after I drugs it all of my face and my fingers I went back in with this and that helps some and then I tried to use my beauty blender in like it doesn't react to sponge as well either it's so weird this foundation is very odd this is definitely not a foundation that I will be using it definitely is truly waterproof and not lying about that so that's good all I can think about is that it's sticky and I can feel it laying on my face and I don't like that this foundation may be good for some but it's not good to me and all the reviews that I watch people loved it I don't know why I don't like it I don't like feeling foundation on my face I like feel like I'm not wearing anything and this I don't like the packaging either I like things with pumps and Mac is known for not putting pumps on their foundation but this isn't even in the glass bottle this is it – which is I don't like foundations that come in tubes that's annoying to me and like I want to be able to control I want to know how much I'm pumping out and when you don't have a pump all you could do is just squeeze but it's never going to be the same squeeze each time that's why I like pumps you guys with a pump I know how much I need each time because it's the same every time I pump it out but I don't know you like the foundation let me know in the comment section this foundation is not for me I will not be utilizing it probably at all if I do use it it will be because oh it's hot outside and I know I'm going to be sweating so I don't know I'm not a fan of this foundation it's not for me oh um please please excuse my hair I just came from outside and it is so so hot outside like I instantly instantly my hair was just like I'm not happening it does you know unnatural I mean what is it straightening me out but you forgot that so I guess in my hair said to me I was like so my hair the roots are extremely lazy right now getting to be curly before I go out again I'll definitely have to flat iron this again but the hair that I'm wearing is the hair that was in my last review it may look good on camera but don't be fooled hello a lot to say about this company okay so I may or may not do an update on this hair I don't know I don't want to put too much negativity on my channels I have to think about it but let me know if you want me to do this hair I know someone I think someone asks me if I actually started wearing it and today's the first day that I've worn it and it's been a very real struggle dealing with this hair that's a topic for another video this topic was Mac Pro Longwear nourishing waterproof foundation review and my review is that I do not like this foundation it's not terrible at all it's just not the time basis for me that's it it's not a god forsaken just sting foundation but it's just it's not my type of foundation my type of foundation is luminous foundations very quickly hydrating type of foundation I'd say this foundation is like semi matte so Matt like a semi matte to matte finish it's not fully met but it's not not met and it's so I would definitely recommend this for someone that knows it a sweatin summertime but I went outside I was sweating you see my hair got curly but my face is still intact you have any suggestions of videos that she do or because I should do it please let me know you have this foundation let me know what you think about it how did it work out for you I'm really really really but like snow but when you let me know in the comments make sure you click what shade you got and if that shade worked for you too so I would love to know I love snow have I would love to have your feedback on this foundation keep it work for you and stuff like that okay thank you for watching I love people do see follow me on all my social media accounts Twitter Instagram both of my Instagram the conserve lifestyle and snapchat yes you know I love snapchat I love that Jen so please find me on snapchat snapchat is a princess as before just find me and that is like a daily vlog from you so I love you all dearly I will talk to you all very very soon that I

29 Replies to “*NEW*MAC ProLongwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation Review | NW45 NW40 | Dark Skin

  1. You font wanna buy this foundation!!!!
    I used it and it dries up waaayy too much and it felt pale on my skin. I looked sick!!!!

  2. I'm pretty much a true NW43 (once in a while I'll need to mix in a little NC45) and I am NOT happy there's no NW43 option in this like HELLO! It jumps from NW40 to NW45. I find it easier to deepen/darken a foundation than it is to lighten it with powders so I was considering getting the NW40 and trying that because I'm not buying 2 to mix. So….does this foundation oxidize at all?

  3. Thank you for your review. I was wondering could it of been sticky because of combination with the primer? I am curious if you can try it with out it and see how you feel. I am still hopeful you will like it maybe.

  4. this was too red for me i tried nc50 i thought that was better but too dark im between nc45 and nc50 they dont have in between at mac 🙁

  5. I live in Miami where it is 90+ degrees and extremely humid and I have had excellent results from this foundation (Nw45 or NC50…I wish they would have made an NC45…that would be the perfect color for me..but alas..). I wear it over Josie Maran Argan Creamy intensive oil (or something like that ), and it stays put. I got it mainly because I have a newborn and wanted a makeup that didn't disappear when in contact with his skin, hair, clothes, etc – and this product does it! I don't use primer or even powder to set, and I always get a beautiful finish that my husband compliments me on (he HATES the look of makeup, but always says my skin looks great when I wear this foundation). Sometimes wearing too much under a foundation can affect its performance. I also love that I don't need to use concealer (only to highlight)…dab a lil extra in the areas you extra coverage and bam! This stuff is the business!! I think waterproof means water from external sources..it doesn't claim to be sweatproof, which is a whole other dynamic.

  6. I just played tennis with it and it worked out.  Everything isn't for everybody!  Geat channel! I do agree that the packaging should have been better.

  7. OMG!!! Thank you for sharing this. I went into M.A.C. and got a sample of this foundation to try. The M.A.C artist kept pushing how great this would be for my oily skin. I beat my face with this product before heading out to a Wine festival and no more than 60 mins into the wine festival (roughly 70-80 degrees out in Baltimore) my face started to melt. Literally, I had to get napkins because it was disintegrating and melting off my face. I was SO embarrassed and had to cut my wine festival activities short. On initial application, my skin was FLAWLESS. But the minute I started to sweat it started separating. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT. What they advertise is a COMPLETE LIE and as a long supporter of M.A.C. products I am beyond disappointed. Thank God I only got a sample. Sorry for the long rant, but I thought I was alone in this horrible product experience.

  8. Lol and thanks. I am so happy to hear you've given it a second chance…Can't wait to see the updated video! New subbie!

  9. It's too bad it hasn't worked out for you cause I think this foundation is heavenly! Although heavier than others (specifically double wear and nars), I've found that when stippled onto the face with a flat top brush as opposed to buffing as I do with the aforementioned products, the coverage and blend-ability is outstanding! At first it feels sticky/tacky but after setting with a matte translucent (I use dermablend 16 hour matte powder) it literally does not move! I usually get oily in my tzone But even my blush stays put! It gives me the most natural looking…slightly sun kissed glow…leaving my hyper-pigmented NW45 skin looking flawless!

  10. Really liked your video. But the background music was a bit distracting when you were talking. You have beautiful skin btw!

  11. AWESOME review and tutorial thanks for the honest review. I have to admit the foundation looks flawess on you, but i guess if it doesnt stay in place, what difference does it make.

  12. What is the product in the sephora can and wat did you apply as primers at the beginning of the review.

  13. Every time I watch my videos, I get annoyed because I don't realize I'm unintentionally flipping people off while applying my concealer. Lmao I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who accidentally does tho 😩😂.

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